The High Priestess (II) Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

The High Priestess is the card of intuition and hidden knowledge. That is quite a vague explanation but it’s the most accurate. To understand more about The High Priestess, we really have to unpack the symbolism, and then figure out exactly what that means

Fortunately, in this article that’s exactly what we’re doing! Not only will you learn the symbolism and gain a rough idea of what it means, you’ll also learn how to read it in specific circumstances! So keep reading to learn more!

Key Takeaways

Upright Meaning

  • Intuition and the Divine Feminine: Emphasizes trusting your inner wisdom, especially when facing the unknown.
  • Spiritual Insight and Psychic Abilities: A period of spiritual awakening and uncovering hidden truths.
  • Inner Guidance Over External Advice: Encourages relying on your own intuition rather than seeking external validation.
  • Embracing Reflection and Introspection: Calls for a contemplative approach to life, connecting with your higher self.
  • Insight in Confusion: In times of uncertainty, meditate on this card for clarity and trust your intuitive abilities.
  • Influence Beyond the Visible: Reminds you of the unseen forces guiding you.

Reversed Meaning

  • Neglecting Intuition: Warns against ignoring gut feelings and feeling disconnected from inner wisdom.
  • Clouded Clarity: Suggests a period of unclear thinking and disconnection from intuition.
  • Confronting Hidden Motives: Time to acknowledge and address unexpressed emotions and intentions.
  • Caution in Decision Making: Advises to be skeptical, especially when instincts feel off.
  • Challenges in Accessing Intuition: Reflect and meditate to reconnect with your inner wisdom.
Key InformationThe High Priestess’ Attributes
NumerologyRepresents the number 2, symbolizing duality, balance, and partnerships.
Zodiac SignCancer
Ruling PlanetMoon – representing intuition, emotions, and the unconscious mind.
Card Number2 – The third card of the Major Arcana, signifying mystery, intuition, and hidden truths.
ElementWater, suggesting emotional depth, intuition, and the subconscious.
Yes Or NoOften interpreted as a “Maybe”, reflecting introspection and unfolding events.
CrystalsMoonstone and selenite, enhancing intuition, inner wisdom, and connection to the subconscious.

Symbolism Of The High Priestess

As with every card, The High Priestess is simply ripe with symbolism. When you understand the symbolism of the card, you’ll better understand why she is the card of divine femineity. Her ability to

  • The Pillars: The two pillars, Jachin and Boaz, represent the two pillars of the Temple of Solomon, which are about duality and extremes. Masculine And feminine, Night and Day, Yin & Yang, Mercy and Destruction. And The High Priestess sits int the middle, the bridge between both worlds.
  • The Pomegranates: The pomegranates are a symbol of fertility and abundance. They are found on the veil behind the High Priestess, affirming her position as the divine feminine
  • The Veil: The veil itself is all about The High Priestess having knowledge of what’s behind the curtain. She is it’s guardian, and she calls you to dive into your subconscious to find the answers.
  • The Moon: The moon is a symbol of the unconscious, and the cyclical nature of life. It shows she is attuned to the rhythms of the moon and the cycles of the natural world.
  • The Torah Scroll: Hidden from the view it represents divine wisdom, hidden knowledge, and the path to spiritual enlightenment. It also reflects the High Priestess’s connection to ancient wisdom and her role as a guide on your spiritual journey.
The High Priestess Symbolism

The High Priestess Upright Meaning

The High Priestess is all about intuition, the divine feminine, and seeking counsel from your subconscious. She’s about standing at the threshold of the known and unknown, not sure of what lies beyond but trusting in your inner wisdom. She calls for you to listen to your instincts, even if they lead you down an uncharted path. Trust that your inner guidance is leading you where you need to be.

This card is ALL about spiritual insight and psychic abilities. Open your mind to the mysteries of the universe. Let go of your need for concrete answers, and be prepared to explore the depths of your soul, at this time The High Priestess is guiding you. If you’ve drawn it now is a period for spiritual awakening and discovering hidden truths.

You need to trust your intuition, even if it doesn’t make logical sense. Don’t wait for external validation or for things to appear clear-cut, in fact, I’d even go so far to say, that whatever is on your mind, may be better kept to yourself. Like the High Priestess, not showing the full Torah, you too should avoid showing your whole hand. On this occasion, it’s better to rely on your inner wisdom over external advice.

Because right now, all your inner knowledge is laid before you. The universe is rich with spiritual insights, waiting for you to uncover them. Be introspective and contemplative, and use this mystical time to connect with your higher self.

