The High Priestess As A Person: The Deep Secret Soul

Imagine someone who speaks less yet says more, whose silence makes you feel at peace but somehow also on edge. That’s The High Priestess as a person. She stands as a guardian of secrets and a bridge to the unknown. With intuition as her guide and mystery as her companion, she navigates the realms of the unseen and unsaid.

That’s all good for the card, but what does that mean for a person? If you want to know how the High Priestess appears as a person in your life, then keep reading to find out everything there is to know!

Key Takeaways

The Upright High Priestess

  • Physical Characteristics: Exudes an aura of mystery and calm, elegant and understated style, confident and deliberate in movements.
  • Emotional Characteristics: Emotionally balanced, serene and composed, high emotional intelligence, deeply empathetic.
  • Personality Traits: Wise and introspective, trusts inner voice, guided by intuition, understands deeper truths.
  • Romantic Interests: Depth and understanding in relationships, intuitive about partner’s needs, occasionally appears distant.
  • Friends & Family: A source of wisdom and comfort, provides guidance through understanding and empathy.
  • Careers: Excels in roles requiring insight, intuition, and a deep understanding of human nature, suited for counseling, teaching, and roles involving the bigger picture.

The High Priestess Reversed

  • Physical Characteristics: Carries an aura of untapped potential, appearance conflicts with inner self, may seem subdued or conventional.
  • Emotional Characteristics: Often conflicted and disconnected from true feelings, struggles to understand emotions, seeks alignment between inner and outer worlds.
  • Personality Traits: Potential for deep understanding but hesitates to trust or express intuition, second-guesses themselves, seeks external validation.
  • Romantic Interests: Enigmatic in relationships, deep capacity for connection but guards inner world closely.
  • Friends & Family: Intriguing yet frustrating, loved for potential and occasional insights, reluctance to fully open up can be challenging.
  • Careers: May struggle to find a role that aligns with inner capabilities, seeks self-discovery and personal growth in careers.

Symbolism of The High Priestess

The High Priestess sits between the pillars of Boaz and Jachin (representing the duality of all things), a scroll of Torah in her lap, symbolizing hidden knowledge. The crescent moon at her feet denotes intuition and cycles, and the veil behind her separates the seen from the unseen.

The High Priestess is deeply intuitive and wise, often understanding things that are unsaid or unseen. She’s the friend who seems to know what you’re thinking before you speak. She represents a connection to the subconscious and the mysteries of the inner self. Her presence is a reminder of the importance of trusting your intuition and looking beyond the surface to understand the deeper truths of a situation.

The High Priestess Symbolism

The Upright High Priestess As A Person

Imagine someone who seems to have an otherworldly understanding of the world around them. Full of intuition and insight. They tell you things about your behavior you’ve never thought of yourself. Their very presence feels like a calm, deep pool of knowledge. They’re not about making loud statements; their power lies in their quiet, composed understanding of the deeper truths of life. In fact, they understand you so well, sometimes it can feel almost intimidating.

The High Priestess Upright As A Person

Physical Characteristics

Physically someone who is The High Priestess might dress in a way that is both elegant and understated, preferring timeless styles that speak of a deep inner confidence. Their eyes seem to hold depths of knowledge, and their movements are deliberate and graceful. They just have this aura of profound, quiet strength about them.

Emotional Characteristics

The Upright High Priestess is all about emotional depth and stability. They’re not swayed by the chaos of the world; instead, they navigate life with a serene and balanced approach. Their emotional intelligence is high, allowing them to connect with others on a deeply empathetic level. It seems like they just understand everyone they meet, and when they interact with other people, they bring such patience.

Personality Traits

They are THE epitome of wisdom and intuition. They’re introspective, often found in deep thought or contemplation. They trust their inner voice and are guided by it, making decisions that might seem unconventional but are deeply rooted in a clear understanding of their surroundings. Can you think of someone who always seems to know the right path to take, even when it’s not the most obvious one?

Ever wondered what it means when people see you as The High Priestess?

