The Hermit As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

There’s something profoundly intriguing about The Hermit’s intentions towards you. It’s like receiving an invitation to a secret, introspective journey. But what does this solitary figure truly seek from you?

Is it a shared quest for wisdom and understanding, or could the reversed Hermit signify a retreat into solitude, leaving more questions than answers? The Hermit’s tale is a quiet one, filled with introspection and hidden messages. Let’s step into this intriguing world and uncover the silent stories and intentions The Hermit holds for you.

Key Takeaways

The Hermit Upright as Intentions

  • Dating: Approach with depth of character, valuing meaningful exchanges over superficial attraction.
  • Relationships: Focus on personal growth and self-awareness to strengthen the bond and foster a deeper connection.
  • Exes: Take time for introspection and clarity, focusing on personal growth rather than immediate re-engagement.
  • Commitment: Deliberate decision-making, ensuring alignment with true self and life goals.
  • Friends & Family: Provide support through wisdom and understanding, seeking personal insights to enrich relationships.
  • Careers: Embrace contemplation and long-term planning, approaching work with renewed purpose and insight.
  • Your Intentions: Seek inner peace and understanding, aligning actions with your true self for personal growth.

The Hermit Reversed as Intentions

  • Dating: Approach relationships with uncertainty or reluctance to delve deep, struggling with emotional intimacy.
  • Relationships: Experience disconnection and difficulty communicating or connecting on a deeper level.
  • Exes: Withdraw without productive reflection, leading to stagnation instead of growth or closure.
  • Commitment: Hesitate due to indecision or fear, feeling mentally and emotionally ‘on hold.’
  • Friends & Family: Struggle with feelings of isolation or miscommunication, wanting to connect but feeling disconnected.
  • Careers: Navigate uncertainty or lack of direction, appearing disengaged or unsure of professional goals.
  • Your Intentions: Face inner conflict and resistance to introspection, seeking clarity but struggling with the journey.

Symbolism of The Hermit

The Hermit shows an elderly figure standing alone at the peak of a mountain, holding a lantern with a six-pointed star inside, representing inner wisdom illuminating the way. Cloaked in solitude, The Hermit symbolizes introspection, guidance, and the pursuit of inner truths. The mountain peak signifies the heights of wisdom and accomplishment achieved through inner reflection.

The Hermit embodies the journey to deeper understanding and enlightenment, encouraging seeking knowledge within and distancing oneself from external distractions. This card suggests taking time for reflection and meditation, emphasizing the value of solitude and inner guidance in finding truth and clarity.

The Upright Hermit As Intentions

Envision a solitary figure, lantern in hand, embarking on a journey not outward, but inward. This is the heart of The Hermit card when it emerges upright in a tarot reading. It symbolizes intentions deeply rooted in introspection, self-discovery, and the pursuit of wisdom. Those influenced by The Hermit are on a quest for personal truths, seeking enlightenment from within rather than external validation.

The Hermit Upright As Intentions


In the world of dating, The Hermit’s influence is like a beacon of inner light. Someone under this card’s guidance approaches you not with grand gestures, but with a profound depth of character. Their intention is to build a connection that goes beyond surface-level attraction, seeking a partner who is equally introspective and values deep, meaningful exchanges.

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For those in relationships, The Hermit indicates a time of thoughtful introspection. It’s like both partners are on individual retreats, seeking to understand themselves better to enrich their union. The intention here is to fortify the relationship through personal growth and self-awareness, fostering a deeper, more meaningful bond.

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Regarding ex-partners, The Hermit suggests a period of solitude and reflection. An ex influenced by this card is likely taking a step back to ponder their past actions and the relationship’s dynamics. Their intention is to gain clarity and wisdom from their experiences, focusing on personal growth rather than immediate re-engagement.

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Will There Be Commitment?

When it comes to commitment, The Hermit reflects a thoughtful, deliberate process. Someone considering a deeper commitment under this card’s influence is doing so with great care, ensuring their decision resonates with their true self and life goals. It’s an intention steeped in authenticity and deep personal reflection.

