The Hermit As Love Outcome: Upright & Reversed

Ah, The Hermit Reversed—a card that typically suggests isolation and introspection has now flipped its message. In a love reading, this might indicate that a period of solitude or self-reflection is coming to an end. You or your partner could be emerging from a time of seclusion, ready to engage with the world—and each other—once again.

However, The Hermit Reversed can also serve as a cautionary note. While it’s great that the door is opening to social interactions, make sure it’s not at the cost of losing your inner wisdom. Are you re-entering the dating scene or renewing your commitment to an existing relationship without rushing or compromising your true self? With The Hermit Reversed, it’s crucial to balance newfound sociability with personal insights you’ve gained during your time alone.

Key Takeaways

Upright Hermit as a Love Outcome

  • For Singles: Period of valuable introspection is suggested. Yet, be cautious not to drift into loneliness while seeking self-awareness.
  • For New Relationships: Calls for emotional intelligence and self-examination. Are you in it for the long haul or just escaping loneliness?
  • For Existing Relationships: Advises collective introspection to examine if you are growing individually and as a couple. Are you still in sync with each other’s goals and values?
  • For Reconciliation with An Ex: Proceed cautiously. The card advises you to deeply consider whether the reasons for the past breakup have been resolved.
  • For Hopes and Fears in Love: Symbolizes a deep inner journey. You may hope for a soulful union but fear the vulnerability it entails.

Hermit Reversed as a Love Outcome

  • For Singles: Warns against unhealthy isolation. You might be dodging potential connections out of fear or misunderstanding the value of solitude.
  • For New Relationships: Signals potential for rushing into a relationship without proper introspection or misinterpreting cues.
  • For Existing Relationships: Highlights emotional or physical separation within the relationship. Are you both mentally checked out?
  • For Reconciliation with An Ex: Advises caution. You could be romanticizing the past, which could lead you to overlook present issues.
  • For Hopes and Fears in Love: Suggests the risk of overthinking or fearing loneliness, which could be paralyzing you from making meaningful love decisions.

Symbolism of The Hermit

Coming in at card IX, the Hermit symbolizes introspection and solitude. He holds a lantern to light his way but only reveals what’s immediately in front of him. This card is a nod to the value of soul-searching and the wisdom that comes from looking inward.

The Upright Hermit As A Love Outcome

When The Hermit card shows up upright in a love reading, it’s like a sage appearing in your life asking you to pause and reflect. This isn’t a card of loneliness or isolation, but one of intentional solitude and introspection. Think of it as a signpost that’s urging you to step back from the bustle of your love life to take a soulful look at your romantic journey.

The Hermit Upright As A Love Outcome

For Singles

The Hermit suggests a period of introspection. Instead of actively seeking love, you might find value in taking some time alone to discover what you truly want from a relationship. But remember, spending too much time in introspection can lead to loneliness.

What You Should Do
  • Seek Inner Wisdom: Use this time to reflect on your past relationships and what you desire in the future.
  • Don’t Isolate Yourself: While soul-searching is important, don’t forget to maintain your social connections. Balance is key.

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For New Relationships

In the honeymoon phase of a new relationship, it’s easy to get swept away by the excitement and passion. Yet, when The Hermit appears, it calls for a different kind of engagement—introspection. It begs you to ask some essential questions. Are you entering this new relationship for the right reasons? Are you looking to escape loneliness, or are you genuinely interested in getting to know someone on a deep level?

What You Should Do
  • Soul-Searching: Take some time alone to explore your real motives and hopes for this relationship. Understanding yourself can make the partnership more fulfilling.
  • Check Your Baggage: Revisit past relationships and make sure you’re not carrying unresolved issues into this new relationship.
  • Deep Conversations: Use this introspective phase to engage in deeper discussions with your partner. Discuss your values, hopes, and fears to form a strong emotional bond.

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For Existing Relationships

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, The Hermit suggests that you might benefit from some collective introspection. Sure, it’s lovely to spend time together, but are you growing as individuals and as a couple? Maybe the routines of life have made you forget why you fell in love in the first place.

What You Should Do
  • Quality Time: Break the routine by spending quality time together in a setting that allows you to focus solely on each other.
  • Revisit Goals and Values: Sit down together and talk about your future. Are your life goals and values still aligned?
  • Encourage Individual Growth: Support each other’s personal pursuits and goals, understanding that individual growth contributes to a healthier relationship.