She’s inviting you to embrace a reflective and introspective attitude. To approach life like a sage, full of wisdom and inner peace. Be still, let your spirit connect with the divine, meditate and be introspective! The High Priestess asks this of you in a gentle, peaceful way. If you normally try to rush everything, you’re called now to slow down for a time.

If you’re dealing with confusion or uncertainty, meditate on The High Priestess. She represents your intuitive, insightful side – your inner guide and spiritual mentor. When doubt clouds your judgment, think of The High Priestess’s ability to understand the mysteries of life. Embrace your spiritual journey and trust the wisdom within. The Universe is speaking to you, so listen closely and let your inner light guide you.

Lastly, if you have drawn her, she wants you to remember that sometimes there is more to the universe than what you can see in front of you. Oftentimes there are powerful influences outside of ourselves who are guiding us.

The High Priestess Upright Meaning

Love & Relationships

In love and relationships, the High Priestess asks you not only to trust your intuition but to also practice patience. It’s a time to listen to your heart and understand your partner on a deeper level. Trust your feelings, even if they’re not yet clear.

Money And Career

For career and finance, it means you know something, or there’s some knowledge within you and when you find it, you’ll find opportunity. Trust your instincts in business decisions and look beyond the surface. It asks you to be more introspective with your decision making.


Spiritually, this card is a powerful symbol of deepening your connection with the divine. It’s a call to explore your spiritual path and trust in the journey. Embrace meditation and seek inner wisdom for spiritual growth.

Yes Or No

In a Yes or No question, the High Priestess is a yes, however it’s a little more complicated than that. It reminds you that for it to work, you’ll also need to listen to your inner guidance. Trust your intuition and remember, the path your taking may not make sense at first.

Seek not to understand, but to feel. For it is through your intuition, your connection to the divine, that you will find the wisdom you seek.

The High Priestess Upright

The High Priestess Reversed Meaning

The High Priestess reversed is a cautionary symbol of neglecting intuition and inner wisdom. It represents a period where clarity is clouded, and you might feel disconnected from your inner guidance. It’s a warning against ignoring those gut feelings, as they’re there for a reason. You need to reconnect with your inner self and not be swayed by external distractions.

You should also take this time in your life to recognize and confront hidden motives and agendas. It’s a time to be wary of unclear thinking and to question the intentions of others, and perhaps even your own subconscious motives. Let go of impulsive decisions, and strive to regain a clear connection with your intuition.

Be cautious with the advice you receive and the paths you choose. Don’t rush into decisions or be easily influenced by others. It’s essential to pause and reflect. If you’ve been feeling out of touch with your intuition, consider this a sign to realign.

Right now, it’s vital to be aware of secrets or unexpressed emotions that may be influencing your decisions. Find them within yourself and confront them. Find a quiet place to reconnect with yourself and allow your inner wisdom to guide you through murky waters.

The High Priestess reversed invites you to question and re-evaluate. Approach life with a sense of inquiry and skepticism, especially where your instincts feel off. Be cautious, take time to meditate, and reflect! Trust your inner voice, especially when it warns you.

If you’re dealing with confusion or feeling misled, meditate on the reversed High Priestess. She represents the challenges in accessing your intuition and the traps of misleading guidance.

When you face uncertainty or feel lost, remember the reversed High Priestess’s message: to seek clarity from within and be wary of external influences. Trust in your ability to uncover the truth and find your way back to clear, intuitive thinking. The Universe is prompting you to listen more attentively to your inner wisdom.

The High Priestess  Reversed Meaning

Love & Relationships

The High Priestess reversed in love and relationships means right now you may struggle to understand your relationship. Are you ignoring important gut feelings? This is a crucial period to reconnect with your inner voice and be honest about your feelings and the whether the relationship is bringing you peace. It’s also a time to be wary of unclear thinking and to question the real intentions behind your actions and those of your partner. Right now it’s a clear as day call for solid communication between you both.

Money And Career

For your money and career, the reversed High Priestess points towards a need for caution. It warns of potential misguidance or clouded judgment in finances and jobs. This is a period where you should critically analyse the advice you receive and trust your intuition over impulsive decisions. It’s essential to take a step back, reflect, and reconnect with your inner wisdom to make sound decisions in your career and financial endeavours.


Spiritually, the High Priestess reversed suggests challenges in connecting with your intuition and spiritual path. It invites you to question your current spiritual beliefs and practices. It’s a call for introspection and meditation, urging you to seek clarity from within. Now is the time for a deeper exploration of your spiritual journey, and to trust your inner guidance, especially when external influences seem confusing or misleading.

