The Hierophant As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

When The Hierophant appears as someone’s intention toward you, it indicates a desire to guide or influence you, possibly through traditional values or established norms. But what is the nature of this guidance? Are they seeking to impart wisdom and knowledge based on traditions and conventions, or is there a deeper spiritual or moral influence at play? The Hierophant is a symbol of spiritual wisdom and societal norms, often representing a person who intends to serve as a mentor or guide. Let’s uncover the true essence of The Hierophant’s intentions, understanding how they wish to influence or shape your path.

Key Takeaways

The Hierophant Upright

  • Dating: Approach with traditional, old-fashioned intentions, valuing courtship rituals.
  • Relationships: Commit to traditional values and roles, following established norms.
  • Exes: Seek reconciliation or understanding within the framework of traditional values.
  • Commitment: Aim for a stable, structured relationship following a conventional path.
  • Friends & Family: Preserve and uphold traditions, valuing continuity and belonging.
  • Careers: Follow traditional career paths and corporate structures, respecting conventions.
  • Your Intentions: Reflect on traditional values and established systems guiding your decisions.

The Hierophant Reversed

  • Dating: Embrace unconventional intentions, breaking away from traditional dating rituals.
  • Relationships: Redefine traditional roles, co-creating a unique partnership.
  • Exes: Seek closure or reconciliation through non-traditional means.
  • Commitment: Forge a non-conformist approach to commitment, defining it authentically.
  • Friends & Family: Challenge family traditions and conventional wisdom, encouraging fresh perspectives.
  • Careers: Defy corporate norms, exploring innovative approaches and unconventional paths.
  • Your Intentions: Question traditional wisdom, embrace unconventional paths, and trust your intuition.

Symbolism of The Hierophant

The Hierophant is typically depicted seated between two pillars in a sacred temple, symbolizing knowledge, tradition, and spiritual wisdom. He wears the papal tiara and holds a scepter, indicating his religious authority. The crossed keys at his feet represent the keys to heaven. As an intention, The Hierophant signifies adherence to conventional beliefs and practices, seeking spiritual guidance, and valuing traditions and rituals.

This card encourages exploring established belief systems, finding wisdom in traditional values, and seeking meaning through spirituality and ritual. The Hierophant represents the importance of community and shared beliefs, highlighting the role of spiritual guidance and moral values in life.

The Upright Hierophant As Intentions

The Hierophant in its upright position is like a beacon of traditional wisdom in the tarot deck. When it comes to intentions, think of The Hierophant as symbolizing a desire to adhere to established norms and traditions. This card embodies the principles of guidance, conventional values, and the sharing of time-honored wisdom. It’s like having a mentor who guides you along a well-trodden path, offering insights and teachings that have been passed down through generations.

The Hierophant Upright As Intentions


In the context of dating, someone influenced by The Hierophant’s energy might approach you with traditional, perhaps even old-fashioned, intentions. They are likely to value courtship rituals, preferring to take a structured and perhaps more formal approach to romance. Their way of expressing interest could be steeped in conventional gestures of affection and respect.

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When this card represents someone’s intentions in a relationship, it suggests a commitment to traditional values and roles. This person might see the relationship as a structured partnership, where established norms and mutual understanding based on traditional models of commitment are highly valued. It’s like they’re following a roadmap of relationship milestones that have stood the test of time.

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Regarding an ex’s intentions, The Hierophant might indicate a desire to reconcile or understand the past relationship within the framework of traditional values. This person could be reflecting on the relationship, seeking lessons that align with their fundamental beliefs and conventional wisdom.

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Will There Be Commitment?

In terms of commitment, The Hierophant’s influence suggests a conventional approach. This person’s intentions are likely geared towards a stable, structured relationship that follows a traditional path. Think along the lines of formal commitments, perhaps valuing the steps of engagement, marriage, and family as important milestones.

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Friends & Family

Within friendships and family, The Hierophant’s energy suggests intentions rooted in preserving and upholding traditions. This person might be the one who organizes family gatherings or insists on keeping certain traditions alive, valuing the continuity and the sense of belonging they provide.

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The Hierophant Upright shows a traditional and structured approach from someone in your career life. Their intentions towards you are likely grounded in established norms and practices. They could be looking to you for guidance or see you as a mentor, valuing your experience and knowledge.

Your Intentions

Reflecting on The Hierophant in the context of your intentions, this card encourages you to consider how traditional values and established systems can guide and shape your decisions. It’s about finding balance between innovation and the wisdom found in traditional approaches, whether in your personal ethics, learning, or career development.

Actionable Advice

  • Respect Tradition: Consider how established norms and traditional values can offer guidance in your life choices.
  • Learn from the Past: Embrace the wisdom of those who have walked the path before you, understanding how their experiences can inform your journey.
  • Value Structure: Appreciate the stability and guidance that traditional structures can provide in various aspects of life.

Common Misinterpretations

Often, The Hierophant is interpreted as merely a symbol of rigid traditions and outdated norms. However, its essence lies in the appreciation of established wisdom and guidance within a structured framework. It’s not about blind adherence to the past but understanding the value of lessons and practices that have been time-tested.

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The Hierophant upright as intentions reflects a deep respect for tradition and conventional values. It’s about approaching life with an appreciation for the lessons and structures that have been passed down through generations. Whether in relationships, career, or personal development, The Hierophant invites you to explore the wisdom of the past as a guiding light for the present, shaping a path that’s grounded in enduring values and proven practices.