For Reconciliation with An Ex

Thinking of rekindling a lost love? The Hermit advises you to proceed cautiously and thoughtfully. Reflect deeply on what initially caused the breakup and whether those issues have been adequately addressed. Have both you and your ex grown enough to navigate these past challenges differently this time around?

What You Should Do
  • Reflect on the Past: Go into your emotional archives and think about the good, the bad, and the reasons behind your breakup.
  • Personal Growth: Assess how much you and your ex-partner have grown since the breakup. Is it enough to make a meaningful difference this time?
  • Speak Openly: If you’re leaning towards reconciliation, make sure to have a brutally honest conversation about expectations and boundaries.

For Hopes and Fears in Love

The appearance of The Hermit card in a love reading about hopes and fears often signifies a deep inner journey. On one hand, you might hope for a deeply fulfilling relationship that aligns with your soul’s desires. On the other hand, you may fear the vulnerability and deep emotional involvement that come with such a union.

What You Should Do
  • Address Fears Head-On: Recognize and confront your fears about emotional vulnerability. Are these fears rooted in past experiences or insecurities?
  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Utilize mindfulness techniques to help ground you in the present moment, which can alleviate fears and clarify hopes.
  • Take Your Time: Impulsive decisions can lead to regrets. Take all the time you need to sift through your emotional landscape before making any crucial decisions.

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The Hermit card serves as a spiritual guide in the realm of love. It’s not about rushing into or out of love, but rather taking the time to understand what you genuinely want and need. Whether you’re in the early stages of a new relationship, looking to deepen an existing one, contemplating getting back with an ex, or simply navigating your hopes and fears, The Hermit advises deep introspection. So, light your internal lantern and dare to explore the caverns of your own heart—it’s the only way to truly find what you’re looking for.

The Hermit Reversed As A Love Outcome

The Hermit reversed showing up in a love reading is kind of like finding your GPS has been leading you the wrong way. While the upright Hermit calls for beneficial solitude and introspection, its reversed counterpart often signifies unhealthy isolation or misdirected wisdom. It’s like you’re off on a solo journey but missing the point.

The Hermit Reversed As A Love Outcome

For Singles

In its reversed position, The Hermit may suggest that you are isolating yourself too much and could be missing out on potential love opportunities. Alternatively, you may be seeking solitude for the wrong reasons, like fear of rejection.

What You Should Do
  • Balance Solitude: Time alone is valuable, but so is social interaction. Make sure you’re not using solitude as an excuse to avoid vulnerability.
  • Seek Quality Connections: Rather than isolating yourself completely, look for connections that bring mutual growth and happiness.

For New Relationships

Ah, new love. A time of discovery and joy, right? Well, when The Hermit reversed makes an appearance, it hints at the possibility that you might be isolating yourself or moving ahead without true understanding. Are you being reclusive or perhaps rushing into things without enough self-reflection? Or worse, could you be interpreting signs and signals incorrectly?

What You Should Do
  • Check Your Pace: Are you racing ahead emotionally or physically, without allowing the relationship to develop organically? Slow down, if that’s the case.
  • Open Up: Are you guarding your feelings and thoughts, creating a barrier between you and your partner? It’s time to be more open.
  • Seek Counsel: Sometimes, getting advice from a trusted friend or a relationship counselor can offer a new perspective on your love life.

For Existing Relationships

In long-term partnerships, The Hermit reversed can signal a kind of emotional or even physical separation between you and your loved one. It’s like you’re both in the same room but worlds apart, caught up in your own thoughts or activities, neglecting the relationship.

What You Should Do
  • Reconnect: Break out of your individual bubbles and plan some meaningful time together.
  • Communicate: Discuss the emotional distance you’ve been feeling. Is it a symptom of larger issues?
  • Shared Activities: Engaging in activities that both enjoy can act as a catalyst for reconnection.

For Reconciliation with An Ex

If you’re contemplating reconnecting with an ex, The Hermit reversed advises caution. The card could signify that you’re romanticizing the past and not seeing things clearly. Or, you might be isolating yourself from other potential partners by clinging to what was.

