The Hermit As Feelings: Connecting With Your Soulmate In Solitude

The hermit is one of my favorite cards even though it’s often misunderstood, it’s actually incredibly profound. This card isn’t about loneliness or aimless wandering; it’s a spiritual beacon guiding you to seek wisdom from within. Think of it as the Gandalf of the tarot deck, shining a light through the complexities of your emotional world. The Hermit represents the intricate dance between introspection and enlightenment, and it’s a potent signal to tune into your inner feelings.

When the Hermit card shows up in a reading focused on your emotional state, you can bet it’s time for some quality “me time.” Whether you’re in a relationship or flying solo, this card is your spiritual nudge to delve deep into your feelings, to question, reflect, and perhaps even redefine your emotional goals. But what if the card appears reversed? Then, it might be a warning against becoming too isolated or lost in your own world.

So, are you ready to light that lantern and explore the caverns of your inner emotional landscape with the Hermit card? Trust me when I tell you, it’s a soulful journey worth embarking on.

Key Takeaways

General Symbolism

  • Introspection: A focus on internal wisdom and self-discovery.
  • Solitude: Emotional and spiritual retreat for inner growth.
  • Self-Reliance: Trusting your intuition over external opinions.
  • Courage: The daring act of diving deep into your own psyche.
  • Spiritual Illumination: The light within, guiding your path.

Upright Hermit

  • Singles: Time alone for self-reflection and personal growth.
  • Couples: Individual soul-searching to enrich the relationship.
  • Ex-Partners: Period of separation to discover personal truths.
  • Family/Friends: Withdrawal to focus on individual needs and aspirations.

Reversed Hermit

  • Singles: Fear of being alone, leading to poor choices.
  • Couples: Avoidance of necessary individual introspection.
  • Ex-Partners: Inability to let go and learn.
  • Family/Friends: Alienation due to neglecting relationships while seeking solitude.

What Does The Hermit As Feelings Symbolize?

The hermit is a card that’s all about introspection, soul-searching, and the quest for inner wisdom. When you draw this card in the context of feelings, it’s a sign to take a step back from the external world. Do you feel an urge to isolate yourself to ponder life’s big questions? You may not necessarily feel loneliness but rather a deep call for solitude to connect with your inner self.

The Hermit signals a break from emotional dependency. It asks, “Do you have the courage to look within for answers?” There’s a focus on self-reliance here. Instead of seeking external validation or guidance, you’re more inclined to trust your intuition. This doesn’t mean cutting off from loved ones; rather, it’s about being your own emotional anchor.

Following the Strength card in the tarot sequence, the Hermit takes that inner strength to a whole new level. If Strength is about taming your inner beasts, the Hermit is about understanding them. The lantern he carries is not just a tool but a spiritual metaphor. It’s as if the universe is guiding you to illuminate your inner world. Are you ready to shine that light into the dark corners of your soul?

Caveats to Consider

While solitude is healing, too much of it can slip into isolation. Are you using this introspective phase to escape real-world responsibilities or relationships that require your attention? The Hermit calls for balance between inner exploration and external commitments.

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What Does The Upright Hermit As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Hermit card appears in an upright position to represent feelings, it often symbolizes introspection, wisdom, and the need for solitude. This card embodies the energy of someone who is taking a step back to reflect on their emotions, desires, and life’s path.

Key Emotional Qualities

  • Introspection: You may feel a strong urge to go inward, to understand yourself better.
  • Wisdom: Emotionally, you may feel like you’re gaining valuable insights or even achieving a sense of enlightenment.
  • Solitude: There’s a comfort in being alone, not as a form of isolation, but as a chosen path for self-discovery.
Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesIntrospectionSelf-discovery, solitude, emotional contentmentFocus on personal enlightenment
Existing RelationshipsInner ReflectionNeed for individual growth within the partnershipEngage in solo introspection to enrich the relationship
For An ExHealing & SolitudeTime for individual healing and self-discoveryEngage in self-care and inner exploration
Family & FriendsMeaningful ConnectionsDeeper bonding and introspective conversationsPrioritize quality time and deeper conversations

For Singles

When the Hermit card appears upright to represent feelings for singles, it signifies a period of introspection, self-discovery, and a desire for solitude. Instead of looking outward for what you seek, it’s time to focus on your inner world, and seek to understand yourself on a deeper level before seeking a romantic relationship.

