The High Priestess As How Someone Sees You: A Guardian Of Secrets?

Imagine being viewed through the mysterious gaze of The High Priestess. This card is all about intuition, secrets, and depth. Does someone see you as an enigmatic soul, rich with inner wisdom and insights? Or perhaps they find you as someone who holds the keys to understanding deeper truths?

We’ll uncover the nuances of being perceived as The High Priestess, and how this can reveal layers of your interaction that are yet to be discovered.

Key Takeaways

The Upright High Priestess

  • For Singles: Seen as an enigma, your aura of independence and quiet confidence is both appealing and challenging for those intrigued by your depth.
  • For New Relationships: You’re viewed as a well of complexity and insight, inviting a partner to explore the depths of your character.
  • For Existing Relationships: Your partner values your wisdom and guidance, though they may desire more emotional openness from you.
  • For Exes: Remembered for your mysterious allure and the power you held, you remain an enigmatic figure in their memory.
  • In Careers: You’re the go-to for strategic advice, valued for your unique insights and thoughtful opinions.
  • For Friendship: Respected for your sage advice, friends find comfort in your counsel, even if they wish you were more open.
  • Self-Perception: You’re in tune with your inner voice and confident in your solitude, recognizing the power in your self-sufficiency.

The High Priestess Reversed

  • For Singles: Others might sense your struggle with self-awareness, feeling a barrier to a genuine connection due to a perceived lack of openness.
  • For New Relationships: You appear enigmatic, intriguing yet confusing, as if holding back layers that a partner is eager yet unsure how to uncover.
  • For Existing Relationships: Your partner might feel a distance, perceiving a shortfall in the emotional depth and intimacy once present.
  • For Exes: Reflections on misunderstandings or uncommunicated depths could define their memories, feeling unresolved aspects lingered.
  • In Careers: There’s a sense that you’re not tapping into your full potential or insight, leaving colleagues wishing for more of your guidance.
  • For Friendship: Friends may feel a disconnection, desiring more emotional transparency and depth from you to strengthen the bond.
  • Self-Perception: It might be a time of introspection, questioning your intuition and seeking to realign with your inner wisdom.

Symbolism of The High Priestess

The High Priestess is seated between two pillars, one black and one white, symbolizing the balance between the known and the unknown. She is the guardian of the subconscious and the revealer of hidden truths. When someone sees you as The High Priestess, they see a person of deep intuition and inner wisdom. You are perceived as someone who listens to their inner voice and understands the deeper undercurrents of the world around you.

To them, you are enigmatic, a holder of secrets, and a seeker of deeper knowledge. This perception extends to a sense of serenity and calmness you project, suggesting a profound inner strength and self-reliance. You may also be viewed as someone who can see beyond the surface of situations and people, providing insights that others overlook. Your presence can be both intriguing and intimidating, as you hold a mirror to the parts of themselves they might not be ready to confront.

The Upright High Priestess As How Someone See’s You

When someone sees you as the upright High Priestess, they’re tapping into an image of you that’s shrouded in intuition, wisdom, and a touch of the mystical. You’re likely seen as a person who trusts their gut feelings and is in tune with the unspoken and unseen. This card’s energy is all about inner knowledge and the quiet power that comes from understanding the deeper truths of the universe.

The Upright High Priestess As How Someone See's You

For Singles

As a single person, being seen as the High Priestess can mean you’re viewed as independent, discerning, and somewhat enigmatic. Your quiet confidence and self-sufficiency are attractive, though you might be seen as a challenge to get to know deeply.

Here’s what the High Priestess means as a love outcome!

For New Relationships

In new relationships, this perception could suggest that you’re seen as an intriguing partner, full of depth and complexities. Your partner might feel compelled to discover the layers of your personality and the breadth of your insights.

For Existing Relationships

If you’re in a long-term relationship, being seen as the High Priestess might mean your partner values your wisdom and often looks to you for guidance. However, they might also wish you were a bit more open and accessible emotionally.

For Exes

An ex might see you as the High Priestess if they remember you as someone who was always a bit of a mystery to them, someone who held a certain power and allure that they couldn’t fully comprehend or access.

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In Careers

In a career setting, this card suggests that colleagues and supervisors see you as someone with a strategic mind and unique insights. You might be the person others come to when they need advice or a thoughtful opinion.

For Friendship

Friends may view you as the High Priestess by respecting your advice and often turning to you in times of uncertainty. They find your calm demeanor and sage advice comforting, even if they occasionally wish you’d share more of yourself.

Want to know what the High Priestess represents as a person?