As A Romantic Interest

In love, The Upright High Priestess is a partner of depth and understanding. They’re intuitive about the needs and feelings of their partner, often able to provide support and insight without being asked. However, their reserved nature can sometimes make them seem distant or enigmatic. Ever been in a relationship with someone who understood you better than you understood yourself?

Here’s what the High Priestess means as a love outcome!

For Friends & Family

To their friends and family, The Upright High Priestess is a source of wisdom and comfort. They’re the ones people turn to for advice or when they need a listening ear. They offer guidance not through loud words but through their understanding and empathetic nature. They don’t give you the advice you need, rather they ask you the questions to reach the answers you’ve known deep inside you all along

For Careers

Professionally, The Upright High Priestess excels in roles that require insight, intuition, and a deep understanding of human nature. They are well-suited for careers in counseling, teaching, or any field that requires understanding and patience. Their ability to see beyond the surface makes them valuable in any role that requires depth and foresight. Basically, they do well in any role where they’re intuition is their biggest asset

Actionable Advice

  • Trust your intuition and allow it to guide your decisions.
  • Maintain your emotional balance to navigate through life’s challenges.
  • Embrace your wisdom and use it to help others.
  • In relationships, communicate your depth of understanding while remaining open.
  • Choose a career path that allows you to utilize your insightful nature and deep understanding of people.

The Upright High Priestess’s story is one of deep understanding, intuition, and the subtle power of insight. Their journey teaches us the value of listening to our inner voice and the wisdom that comes from quiet contemplation.

Whether you see yourself in The Upright High Priestess or know someone who embodies this spirit, their story is a reminder of the profound depths that lie within us, waiting to be explored and shared. Remember, we all possess this deep understanding, and we can access it whenever we want. However The High Prietess as a person is definitely more in tune with it.

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The High Priestess Reversed As A Person

The Reversed High Priestess is akin to a well of wisdom that’s been sealed off. They have immense potential for deep understanding and insight, yet they struggle to access or trust their inner voice. It’s as though they stand before a vast, locked library of knowledge, holding the key but unsure how to use it. Their journey is one of learning to unlock the doors to their intuition and to trust in the wisdom they inherently possess.

It could also mean that they’re secretive and choose to keep knowledge from you. However, I find a lot of the time, it’s mostly the latter. Although, if you’ve drawn The High Priestess as a person, it won’t hurt to ask for clear, solid communication from those around you.

The High Priestess Reversed As A Person

Physical Characteristics

The Reversed High Priestess often carries an aura of untapped potential. Their appearance might suggest a conflict between wanting to express their true selves and conforming to external expectations. They might choose styles that are more subdued or conventional, masking the depth and complexity that lies beneath their surface. It’s like their appearance hints at a deeper unexpressed self.

Emotional Characteristics

Emotionally, they’re often conflicted, and they feel disconnected from their true emotions. They might struggle with understanding what’s going on inside of them, leading to a sense of detachment or confusion. Their challenge lies in aligning their emotional world with their external reality, a task that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Do you know someone who struggles to connect with their own emotional depth?

Personality Traits

The personality of The Reversed High Priestess is marked by a disconnect between their potential for deep understanding and their actual day-to-day experiences. They may find it challenging to trust their intuition, often second-guessing themselves or seeking validation from others. Their journey is about learning to trust their inner wisdom and to bring their rich inner world into alignment with their external life. Can you think of someone who often seems caught between their inner wisdom and the expectations of the world around them?

As A Romantic Interest

When it comes to relationships, The Reversed High Priestess is a bit of an enigma. They have deep capacities for connection and understanding, but their insecurities can often prevent them from fully opening up. Their partners might find it difficult to truly get to know them, as they guard their inner world closely. Ever been in a relationship with someone who feels like a mystery you can’t quite solve?

For Friends & Family

For friends and family, The Reversed High Priestess can be both intriguing and frustrating. They are loved for their potential and the glimpses of insight they occasionally reveal, but their reluctance to fully open up can be challenging for those close to them. They’re the family member or friend who you know has so much to offer, if only they could see it in themselves. It’s like you’re always just scratching the surface of someone close to you.

