The Hanged Man As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

The Hanged Man’s presence in your reading is like finding yourself at a crossroads, but instead of moving, you’re called to pause and reflect. What are the intentions behind this moment of suspension?

Is someone in your life prompting you to take a step back and gain a new perspective, or does the reversed Hanged Man suggest a sense of stagnation and indecision? The story of The Hanged Man is a quiet one, full of introspection and hidden depths. It’s an invitation to look at things from a different angle. Let’s explore what this period of contemplative stillness means and uncover the true intentions behind The Hanged Man’s upside-down world.

Key Takeaways

The Hanged Man Upright as Intentions

  • Dating: Expect contemplative and non-rushed intentions, valuing deep understanding and connection over immediacy.
  • Relationships: Intentions to pause and reflect on the relationship’s direction, seeking a new perspective and deeper understanding.
  • Exes: Reflection and reassessment of the past relationship, trying to understand it from a different viewpoint.
  • Commitment: Careful consideration and reflection on the meaning of commitment, not rushing into decisions but seeking understanding.
  • Friends & Family: Stepping back to gain new perspectives on relationships, aiming to understand connections more profoundly.
  • Your Intentions: A time for introspection and gaining new perspectives, pausing to reflect before taking action.

The Hanged Man Reversed as Intentions

  • Dating: Intentions hampered by uncertainty or reluctance to fully commit to getting to know someone.
  • Relationships: Struggles with moving the relationship forward, difficulty letting go of past conflicts or seeing from a fresh perspective.
  • Exes: Difficulty in moving on or seeing the past relationship from a new viewpoint, clinging to what was.
  • Commitment: Reluctance to make a definitive decision, wavering due to fears or doubts about the future.
  • Friends & Family: Resistance to changing dynamics or inability to adapt to new circumstances within relationships.
  • Your Intentions: A need to reevaluate resistance to change or new perspectives, letting go of unhelpful viewpoints or attachments.

Symbolism of The Hanged Man

In The Hanged Man card, a figure is suspended upside down, suggesting a pause, surrender, and a new perspective. This imagery, often set against a serene backdrop, symbolizes a period of introspection and a different way of looking at the world. The intentional inversion indicates letting go of conventional thinking and embracing a state of liminality.

The Hanged Man is about embracing stillness, opening oneself to new perspectives, and letting go of outdated beliefs or practices. This card encourages patience, waiting for the right moment, and understanding that sometimes, pausing and looking at things differently can lead to significant insights and personal growth.

The Upright Hanged Man As Intentions

The Hanged Man upright in a tarot reading symbolizes intentions steeped in pause, reflection, and a different perspective. This card represents a period of voluntary suspension, like pausing to view the world from an entirely new angle. It’s about embracing a moment of stillness to gain deeper understanding and clarity. The Hanged Man’s energy is not about inaction but intentional waiting and seeing things from a new, often enlightening viewpoint.

The Hanged Man Upright As Intentions


In dating, The Hanged Man’s influence suggests intentions that are contemplative and non-rushed. Someone influenced by this card might approach you with a desire to understand you deeply, taking time to truly get to know you rather than hurrying into a relationship. They value insight and connection over immediacy, preferring to let things unfold naturally.

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For existing relationships, The Hanged Man indicates intentions to pause and reflect on the relationship’s direction. This person might be considering the relationship’s dynamics from a new perspective, seeking deeper understanding and possibly re-evaluating their approach to partnership. It’s about taking time to contemplate what truly matters in the relationship.

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Friends & Family

Within the context of friends and family, The Hanged Man can point to intentions of stepping back to gain a new perspective on these relationships. This individual may be taking a moment to reconsider their role and contributions to family and social dynamics, aiming to understand these connections more profoundly.


Regarding an ex’s intentions, The Hanged Man suggests a period of reflection and reassessment. They might be in a phase of reconsidering the past relationship, trying to view things from a different perspective to understand what went wrong and what lessons can be learned.

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Will There Be Commitment?

When it comes to commitment, The Hanged Man indicates intentions that are under careful consideration. The person in question is likely taking time to reflect on what commitment means to them and whether they are ready for it. They are not rushing into a decision but rather seeking to understand the best path forward.

For Careers

When The Hanged Man appears upright, it shows someone’s intention towards you in your career might be to take a step back and observe. They could be pausing to reconsider their approach or waiting for the right moment to act. This card signifies a thoughtful, reflective stance towards you.

Your Intentions

If The Hanged Man influences your intentions, it’s a time for introspection and gaining new perspectives. You might be encouraged to pause and reflect on your current path, considering alternative viewpoints and understanding your situation more deeply before taking action.

Actionable Advice

  • Embrace Reflection: Use this time to think deeply about your situation and relationships. Consider different viewpoints and what they reveal.
  • Practice Patience: Understand that some phases of life require waiting and contemplation to gain clarity.
  • Seek Insight: Look for lessons and deeper understanding in your current circumstances. Sometimes, stepping back offers the most clarity.

Common Misinterpretations

The Hanged Man is often misunderstood as simply being about sacrifice or stagnation. However, its deeper meaning is about the value of seeing things from a new angle and the insights gained from intentional pause and reflection. It’s not about being stuck; it’s about finding wisdom in stillness.

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The Hanged Man upright as intentions towards you suggests that others may be taking a step back to reassess their approach or feelings. Their interactions with you are likely marked by contemplation and a desire to understand things more profoundly. This card encourages patience and openness to different perspectives, highlighting the importance of reflection and insight in deepening connections and understanding others’ intentions.