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Friends & Family

In friendships and family dynamics, The Hermit indicates an intention to provide support through wisdom and understanding. This individual may seem withdrawn as they seek personal insights, but their goal is to return to the fold with greater knowledge and depth, enriching their relationships through their internal journey.

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Professionally, The Hermit signifies a phase of contemplation and strategic planning. Colleagues or superiors influenced by this card might take a step back, focusing on long-term objectives and personal development. Their intention is to approach work with a renewed sense of purpose and insight, often leading to profound and thoughtful advice.

Your Intentions

If The Hermit resonates with you, your intentions are likely focused on finding inner peace and understanding. You’re on a path of self-discovery, seeking to align your actions with your truest self. This introspective journey is a powerful tool for personal growth, leading to a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

Actionable Advice

  • Cherish Quiet Moments: Embrace solitude as a time for growth and reflection.
  • Pursue Inner Wisdom: Utilize this period to delve deeper into your own thoughts and feelings.
  • Illuminate Your Path: As you gain clarity, use your insights to guide not just yourself but also those around you.

Common Misinterpretations

The Hermit is often misunderstood as a sign of isolation or loneliness. In reality, it’s about intentional solitude and the quest for inner wisdom. This card is not about disconnecting from the world but about connecting more profoundly with oneself, leading to richer, more authentic interactions with others.

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The Hermit upright as intentions towards you signals a journey of introspection and enlightenment. It’s an invitation to delve deep into the self, to uncover personal truths, and to emerge with a clearer, more focused sense of purpose. Whether in personal relationships, professional endeavors, or individual growth, The Hermit inspires a thoughtful and meaningful exploration of the inner self.

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The Hermit Reversed As Intentions

Imagine standing at a crossroads, lantern dimmed, feeling lost and unsure of which way to turn. This is the essence of The Hermit reversed in a tarot reading. It reflects intentions clouded by confusion, isolation, or an inability to heed inner wisdom. When this card appears reversed, it signifies a struggle with introspection and a resistance to the solitude necessary for personal growth.

The Hermit Reversed As Intentions


In the dating scene, The Hermit reversed is like a lighthouse whose light flickers erratically. Someone influenced by this card may approach relationships with uncertainty or reluctance to delve deep. Their intentions might be to connect, but they struggle with opening up or fear getting too close. It’s like they want to find someone, yet they’re not fully ready to embark on the journey of a truly intimate relationship.


For those in relationships, this card reversed suggests a phase of disconnection. The intention to maintain the relationship is there, but there’s a struggle to communicate or connect on a deeper level. It’s like trying to build a bridge while missing some crucial pieces – the desire to connect is present, but the emotional tools or understanding might be lacking.


Regarding ex-partners, The Hermit reversed can indicate a retreat into isolation, but not in a productive way. It’s like an ex who withdraws but doesn’t use the time to reflect or heal. Their intentions may be unclear, even to themselves, leading to a kind of stagnation instead of closure or growth.

Will There Be Commitment?

When it comes to commitment, The Hermit reversed portrays intentions hampered by indecision or fear. If someone is considering a deeper commitment while influenced by this card, they might be hesitating, unable to decide if they’re ready to take the next step. It’s a state of being mentally and emotionally ‘on hold,’ waiting for some clarity that seems just out of reach.

Friends & Family

For friends and family, The Hermit reversed suggests an intention to connect, overshadowed by a sense of isolation or miscommunication. The individual might feel like they’re on a different wavelength, struggling to find common ground. They want to be a part of the group, yet feel disconnected, like an outsider looking in.


Professionally, The Hermit reversed might manifest as a period of uncertainty or lack of direction. Colleagues may seem disengaged or unsure of their goals. Their intentions are good, but they’re like navigators without a compass, unsure of which path to take in their career or how to guide others effectively.

Your Intentions

If you’re aligning with The Hermit reversed, your intentions might be conflicted by an inner struggle. You seek self-understanding but may be resisting the introspective journey required. It’s like wanting to solve a puzzle, but not wanting to face the challenge of putting all the pieces together.

Actionable Advice

  • Seek Clarity: Try to understand what’s holding you back from engaging in meaningful self-reflection.
  • Embrace Vulnerability: Open yourself up to the process of inner exploration, even if it feels uncomfortable.
  • Reach Out: Don’t be afraid to seek guidance or support from others when you feel lost or isolated.