Yes Or No

As Yes or No, the reversed High Priestess is a no/maybe. The answer to your question may not be straightforward and requires deeper contemplation. Now is DEFINITELY not the time for quick decisions. Instead, reflect and listen more attentively to your inner wisdom, particularly if it cautions you against a certain path or decision. Trust that your inner voice will guide you towards clarity.

Amidst the chaos, seek stillness. Quiet the mind and listen to the whispers of your inner wisdom. For it is in the quiet moments that you will find the guidance you need to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

The High Priestess Reversed

Combinations For The High Priestess

Major ArcanaInterpretation
The FoolIntuition guiding new beginnings; trust your instincts on your journey.
The MagicianA blend of intuition and manifestation; use inner wisdom to bring ideas to life.
The EmpressFeminine energy and nurturing meet intuition; trust your feelings in creation and relationships.
The EmperorBalancing structure with intuition; understanding the need for both order and inner wisdom.
The HierophantTradition and intuition intersect; consider conventional wisdom alongside inner knowledge.
The LoversChoices in love and relationships influenced by deep intuition; understanding emotional connections deeply.
The ChariotDetermination and control combined with intuitive understanding; driving forward with both willpower and insight.
StrengthInner strength and patience enhanced by intuition; gentle power and understanding of deeper truths.
The HermitSolitude and introspection amplified; a journey inward for wisdom and clarity.
Wheel of FortuneThe cycles of life and fate meeting intuitive understanding; seeing patterns and flows in life’s changes.
JusticeFairness and balance informed by intuition; understanding the deeper truth in matters of justice.
The Hanged ManPausing and seeing things from a new perspective, guided by intuition; reevaluating beliefs and ideas.
DeathTransformation and change through intuitive understanding; embracing endings and new beginnings.
TemperanceHarmonizing opposites with intuitive insight; finding balance and moderation through inner wisdom.
The DevilConfronting temptations and material concerns with deeper understanding; recognizing the traps of physical desires.
The TowerSudden change and revelation, understood through intuition; breaking down old structures to reveal truths.
The StarHope and inspiration combined with intuition; a guiding light in times of darkness.
The MoonExploring the subconscious and illusions with intuition; understanding fears and dreams.
The SunJoy and success illuminated by intuition; clarity and vitality shining through.
JudgmentAwakening and rebirth informed by inner knowledge; heeding the call to a higher purpose.
The WorldCompletion and achievement seen through the lens of intuition; understanding one’s place in the grand scheme.

Journaling Prompts For The High Priestess

If you use tarot to journal, then what you write about is going to be based on your innermost thoughts, that’s where most of the growth will be for you right now. With that in mind, here are some helpful journaling prompts to consider!

  1. Where in my life do I feel the most confusion or uncertainty, and what will guide me towards clarity?
  2. How can I better listen to my intuition to align my thoughts, feelings, and actions with my deepest desires?
  3. What inner knowledge or intuition can I tap into to open doors in my personal or professional life?
  4. What limiting beliefs have been holding me back, and how can I bring them to the surface?
  5. What are the inner silent truth my inner voice has been trying to tell me?
  6. How can I incorporate stillness and patience into my life more often?

Final Message Of The High Priestess

“On your life journey, remember that true wisdom often lies in the uncharted territories of the soul. Do not fear the shadowy corridors of the unknown parts of yourself; instead, find solace in them. The mysteries you encounter are not obstacles, but pathways to deeper understanding.

As you navigate the complexities of life, let your intuition be your compass. The logical mind has its place, but your inner voice speaks truths that reason alone cannot grasp. Listen to these subtle nudges and inner inklings; they are the language of your soul, guiding you towards your true path.”


As you can see, The High Priestess is a symbol of profound intuition and the divine feminine. A tarot card rich in symbolism and meaning. From the balancing pillars of Jachin and Boaz, to the fertility symbolized by pomegranates, each element of the card reveals a deeper layer of understanding.

Upright, the High Priestess calls for embracing intuition and psychic abilities, urging a contemplative approach to life’s mysteries. She advises trust in one’s inner wisdom over external influences, especially in periods of uncertainty. And reminds us of the importance of introspection and discovering hidden truths.

Reversed, the High Priestess warns against neglecting intuition and inner wisdom. She reminds us to confront hidden motives, seek clarity, and be cautious in decision-making.

In summary, the High Priestess, through her rich symbolism and dual meanings, serves as a guide to deeper self-understanding and spiritual exploration. She represents a journey into the unknown parts of the soul, encouraging us to trust our intuition as our truest guide.

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