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The Hanged Man Reversed As Intentions

When The Hanged Man appears reversed in a tarot reading, it represents intentions that may be marked by resistance to change, stagnation, or a reluctance to see things from a different perspective. This card, in its inverted form, is like being stuck in a rut, unwilling or unable to adopt a new viewpoint or let go of outdated beliefs or approaches. It suggests a struggle with letting go and moving forward, indicating intentions that might be held back by indecision or a refusal to adapt.

The Hanged Man Reversed As Intentions


In dating, The Hanged Man reversed might indicate someone’s intentions are hampered by uncertainty or a reluctance to fully commit to the process of getting to know someone. They could be holding back due to past experiences or fears, leading to a hesitant or half-hearted approach to forming a new relationship.


For those in relationships, this card reversed can suggest intentions that are struggling with moving the relationship forward. There might be issues with letting go of past conflicts or seeing the relationship from a fresh perspective, leading to a feeling of being stuck in the same place without progress.

Friends & Family

In the context of friends and family, The Hanged Man reversed may reflect a resistance to changing dynamics or an inability to adapt to new circumstances within these relationships. This person might be clinging to old patterns or views, which could be causing tension or misunderstandings in their interactions with loved ones.

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Regarding an ex’s intentions, The Hanged Man reversed suggests a difficulty in moving on or seeing the past relationship from a new perspective. They might be holding onto what was, rather than accepting the end and learning from the experience, leading to unresolved feelings or a desire to return to the status quo.

For Careers

The Hanged Man Reversed indicates that someone might be stalling or unwilling to see things from a different perspective at your job. It could mean they’re stuck in their ways or not open to new approaches in working with you, potentially leading to stagnation.

Will There Be Commitment?

When contemplating commitment, The Hanged Man reversed can indicate a reluctance to make a definitive decision. This person may be wavering, unable to let go of their fears or doubts, and thus struggling to commit fully to advancing the relationship.

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Your Intentions

If influenced by The Hanged Man reversed, it’s a sign to reevaluate your resistance to change or new perspectives. This card encourages you to let go of unhelpful viewpoints or attachments and to consider more adaptive or constructive approaches in your life.

Actionable Advice

  • Challenge Stagnation: Actively work to move beyond areas where you feel stuck. Seek new experiences or perspectives to reinvigorate your approach.
  • Let Go of the Past: Focus on releasing outdated beliefs or past issues that hinder your growth and ability to move forward.
  • Embrace Flexibility: Cultivate a mindset that is open to change and willing to see things from different angles.

Common Misinterpretations

The Hanged Man reversed is often interpreted as just being stuck or indecisive. However, its deeper significance lies in the reluctance to embrace necessary change and the refusal to see things from a fresh perspective. It’s about recognizing the need to let go of old patterns and embrace new ways of thinking and being.

The Hanged Man reversed as intentions towards you suggests that others might be approaching you with a certain inflexibility or reluctance to adapt. Their interactions may be influenced by a resistance to change or a fear of seeing things from a different viewpoint. This card serves as a reminder of the importance of open-mindedness and adaptability in relationships, encouraging both you and others to consider new perspectives and embrace the possibility of change.

Combinations That Go With The Hanged Man As Intentions

The Hanged Man in tarot combinations presents a unique narrative of pause, perspective, and sacrifice. When paired with other cards, especially from the minor arcana, it reveals intentions rooted in introspection, letting go, and seeing things from a new angle. The Hanged Man, known for its symbolism of stillness and contemplation, adds a reflective and often transformative dimension to its interactions.

The Hanged Man and Two of Swords

Pairing The Hanged Man with the Two of Swords suggests an intention to find clarity in indecision. It’s like being at a crossroads but taking a moment to stop and think before choosing a path. This person is seeking inner peace and clarity, using a period of suspension to make a balanced and informed decision.

The Hanged Man and Five of Cups

When The Hanged Man meets the Five of Cups, it speaks to an intention to reflect on loss or disappointment from a new perspective. It’s about learning to let go of what’s gone and start seeing what’s still there. This person is finding wisdom in their sorrows, understanding that sometimes you need to look at things differently to move forward.

The Hanged Man and Eight of Pentacles

Combine The Hanged Man with the Eight of Pentacles, and it reveals an intention to refine skills or crafts with patience and dedication. It’s like taking a step back to focus and perfect one’s work. This person is committed to learning and improvement, understanding that mastery takes time and often requires a different approach.

The Hanged Man and Ten of Wands

The Hanged Man and Ten of Wands together highlight an intention to reassess one’s burdens and responsibilities. It’s about realizing when it’s time to release some of the load you’ve been carrying. This combination suggests a pause for self-reflection, understanding that sometimes, letting go is necessary to move forward.

The Hanged Man and Knight of Cups

The Hanged Man alongside the Knight of Cups indicates an intention to contemplate one’s dreams and aspirations before acting on them. It’s about pausing to reflect on emotional goals and desires, ensuring they align with one’s true self. This person is taking time to understand their heart better before charging ahead with their pursuits.

The Hanged Man and Four of Swords

Finally, The Hanged Man and the Four of Swords together focus on an intention to find mental clarity and rest. This pairing suggests a period of deep contemplation and recovery, taking time out to heal and gather thoughts. It’s about understanding the value of stillness and mental peace, using this time of suspension to rejuvenate and gain a fresh perspective.


To recap, The Hanged Man upright regarding someone’s intentions towards you indicates a period of waiting or suspension. This person might be taking a step back to view the relationship or situation from a different perspective. Their intention could be to pause and reflect before making any significant moves or decisions regarding you, valuing patience and a new understanding.

If The Hanged Man is reversed, it might suggest frustration or stagnation in their intentions towards you. They could be feeling stuck or unable to proceed, possibly unsure of how to change their perspective or approach. This indicates a need for them to break free from indecision, seeking clarity and a new direction in your relationship or interaction.

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