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The Hierophant Reversed As Intentions

When The Hierophant appears reversed in a tarot reading, it’s like witnessing a challenge to the status quo. This card in its inverted form suggests intentions that push against traditional norms and established structures. Imagine a mentor who instead of handing down the usual playbook, encourages you to question the rules and write your own story. The Hierophant reversed is about embracing unconventional wisdom and breaking free from conventional paths.

The Hierophant Reversed As Intentions


In dating, someone influenced by The Hierophant reversed may approach you with unconventional intentions. They might stray from traditional dating rituals, preferring more unique and personal ways of expressing interest and affection. Think of dates that break the mold, offering new and perhaps unconventional experiences.


For those in relationships, this card reversed indicates a desire to redefine traditional relationship roles. The person may aim to build a partnership based on new, perhaps more egalitarian principles, stepping away from conventional expectations. It’s about co-creating a relationship dynamic that’s unique to you both, not necessarily one that follows the usual script.


In terms of an ex’s intentions, The Hierophant reversed might suggest a non-traditional approach to resolving past issues or moving on. This person may be inclined to break away from the expected norms of post-breakup behavior, seeking closure or reconciliation in less conventional ways.

Will There Be Commitment?

When pondering commitment, The Hierophant reversed implies a non-conformist approach. The person’s intentions might lean towards creating a partnership that doesn’t necessarily adhere to traditional milestones or societal norms. It’s like they’re crafting a new definition of commitment that resonates more authentically with their personal beliefs.

Friends & Family

For friends and family, The Hierophant reversed can signify intentions to challenge family traditions or conventional wisdom. This individual might encourage a fresh perspective on long-held beliefs or practices, urging a re-evaluation of the ‘way things have always been done.’


When The Hierophant is reversed, it hints that someone’s intentions towards you at work are challenging the status quo. They might be questioning traditional approaches or seeking a more unconventional interaction with you. This card suggests a break from the norm in your professional relationship.

Your Intentions

Considering your personal intentions, The Hierophant reversed invites you to question traditional wisdom and explore alternative paths. It’s an encouragement to trust your intuition and personal beliefs, even if they lead you down a less trodden path. This card asks you to consider how breaking away from convention can open new doors for growth and self-discovery.

Actionable Advice

  • Embrace Unconventionality: Explore paths that diverge from the norm and allow your unique perspective to guide you.
  • Question Established Norms: Use critical thinking to evaluate traditional beliefs and practices, deciding what truly resonates with you.
  • Forge Your Own Path: Be courageous in creating a life that reflects your individual beliefs and values, even if it means going against the grain.

Common Misinterpretations

The Hierophant reversed is often misinterpreted as a total rejection of tradition and authority. However, its deeper meaning lies in questioning and re-evaluating established norms to find your own truth. It’s not about discarding all traditions but about discerning which conventions serve your growth and which limit it.

The Hierophant reversed as intentions signifies a call to embrace non-conformity and personal authenticity. It’s about breaking free from traditional molds to forge a path that aligns more closely with your individual beliefs and values. This card encourages a spirit of exploration and personal revolution, inviting you to redefine what wisdom, guidance, and learning mean to you.

Combinations That Go With The Hierophant As Intentions

The Hierophant in tarot, when combined with other cards, illuminates intentions steeped in tradition, wisdom, and adherence to established norms. Known for symbolizing conventional beliefs and shared cultural values, the Hierophant’s interactions with other cards reveal various aspects of intent, from seeking guidance within established systems to imparting knowledge and moral lessons.

The Hierophant and The Lovers

When The Hierophant meets The Lovers, it suggests an intention to seek harmony and balance within relationships while adhering to traditional values. This person aims to approach their personal connections with a sense of moral duty and ethical considerations, often seeking or giving counsel in matters of the heart based on established principles.

The Hierophant and Eight of Pentacles

Combine The Hierophant with the Eight of Pentacles, and it reflects a dedication to mastering a skill or craft through traditional methods. This individual is intent on learning and perfecting their abilities in a structured and methodical manner, often adhering to time-honored practices and proven techniques.

The Hierophant and The Fool

Pair The Hierophant with The Fool, and it brings forth an intention to embark on new paths while staying grounded in conventional wisdom. This person is interested in exploring new ideas or adventures but wants to do so with a foundation of known rules and guidelines, balancing the excitement of the unknown with the stability of the known.

The Hierophant and The Star

Mix The Hierophant with The Star, and it indicates a desire to find hope and inspiration within established beliefs or systems. This individual seeks to align their aspirations with their spiritual or cultural values, finding guidance and a sense of purpose within a broader communal or philosophical framework.

The Hierophant and The Tower

The Hierophant alongside The Tower suggests an intention to find stability and understanding in times of upheaval by turning to traditional wisdom. Faced with sudden changes or crises, this person looks to established doctrines or belief systems for guidance, seeking solace and answers in the face of chaos and disruption.

The Hierophant and Six of Cups

When The Hierophant meets the Six of Cups, it signifies an intention to reconnect with the past or childhood experiences through a lens of tradition and nostalgia. This individual might be intent on preserving or revisiting memories, relationships, or values from the past, often with a desire to impart these traditions to others or to rekindle connections based on shared histories.


In summary, The Hierophant upright reveals intentions of adhering to traditions, seeking spiritual guidance, and teaching or learning established doctrines. This card suggests a pursuit of conventional wisdom, spiritual understanding, and following established societal or spiritual rules. The intention is to connect with traditional values or beliefs, often serving as a guide or mentor to others.

Reversed, The Hierophant’s intentions may point to a break from tradition or a challenge to conventional beliefs. It suggests a need to question established norms and to seek personal truths that may not align with traditional teachings. The intention might be to forge one’s path, exploring beliefs and practices outside of the conventional framework.

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