The High Priestess As Intentions Towards You: Using Intuition

When The High Priestess represents someone’s intentions towards you, it points to a desire for a deeper, more profound connection. They may be seeking an understanding that goes beyond words, one that moves into understanding based on intuition and emotion. But what are they truly seeking? Is it a spiritual bond, an unspoken understanding, or perhaps a shared exploration of life’s mysteries?

The High Priestess is ALL about intuition, hidden knowledge, and the unexplored depths of the human psyche. So if you’re curious to know what this means for you and a certain someone, keep reading to find out everything there is to know!

Key Takeaways

The High Priestess Upright

  • Dating: Seek a connection that goes beyond the superficial, desire for intuitive, spiritual, or emotional bonds.
  • Relationships: Intend for deep understanding and emotional connection, value silent understanding and intuitive communication.
  • Exes: Contemplative approach, seeking personal growth and understanding from past relationships.
  • Commitment: Contemplate commitment at a deep level, understand emotional and spiritual dimensions of the relationship.
  • Friends & Family: Intentions of deep understanding, empathy, and emotional support, value non-verbal connections.
  • Careers: Rely on inner wisdom and intuition for career decisions, seek a deeper purpose in work.
  • Your Intentions: Trust your intuition and inner wisdom, introspect and connect with your inner voice for guidance.

The High Priestess Reversed

  • Dating: Uncertain or lacking genuine emotional connection, mixed feelings or reluctance to open up.
  • Relationships: Hindered intentions due to lack of emotional depth or understanding, avoiding underlying issues.
  • Exes: Intentions obscured by reluctance to confront relationship challenges, unclear or unresolved feelings.
  • Commitment: Doubts or lack of understanding cloud intentions, hesitancy to commit due to unresolved internal conflicts.
  • Friends & Family: Intentions lack sincerity or depth, keeping relationships superficial.
  • Careers: Disconnection between work and inner calling, pursuing goals that don’t resonate with deeper aspirations.
  • Your Intentions: Reconnect with inner wisdom and true desires, be honest about what you seek in life.

Symbolism of The High Priestess

The High Priestess sits between the pillars of Boaz and Jachin, a veil of pomegranates behind her, and the Torah in her lap. She is the guardian of the subconscious mind and the mediator between the seen and unseen world. The pomegranates symbolize fertility and divine knowledge, while the pillars represent the duality of nature.

She embodies wisdom, intuition, and the unseen depths of the inner self. She encourages a deep dive into the subconscious, asking for introspection and the pursuit of inner knowledge. The card is literally ALL ABOUT intuition and the mysteries within you, highlighting the power of the unseen and the value of inner peace and understanding.

The High Priestess Symbolism

The Upright High Priestess As Intentions

When the High Priestess is in your reading as intentions, it means we’re dealing with much more than the superficial or material. The High Priestess is less about external manifestations and more about internal understanding and wisdom. For you she calls for a reflective approach, where listening to one’s inner voice and understanding deeper truths takes precedence. And for someone’s intentions towards you, it could mean they’re look to understand or be understood.

The High Priestess Upright As Intentions


If you’re dating she indicates a desire for a connection that goes beyond the superficial. Someone influenced by this card is likely seeking an intuitive, spiritual, or deeply emotional bond with you. They’re looking to understand you at a soul level, preferring meaningful and profound interactions over casual dates or small talk.

Here’s what the High Priestess means as a love outcome!


For those in relationships, you and your partner are going to get to know each other on an EVEN deeper level, or your partner wants to. There’s a desire for a relationship where silent understanding, unspoken bonds, and intuitive communication are valued. The High Priestess is calling for for you both to open up more and trust your intuition about each other.

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For an ex, The High Priestess shows your ex might be taking a more contemplative approach. They are thinking deeply about the relationship, seeking to understand the spiritual and karmic lessons it brought. Their intentions might be more about personal growth and understanding rather than immediate action or reconciliation. However, if you still wanted to get back with them, The High Priestess is a sign they’ve been putting in the work to improve themselves.

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Will There Be Commitment?

If you’re wondering whether there will be commitment, The High Priestess means intentions towards commitment are likely being contemplated at a very deep level. Right now, the idea of commitment is being seriously thought about, and intuition rather than external advice is guiding your interest.

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Friends & Family

For friends and family, The High Priestess’s presence signifies intentions of deep, non-verbal understanding and support. There’s a strong undercurrent of mutual understanding, empathy, and emotional support, beyond just words or actions.

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For your career, The High Priestess is asking you to seek answers from those around you. The chances are there’s someone who knows something that they want to tell you. This could benefit you in a number of ways! So make sure you’re keeping your ears open, and looking for the advice!

Your Intentions

As for you, trust your intuition and inner wisdom. It’s a reminder that sometimes the answers you seek are not in the external world but within yourself. Right now, she invites you to introspect, meditate, and connect with your inner voice for guidance.

Actionable Advice

  • Trust Your Intuition: Pay attention to your gut feelings and inner voice when making decisions.
  • Seek Deeper Understanding: Look beyond the surface and seek a deeper, more spiritual understanding of your circumstances.
  • Embrace Stillness: Spend time in quiet reflection or meditation to connect with your inner wisdom.

Common Misinterpretations

The High Priestess is often seen as a mysterious or passive card. However, her real power lies in her depth and ability to access profound wisdom and understanding. Her presence is not about inaction but about informed action based on deep introspection and intuition.

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The High Priestess upright as intentions signifies a journey inward, a quest for deeper understanding, and reliance on intuition. Whether it’s in personal relationships, career choices, or self-discovery, this card invites you to trust your inner wisdom and seek connections and paths that resonate with your deepest truths. It’s a reminder that sometimes the most powerful insights and guidance come from within, urging you to listen closely to your inner voice.