How are you feeling about your relationship status right now? The hermit tends to show itself to people who are content with their own company and may not feel a strong urge to rush into a relationship.

Instead, lean into this energy and use this time to work on becoming the best version of yourself before considering a romantic partnership. Now is a period of personal enlightenment and self-fulfillment.

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For Existing Relationships

If you or your partner are feeling the upright Hermit’s energy, it may be time that one or both of you need to spend a little bit more time alone for introspection within the relationship. It doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of love or connection but rather a recognition that personal growth and self-discovery are important aspects of a healthy partnership.

Remember, the strongest relationships are based on interdependency not codependency.

If you pull the hermit in the upright position check in with your partner, you both may need some alone time for self-reflection, as it can lead to a deeper understanding of yourselves and, in turn, bring forward a more fulfilling relationship. So this period of growth and self-awareness can benefit both individuals and the partnership as a whole.

For An Ex

If you’ve come from a break up, the upright hermit is letting you know that now is a good opportunity to take time to heal and find inner peace following the event.

Before you and your ex-partner can move forward, more self-discovery and healing are needed. The Hermit is here to encourage a sense of self-care and understanding, allowing you both to process your emotions and experiences independently. Overall, it’s time inner exploration and personal growth that can be valuable for you as your both navigate your life outside of the relationship.

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For Family & Friends

While the hermit may signify that it’s okay for you to take a break from your family and friends for a bit it can also be an indicator that it’s time to connect with loved ones on a more profound and meaningful level. Focus on quality time spent with close friends and family, cherishing moments of deep conversation and introspective bonding. Rather than giving your energy to everyone around you.

When you and your loved ones are feeling the upright Hermit’s energy within your family and friendship group, you may currently be experiencing shared appreciation for meaningful connections and heartfelt conversations.

Now is the time to prioritize quality time together, where you can engage in discussions that delve into deeper topics, share personal insights, and support each other’s individual journeys of self-discovery.

The Upright Hermit As Feelings

What Does The Hermit Reversed As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Hermit card appears in a reversed position to represent feelings, it often indicates a sense of isolation, loneliness, or being overly withdrawn. This card embodies the energy of someone who may be struggling with the darker aspects of solitude and introspection.

Remember that time you felt so lost in your thoughts that you forgot to engage with the world around you? That’s the downside of the Hermit’s energy. It’s like being so engrossed in a scary story that you miss your train stop.

Key Emotional Qualities

  • Isolation: You may feel emotionally cut off from others, even if you’re surrounded by people.
  • Loneliness: The reversed Hermit often indicates a sense of emotional emptiness or loneliness.
  • Overthinking: The introspective nature of the Hermit can turn into rumination, where you’re stuck in your thoughts.
Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesReluctanceAvoidance of self-reflection, desire for external validationBalance solitude with social interactions
Existing RelationshipsSocial NeedDesire for shared experiences, yearning for deeper connectionOpen communication for shared activities
For An ExLongingDesire for reconnection, difficulty moving onExercise caution and clarity for possible reconciliation
Family & FriendsSocial DesireNeed for shared experiences, desire for deeper connectionsFoster deeper bonds through gatherings and meaningful talks

For Singles

When the Hermit card appears in a reversed position to represent feelings for singles, it’s showing us a reluctance to engage in self-reflection which could be holding your back or a desire for shallow social interaction and external validation.

Remember, going out and having mindless fun is great, just make sure you’re not avoiding alone time or introspection, perhaps seeking distractions or companionship to fill a perceived void.

It’s essential to remember that balance is key; while social interactions are valuable, taking time for self-reflection and self-discovery can lead to healthier and more fulfilling relationships in the long run. And remember, the greatest love you are going to have is the love for yourself.