For Careers

When it comes to their professional life, The Reversed High Priestess may struggle to find a role that truly aligns with their inner capabilities. They might feel out of place or unfulfilled, unsure of how to apply their intuition and insights in a practical way. They are best suited for careers that encourage self-discovery and personal growth, allowing them to slowly unlock and harness their inner potential.

Actionable Advice

  • Work on unlocking and trusting your inner wisdom.
  • Strive to align your emotional self with your external experiences.
  • Learn to trust your intuition and use it as a guide.
  • In relationships, be open to sharing your depth and complexities.
  • Seek a career path that nurtures your personal growth and self-discovery.

The journey of The Reversed High Priestess is a poignant reminder of the importance of self-trust and the exploration of one’s inner world. While their path may be marked by struggles with accessing and trusting their intuition, it also presents an opportunity for an amazing and profound personal growth and the eventual unlocking of their true potential.

Whether you see aspects of The Reversed High Priestess in yourself or in others, their story encourages us to delve deeper into our inner selves, uncovering the wisdom and insights that lie within. Once they’ve tapped into their inner knowledge, the world is going to open up to them. They just need to trust in themselves enough to do this!

The High Priestess As A Person

Combinations That Go With The High Priestess As A Person

When paired with other cards, The High Priestess brings forth a spectrum of personalities that are deeply connected to their inner selves and the mysteries of life. Her presence in any combination adds a layer of depth and introspection, showing a person who often operates based on intuition and hidden knowledge.

The High Priestess and The Emperor

When The High Priestess combines with The Emperor, we get someone who embodies a blend of intuition and authority. They balance the inner wisdom of The High Priestess with the structured leadership of The Emperor. They often hold influential positions and are respected for their insightful, strategic decisions. They can navigate complex situations with a mix of practicality and intuition.

The High Priestess and The Chariot

The High Priestess and The Chariot together form a personality driven by deep inner convictions and outward determination. This combination suggests someone who uses their intuition to guide their ambitions and goals. They possess a unique blend of introspective wisdom however, unlike The High Priestess alone who can be quite still, they also bring intense action with them as well. Such individuals are often seen as unstoppable, driven by a powerful sense of purpose and inner guidance.

The High Priestess and Two of Cups

Pairing The High Priestess with the Two of Cups speaks to a person who forms deep, meaningful connections. This individual excels in understanding emotions and creating harmonious relationships. They use their empathetic and intuitive nature to build bonds based on mutual understanding and emotional depth. This person is often a peacemaker, skilled in nurturing and maintaining relationships.

The High Priestess and Nine of Pentacles

The High Priestess alongside the Nine of Pentacles indicates a person of independent thought and self-sufficiency. They blend the introspective wisdom of The High Priestess with the material success and stability of the Nine of Pentacles. This individual often enjoys a comfortable lifestyle, achieved through their intuition, intelligence, and self-reliance. They value their independence and are often successful in solo endeavors.

The High Priestess and Knight of Swords

When The High Priestess meets the Knight of Swords, the result is a person of quick intellect and deep insight. They combine the cerebral agility of the Knight with the profound intuition of The High Priestess. This individual is a sharp thinker, often involved in activities that require both strategic planning and intuitive understanding. They’re quick to grasp complex concepts and are often ahead in their thoughts and ideas.


Upright, The High Priestess as a person represents intuition, wisdom, and mystery. They’re introspective, deeply intuitive, and have a strong connection to their deeper selves. They embody knowledge and understanding that goes beyond the surface level, often serving as a guide or mentor.

Reversed, The High Priestess as a person can suggest secrets, disconnected intuition, or hidden agendas. This individual might be out of touch with their inner wisdom or keeping important knowledge to themselves. It indicates a need to reconnect with one’s intuition, to uncover hidden truths, or to be more transparent in their intentions and understanding.

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