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The High Priestess Reversed As Intentions

The High Priestess reversed in a tarot reading symbolizes intentions that may be clouded by confusion or a disconnection, or even worse, you’re being purposely misled. Intentions right now, may not be fully aligned with your best interests. It could also mean that, someone around you has the answers you seek, and you just need to find out who and ask them.

The High Priestess Reversed As Intentions


If you’re dating The High Priestess reversed might involve uncertainty or a lack of genuine emotional connection. Right now this person may have mixed feelings, unsure of their true desires or they’re reluctant to fully open up. They could be influenced more by surface-level attractions or societal expectations rather than a deep, intuitive connection.


For relationships, it points to intentions hindered by a lack of emotional depth or understanding. Right now your partner may be struggling to truly connect on a deeper level or they’re choosing to avoid addressing underlying issues. There’s a sense that the relationship’s true potential is being obscured by unexplored emotions or unspoken truths.


As an exes intentions, she suggests a reluctance to confront the deeper reasons behind the relationship’s challenges. Their approach might be to leave certain things unsaid, avoiding the self work needed to understand the relationship’s true reason for ending. This is not to say they don’t want the relationship to work again, it just means, they’re not ready to do the inner work to be a partner that matches with you.

Will There Be Commitment?

In terms of commitment, The High Priestess reversed shows that the idea of commitment right now is being clouded by doubts or even a lack of true understanding of their feelings. They might be hesitant to commit due to unresolved internal conflicts or a not understanding their true emotions. It’s a situation where deeper reflection and honesty are needed, so it may be best to give them more space and be patient.

Friends & Family

For friends and family, actions right now may lack sincerity or depth. There might be a tendency to keep relationships at a superficial level, avoiding the vulnerability required for deeper connections. Perhaps someone you know is keeping you at arms length, if you have an idea about who this person could be, now is the time to be patient with them, and try to deepen the connection between you both.


Professionally, it indicates a disconnection between one’s work and inner calling. Perhaps someone knows that this line of work isn’t right for you, but they benefit more from you staying. Because of this you may just feel like you’re going through the motions without fully engaging your passion.

Your Intentions

Consider whether you are in tune with your inner wisdom and true desires. When The High Priestess appears reversed, she’s generally a sign that your inner wisdom is being blocked. So take some time to find your intuition again and be honest with yourself about what you truly seek in various aspects of your life.

Actionable Advice

  • Reconnect with Your Inner Voice: Take time for introspection and meditation to tap into your intuition and understand your true desires.
  • Seek Clarity: Address any confusion or doubts head-on, seeking to clarify your intentions and align them with your inner truth.
  • Embrace Honesty: Be honest with yourself and others about what you truly want and feel, even if it means uncovering uncomfortable truths.

Common Misinterpretations

The High Priestess reversed is often seen as just confusion or a lack of intuition. However, its deeper meaning revolves around the challenge of reconnecting with one’s inner wisdom and the journey to align intentions with true inner knowledge. It’s about the struggle to clear away the noise and listen to the quiet, guiding voice within.

The High Priestess reversed as intentions calls for a deeper exploration of one’s inner self. People around you right now, may not be aligning their actions with their inner truth, or they may be struggling to understand how the feel towards you. This card invites introspection and honesty, encouraging you to embrace the wisdom that lies within and to let it guide your choices and relationships.

Combinations That Go With The High Priestess As Intentions

The High Priestess in tarot, with other cards, unveils a nuanced tapestry of intentions. Emblematic of intuition, mystery, and the subconscious, these combinations reveal intentions rooted in depth, understanding, and seeking knowledge beyond the surface.

The High Priestess and The Chariot

When The High Priestess meets The Chariot, it signifies an intention to balance inner wisdom with external action. This combination speaks to the desire to pursue goals with determination while being guided by inner insight and intuition. It’s about steering one’s path not just with willpower but also with a deeper understanding of oneself and the journey.

The High Priestess and Three of Wands

Combine The High Priestess with the Three of Wands, you should look ahead with foresight and patience. This pairing emphasizes waiting for the right moment to act, using one’s intuition to anticipate future opportunities. It’s about preparing for what’s coming with a sense of expectation and wisdom.

The High Priestess and The Tower

Pair The High Priestess with The Tower, and it indicates an intention to find understanding and insight in times of upheaval. This person seeks to use their intuitive abilities to navigate through sudden changes or disruptions, finding hidden truths and meanings in chaos, and emerging with a deeper understanding.

The High Priestess and Eight of Pentacles

Mix The High Priestess with the Eight of Pentacles, and it reflects an intention to master a skill or craft with both dedication and intuitive understanding. This individual combines hard work and practicality with a sensitivity to the subtler aspects of their work, seeking a deeper connection with what they create or do.

The High Priestess and The Sun

The High Priestess alongside The Sun brings will illuminate hidden knowledge and bring clarity to one’s path. This combination suggests a pursuit of truth and enlightenment, using intuition to guide you toward a joyful and clear understanding of the world and their place in it.

The High Priestess and Seven of Cups

When The High Priestess meets the Seven of Cups, one will be able to feel their way through various choices or illusions. This person aims to use their deep intuitive sense to navigate through confusion or deception, seeking clarity and authenticity in a world of multiple possibilities and distractions.


In summary, The High Priestess upright reveals intentions of deep introspection and trying to truly understand you. If you’re dating or in a relationship, it means your partner isn’t looking for something superficial from you, they want to understand your soul, and deepen your connection!

Reversed, The High Priestess’s intentions shows a disconnection from intuition or a period of confusion. Right now the person you’re thinking about may not understand how they feel towards you, or they’re letting external pressures dictate it. Now is the time for them to break through barriers of denial or surface-level understanding, to get a deeper understanding of their thoughts and feelings.

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