What You Should Do
  • Reality Check: Balance your nostalgic feelings with the real reasons why the relationship ended in the first place.
  • Socialize: Before jumping back into an old relationship, consider meeting new people to ensure you’re not settling for what’s comfortable but not necessarily right.
  • Clarify Intentions: If you still wish to proceed, clearly outline what has changed and what both parties should expect.

For Hopes and Fears in Love

In the context of hopes and fears, The Hermit reversed may imply that you’re afraid of ending up alone or that your introspection is turning into excessive overthinking, paralyzing you from making any love decisions.

What You Should Do
  • Challenge Overthinking: If you find yourself stuck in your thoughts, a simple shift of focus or talking it out with someone can provide relief.
  • Conquer Loneliness: If the fear of being alone is holding you back, remember that healthy relationships start with being comfortable in your own company.
  • Decision-making: Gather all the facts and emotions, but then make a decision. Being indecisive can be more harmful than making the wrong choice.

The Hermit reversed is a complex card that calls for some readjustments in how you approach your love life. Whether you’re in a new or existing relationship, contemplating a reunion with an ex, or dealing with your own hopes and fears, this card signals a need to come out of unproductive isolation and to reorient your inner compass. It nudges you to be more proactive and engaged in your love life, learning not just to spend time but to invest it wisely.

Combinations That Go With The Hermit For Love Outcomes

The Hermit often raises eyebrows when it appears in a love reading. Known for introspection, solitude, and wisdom, it’s not exactly the card you’d associate with a whirlwind romance. But love isn’t always about fireworks and passion; sometimes it’s about deep self-exploration and growth. When The Hermit combines with other cards, it can unveil a unique layer of meaning in your relationship landscape. Here are six intriguing combinations to decipher the complexities of The Hermit in love.

The Hermit and The Fool

Talk about opposites attracting! While The Fool represents a sense of carefree adventure, The Hermit is all about introspection and quietude. In a love reading, this duo suggests a relationship that’s both fun and deeply reflective. Perhaps one partner is outgoing, urging the relationship forward, while the other offers depth and wisdom. Together, they bring a balanced dynamic that’s both thrilling and meaningful.

The Hermit and The Tower

Now this is a combo that’s a bit like a wake-up call. The Tower represents sudden upheaval and change, while The Hermit signifies solitude and introspection. When these cards appear together, it could mean a relationship is going through a transformative but jarring phase. The Hermit’s wisdom advises you to take time for yourself, to understand the upheaval, and ultimately grow from it.

The Hermit and The Ten of Wands

When The Hermit teams up with the Ten of Wands, it’s a sign that you may be taking on too much emotional burden in your love life. The Ten of Wands symbolizes responsibilities and burdens, and The Hermit suggests that some soul-searching is needed. If you’re feeling weighed down in your relationship, it’s time to reflect on whether the emotional labor is fairly divided or if changes need to be made.

The Hermit and The Ace of Cups

A surprising mix, isn’t it? The Ace of Cups symbolizes new emotional beginnings or love opportunities, while The Hermit represents solitary wisdom. When they appear together, it suggests a new love that might come when you’re enjoying a period of self-reflection or solitude. This relationship could provide emotional renewal while also valuing the personal space and independence that The Hermit cherishes.

The Hermit and The Six of Swords

A combination for the soul-searchers. The Six of Swords represents moving from troubled waters into a more peaceful state. When it appears with The Hermit, it suggests a relationship that aids in personal growth or helps you transition into a better emotional state. It’s not about flash and dazzle; it’s about a love that offers peace and quiet stability.

The Hermit and The Queen of Pentacles

When The Hermit and The Queen of Pentacles come together, it’s like a meeting of two old souls. The Queen of Pentacles is nurturing and stable, while The Hermit is wise and introspective. This pairing suggests a relationship grounded in emotional and financial stability, where both partners value quality time alone as much as they do together.


In summary, when The Hermit appears upright in a love outcome reading, it usually signifies a period of introspection or perhaps a need for space in the relationship. Think of it like taking a solo retreat to a quiet mountain cabin to contemplate what you really want from love.

When reversed, The Hermit can imply isolation, loneliness, or an avoidance of introspection in the relationship. It’s as if instead of that contemplative retreat, you find yourself stuck in a lonely cabin, cut off from your partner emotionally.

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