Common Misinterpretations

The Hermit reversed is often misinterpreted as just loneliness or withdrawal. In truth, it’s about the struggle to engage with one’s inner self and the resistance to solitude that can lead to personal growth. It’s not just about being alone; it’s about the challenge of facing what lies within during that solitude.

The Hermit reversed as intentions towards you signals a period of internal conflict and resistance to introspection. It’s an indicator of the struggle to find direction and understanding, both within oneself and in relationships with others. This card encourages a mindful approach to overcoming these obstacles, fostering deeper self-awareness and more authentic connections.

Combinations That Go With The Hermit As Intentions

When the hermit pairs with other cards, each combination unfolds like chapters in a book of wisdom, revealing intentions and guiding us towards inner truths. Known for symbolizing solitude, introspection, and enlightenment, The Hermit’s interactions with other cards create a tapestry of deep understanding and self-discovery. These pairings are not just meetings; they are profound dialogues between different aspects of our psyche, offering insights into our deepest intentions.

The Hermit and The Fool

Picture The Hermit, this sage of solitude, crossing paths with The Fool, the embodiment of beginnings and free spirit. It’s like a wise elder meeting a young adventurer. This combination speaks to an intention of infusing newfound journeys with wisdom and reflection. Imagine someone standing at the edge of a new chapter, lantern in one hand and a map in the other, ready to embark on their adventure with both eagerness and insight. They’re not just stepping into the unknown; they’re bringing a light of wisdom with them.

The Hermit and The Wheel of Fortune

Now, envision The Hermit alongside The Wheel of Fortune. This pairing is like a philosopher contemplating the wheel of fate. It reflects an intention to understand the ever-changing cycles of life from a place of deep introspection. Here’s someone in their quiet retreat, pondering the mysteries of destiny and chance. They’re seeking to find balance and meaning in life’s twists and turns, using their solitude to gain perspective on the ups and downs of their journey.

The Hermit and The Hanged Man

When The Hermit meets The Hanged Man, it’s like two old souls sharing a moment of profound understanding. This combination hints at an intention to embrace a period of pause and contemplation to gain new perspectives. Think of someone hanging upside down, yet in deep conversation with a wise guide. They’re learning the art of seeing the world from a different angle, finding enlightenment in stillness and surrender.

The Hermit and Death

Combine The Hermit with the Death card, and you have a scenario of introspection and transformation. This pairing speaks to an intention of undergoing deep, personal change with thoughtful reflection. It’s like a solitary journey through a transformative passage, where endings are understood as gateways to new beginnings. This person is not just experiencing change; they’re actively seeking its profound lessons, using their inner light to navigate through life’s transformative phases.

The Hermit and The Sun

The Hermit and The Sun together create a juxtaposition of introspection and outward joy. It symbolizes an intention to find inner happiness and enlightenment, and then radiate this joy outwardly. Imagine someone emerging from a quiet place of meditation, their face lit by the first rays of dawn. They’ve found their inner sun, and now they’re ready to share that warmth and brightness with the world.

The Hermit and The Ten of Swords

Lastly, when The Hermit pairs with The Ten of Swords, it’s like a quiet after the storm. This combination speaks to an intention to retreat and reflect after a period of difficulty or betrayal. It’s about finding solace in solitude to heal and gain wisdom from life’s harsher lessons. Picture someone retreating to a tranquil place to mend their wounds, using introspection to transform pain into wisdom and emerge stronger and more enlightened.


In summary, The Hermit upright as someone’s intentions towards you indicates a desire for introspection or a need for space in the relationship. They might be seeking solitude or time apart to ponder deeply about their connection with you. This intention is not necessarily negative; it often signifies a period of personal growth or a quest for deeper understanding.

Reversed, The Hermit could mean their intentions towards you involve emerging from a period of isolation or a reluctance to continue being apart. They might be feeling lonely and are now seeking reconnection. It suggests a shift from withdrawal to engagement, indicating a readiness to share their insights or to reintegrate more actively into the relationship.

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