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For Existing Relationships

In the context of existing relationships, the reversed Hermit card as feelings often signifies a need for more social interaction, a desire for shared experiences, or a sense of longing for a deeper connection within the partnership. This card embodies the energy of someone who may be seeking more external engagement and shared moments rather than solitude or introspection.

If you or your partner are feeling the reversed Hermit’s energy, it suggests a desire for more active and social engagement within the relationship. There may be a longing for shared experiences, outings, or more frequent interactions. It’s a sign that both individuals may be yearning for a deeper connection or more quality time together. This card encourages open communication to address these desires and to find ways to nurture the emotional bond within the relationship through shared experiences and connections with others.

For An Ex

When the Hermit card appears in a reversed position to represent feelings for an ex-partner, it often signifies a longing for reconnection, a desire for more social interaction, or a reluctance to let go of the past relationship. This card embodies the energy of someone who may be seeking to rekindle the connection or who is finding it challenging to move on.

If you or your ex-partner are feeling the reversed Hermit’s energy, it suggests a yearning for renewed contact or a desire to reestablish a connection that was once deeply meaningful. It’s essential to approach this with caution and clarity, as it may indicate a need for closure or an opportunity to reflect on whether rekindling the relationship is in both parties’ best interests. Communication and mutual understanding are key during this phase, as it may signify a chance for personal growth and reconciliation if both individuals are open to it.

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For Family & Friends

In the context of feelings for family and friends, the reversed Hermit card often signifies a desire for more social interaction, a need for shared experiences, or a yearning to connect with loved ones on a deeper level. This card embodies the energy of someone who values the presence and companionship of family and friends and may be seeking more engagement and shared moments within the social circle.

If you or your loved ones are feeling the reversed Hermit’s energy in your family and friend relationships, it suggests a shared desire for increased interaction and shared experiences. It encourages everyone to plan gatherings, outings, or meaningful conversations that foster deeper connections and emotional bonds. This card signifies a time of seeking to strengthen the social connections and nurturing the emotional ties within the group, highlighting the value of shared experiences and quality time spent together.

The Hermit Reversed As Feelings

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The Hermit Combinations As Feelings

Here are some common combinations you get with the Hermit and what they mean!

The Hermit with The Star

When The Hermit pairs up with The Star, you’re looking at a deeply introspective emotional state fueled by hope and inspiration. This is a period where your internal search for meaning is getting a considerable boost from your innate optimism. Ever felt alone but incredibly hopeful, like you’re on the cusp of a significant personal breakthrough? This is the energy of The Hermit and The Star

The Hermit with Seven of Cups

The Hermit combined with the Seven of Cups suggests a scenario where you’re feeling introspective due to overwhelming choices or illusions. This pairing often signifies a need for solitude to discern what’s real emotionally and what’s mere fantasy. Have you ever needed to step back and evaluate your options to see clearly what your heart truly desires?

The Hermit with The Tower

If The Hermit is seen alongside The Tower, then you’re likely going through a turbulent emotional upheaval that demands solitude for proper processing. Your inner wisdom and quiet moments are necessary to navigate through the chaos.

The Hermit with Ten of Swords

When The Hermit appears with the Ten of Swords, it usually signifies a period of reflective solitude following a painful emotional event. Here, the focus is on using the time alone to heal and gain perspective on what went wrong.

The Hermit with The Sun

The Hermit in conjunction with The Sun paints a picture of solitary contemplation that leads to personal enlightenment. You should be reaching the point where your period of isolation and internal focus has culminated in a joyful emotional realization.

The Hermit with Four of Pentacles

If The Hermit comes up with the Four of Pentacles, it signifies a time of emotional guarding or holding back, but one that calls for introspection. The idea here is that your solitude isn’t merely a retreat but a moment to assess why you’re holding your feelings so close to your chest. Now is the perfect time for introspection

The Hermit As Feelings Infographic


As you can see when you pull the hermit for your feelings, it’s the perfect time to do a little introspection and spend some time alone. It could be a sign that you’ve been burning yourself out around people and now you need a much needed break to recharge.

Remember, when you take time for yourself, it allows you to understand yourself a lot more and also gives you time to bring your best self forward for the people in your life!

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