Self Perception

Seeing yourself as the High Priestess might be a sign that you’re comfortable with your own company and have a strong sense of self that doesn’t require external validation. It’s a powerful position to be in, but you might want to consider if there are ways you could open up more to those around you.

What You Should Do:

  • Embrace your intuitive nature, but also seek ways to communicate your inner thoughts more openly with those you trust.
  • Continue nurturing your self-reliance, but remember that sharing your journey with others can enhance your experiences.
  • Reflect on your boundaries; they protect you but also consider if they might sometimes prevent deeper connections.

Being seen as the High Priestess can be a profound compliment. It speaks to a presence that’s both captivating and a little intimidating. As you navigate how others perceive you, remember that showing vulnerability is also a strength, and letting others in can enrich the tapestry of your relationships. Keep trusting in that inner voice; it’s one of your greatest gifts.

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The High Priestess Reversed As How Someone See’s You

When the High Priestess appears reversed in someone’s view of you, it can indicate a sense of disconnect. They may see you as someone who’s currently out of sync with their inner wisdom or intuition. It’s like you’re in a phase where the usual clarity and inner knowing that one would associate with the High Priestess are obscured or not being heeded.

The High Priestess Reversed As How Someone See's You

For Singles

The reversed High Priestess might suggest to others that you are struggling with self-awareness or are not in tune with your inner desires in love. Potential partners may perceive this as a barrier to forming a genuine connection, as they feel you’re not fully opening up to the possibilities of love.

For New Relationships

In the delicate beginnings of a new romance, you might be seen as enigmatic or hard to read, which could be intriguing or confusing for your partner. There’s a sense that you’re holding back, and they’re unsure of what lies beneath the surface.

For Existing Relationships

To your significant other, this perception could signal a phase where emotional intimacy is lacking. They might feel you are distant or reticent, and the usual depth they expect from the relationship seems harder to reach.

For Exes

An ex might look back on your time together and feel that misunderstandings or a lack of clear communication led to separation. They could think that there were aspects of your personality or feelings that remained hidden, leaving things unresolved.

In Careers

Colleagues could interpret the High Priestess reversed as you not fully engaging with your potential or intuition in the workplace. There’s a possibility that they see you as someone with untapped insight that isn’t being shared or utilized.

For Friendship

Friends may sense a disconnection, thinking that you’re not as emotionally available or transparent as you could be. They might be seeking a deeper level of sharing from you to solidify the friendship.

Self Perception

If you view yourself through the lens of the High Priestess reversed, it could reveal a period of self-doubt or a lack of trust in your own intuition. This might be a time for self-reflection and rediscovery, as you seek to realign with your inner voice.

What You Should Do

  • Reconnect with your inner self through quiet reflection, meditation, or journaling.
  • Practice open and honest communication to foster clarity in your relationships.
  • Engage in personal reflection or seek guidance to explore the underlying causes of your current state.

As you navigate through this phase, remember that the High Priestess reversed is not a permanent fixture but rather a signpost for growth. It’s an invitation to delve deeper into your psyche and emerge with a renewed sense of self-awareness and purpose. By acknowledging and addressing this perception, you can begin to reintegrate your intuition and authenticity into how you present to the world and to yourself.

The High Priestess As Someone See's You Infographic

Combinations That Go With The High Priestess For How Someone See’s You

The High Priestess in tarot stands as a symbol of mystery, intuition, and a deep connection to one’s inner truth. When she appears in a spread about how someone sees you, it suggests that you are viewed as an enigmatic, wise person with an alluring, quiet confidence. You’re perceived as someone who knows more than you say and whose insights come from a profound inner source. And when paired with other cards, she gives you an even bigger insight into what people see you as.

The High Priestess Combinations As How Someone Sees You

Journaling Prompts For The High Priestess

Check out these helpful questions to ask yourself if you’ve drawn The High Priestess.

  • How can I develop and show my deep understanding or intuition in a way that makes others see me as insightful?
  • What practices can I adopt to make listening and understanding the unsaid just as important as what is spoken?
  • How can I share my insights in a way that encourages others to also reflect and find their inner wisdom?
  • In what ways can I balance logic and intuition in my decision-making, demonstrating that I value both?
  • What can I do to be more in tune with the feelings and needs of those around me, showing empathy and understanding?


In summary, The High Priestess suggests they see you as a person of mystery and intuition. To them, you are like a human embodiment of wisdom, with a deep connection to the unseen and the unspoken. You’re perceived as someone who understands the ebb and flow of life and who moves gracefully through the world with an air of quiet confidence.

Reversed, The High Priestess might imply they feel you’re not in tune with your intuition or that there’s something you’re not revealing. They may see you as someone who is withholding information or as someone who is disconnected from their inner guidance.

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