The High Priestess As Career Advice (Upright & Reversed)

If you’ve drawn The High Priestess in a career reading, it symbolizes intuition and hidden knowledge. Upright, this card encourages you to trust your instincts and seek out the deeper truths in your professional life. It’s a reminder that inner wisdom can guide you to success.

Reversed, The High Priestess warns against ignoring your intuition or being out of touch with your inner self. It suggests that you might be overlooking important insights. Curious about how The High Priestess can influence your career? Keep reading to discover more!

Key Takeaways

Upright Position

  • Trust Your Gut: The High Priestess upright tells you to trust your intuition and inner wisdom in your career. Listen to your inner voice and believe in the knowledge you’ve gained.
  • Discover Hidden Talents: This card suggests that you might have hidden talents or messages that, if acknowledged, can help you make better career decisions.

Reversed Position

  • Blocked Intuition: The High Priestess reversed means you might be having trouble trusting your gut or listening to your inner voice.
  • Feeling Confused: It often shows confusion, a lack of direction, or ignoring important insights that could guide your career choices. You need to reconnect with your intuition and seek clarity in situations where you feel uncertain or misled.

Symbolism Of The High Priestess

The High Priestess Symbolism

The High Priestess Upright As Career Advice

The High Priestess appearing upright in a career reading emphasizes the importance of intuition and inner wisdom in your career. Listen closely to your inner voice and trust the knowledge you’ve accumulated. It brings with it the presence of hidden talents or messages that, when acknowledged, can guide you to make more informed career decisions.

Looking for a New Job?

If you’re seeking a new job, The High Priestess asks you to trust your instincts about the opportunities you explore. This is a reminder that not all is as it seems and to look beyond the surface. Pay attention to your gut feelings during interviews or when considering job offers.

In Your Current Position

If you’re wondering about your current job, The High Priestess asks you to look deeper into your role and possibly even industry. There may be underlying currents at play or hidden knowledge that can propel your career forward if you take the time to understand them. Trust your intuition to lead you to these insights.

Thinking About a Change?

Considering a change in your career? The High Priestess means that the answers you seek are already within you. Take a moment to reflect and listen to your inner guidance. It’s possible that your next steps are clearer than you think, needing only your acknowledgment to come into focus. It’s not telling you to go forward, or to slow down, but asking you to take the time to look inside and see what you truly want.

Dreaming of Starting Your Own Business?

Aspiring entrepreneurs are reminded by The High Priestess to trust their vision and the unique insights that sparked their business idea. This card underlines the importance of listening to your inner voice and not being swayed by external opinions. Your intuition is a powerful guide in navigating the entrepreneurial journey.

Not Sure About Your Career Path?

If uncertainty clouds your career path, The High Priestess massively encourages a period of introspection. Your inner wisdom can reveal passions and talents you may not have considered. Be open to these revelations; they can guide you toward a fulfilling career.

The High Priestess Upright Career Advice

Advice to Move Forward

  • Trust your intuition and the knowledge you’ve gathered to guide your career choices.
  • Look beyond the obvious and seek deeper understanding in your current role or industry.
  • Allow your inner voice to guide you, especially in moments of uncertainty.

The High Priestess upright is a powerful reminder of the strength found in intuition and inner knowledge. When it comes to your career, it highlights the importance of trusting your gut feelings and recognizing the depth of your own insights. By listening to your inner wisdom, you can move through your professional path with confidence and clarity.

The High Priestess Reversed As Career Advice

The High Priestess reversed in a career reading means you may be going through a period where your intuition may feel blocked, or you’re struggling to listen to your inner voice.

It is often a sign of confusion, a lack of direction, or ignoring important insights that could guide your professional choices. This card calls for a reconnection with your intuition and a need to seek clarity in situations where you may feel uncertain or misled.

Looking for a New Job?

If you’re on the hunt for a new position, The High Priestess reversed advises you to question whether you’re truly listening to what you want from a job. There might be confusion about what path to take. Take time to clear your mind and really consider what you’re looking for in your next role.

In Your Current Position

For those feeling disconnected or unsatisfied in their current job, you may be ignoring your true feelings about your work. It’s important to address any underlying issues or dissatisfaction. Reflect on what changes could bring you a sense of fulfillment and alignment with your core values.

Thinking About a Change?

If you’re considering a career change and The High Priestess reversed is drawn it means you might be doing so without fully understanding your motivations. Ensure that this desire for change is coming from a place of genuine need for growth, rather than escaping an uncomfortable situation. Seek clarity on what truly drives you.

Dreaming of Starting Your Own Business?

For aspiring business owners, this card reversed might mean you’re not fully trusting your instincts or you’re doubting your original business concept. It’s crucial to revisit the reasons behind your entrepreneurial ambitions and ensure they align with your inner truth. Seeking advice from a mentor could also provide the clarity you need.

Not Sure About Your Career Path?

When unsure of your career direction, The High Priestess reversed highlights the need for introspection and seeking guidance. It’s possible that external noise is clouding your judgment. Spend some quiet time reflecting on your strengths, passions, and what you genuinely want from your career.

The High Priestess Reversed Career Advice

Advice to Move Forward

  • Reconnect with your intuition to guide your career decisions.
  • Address any confusion or dissatisfaction in your current role or career path.
  • Seek external guidance or mentorship if internal clarity is hard to achieve.

The High Priestess reversed is here when you need a moment to pause and re-evaluate. It’s a reminder that clarity often comes from within and that reconnecting with your intuition can provide the direction you’re seeking.

By addressing blocks to your inner voice and seeking deeper understanding, you can navigate your career path with greater confidence and purpose.

Journaling Prompts For The High Priestess As Career Guide

  1. How do you access and trust your inner wisdom when making career decisions? Can you recall a time when your intuition guided you to the right choice?
  2. How do you balance logical thinking with intuitive insights in your professional life? Are there areas where you could rely more on your intuition?
  3. What messages or insights have been coming to you through dreams or gut feelings about your career? How can you explore these further?
  4. What reflective practices (like meditation or journaling) do you use to gain clarity about your career? How do these practices help you make better decisions?
  5. How often do you listen to your inner voice when faced with career challenges? What is your inner voice telling you about your current professional situation?


So, as you can see, drawing The High Priestess upright in a career spread emphasizes the importance of trusting your intuition and inner wisdom. This card encourages you to listen to your gut feelings, recognize hidden talents, and look beyond the surface in your job search, current role, or entrepreneurial pursuits. By tapping into your inner guidance, you can make more informed and confident career decisions.

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