The Lovers As Feelings: The Ultimate Romantic Endeavour

The lovers card as feelings is like a poetic letter to your emotions. Often mistaken as solely romantic, the Lovers card is about so much more: it’s the eternal dance of choices, of moral crossroads, and yes, of love too. In essence, this card serves as a mirror reflecting your innermost feelings and the decisions that come with them. It represents the intricate blend of emotional and rational energies.

When you pull the Lovers card in a reading that centers around feelings, take a pause and consider it a moment of cosmic clarity. Whether you’re single, involved, or somewhere in between, this card is whispering to you about achieving emotional equilibrium and understanding.

Could this be the universe telling you to align your heart and mind? And what if the card is reversed? Well, it might signify a period of emotional turmoil or a decision you’re grappling with, urging you to really weigh your feelings.

Intrigued to explore more? I thought you’d be! Keep scrolling to delve deeper into the multitude of emotional layers that the Lovers card has in store for you. Whether you’re a tarot novice or a seasoned pro, the emotional insights from this card are universally relatable. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this enlightening journey.

Key Takeaways

General Symbolism

  • Intimacy & Connection: Heightened emotional closeness.
  • Choices: The essence of decision-making in love.
  • Balance & Complementarity: The equilibrium of opposites.
  • Free Will: A divine element in relationships.
  • Caution: Be mindful of illusions and red flags.

Upright Lovers

  • For Singles: Open to deep, meaningful love.
  • Existing Relationships: Deep love and commitment.
  • For An Ex: Lingering feelings or longing.
  • Family & Friends: Strong emotional bonds.

Reversed Lovers

  • For Singles: Inner conflict and indecision.
  • Existing Relationships: Issues around values or emotional investment.
  • For An Ex: Unresolved emotional imbalances.
  • Family & Friends: Discord or emotional distance.

What Does The Lovers As Feelings Symbolize?

When The Lovers make their appearance in a tarot spread focused on feelings, the air practically buzzes with the electricity of connection. You’re likely experiencing a heightened sense of intimacy, be it romantic or platonic. But The Lovers isn’t just about swooning; it’s about choice. Are you at a crossroads in a relationship, and if so, what does your heart tell you to do?

This card encapsulates the tension and beauty of opposites attracting. Remember, it’s not just about love but also the feelings of balance and complementarity.

After the structure and tradition presented by The Hierophant, The Lovers introduce a divine, almost mystical, element of free will. The universe is reminding you that the most profound connections aren’t just social constructs but spiritual unions. If you’re sensing soul mate vibes with someone who’s paths you were meant to cross, the lovers is the best omen you can get!

Be Mindful of Illusion

Just as Adam and Eve faced the tree of knowledge, The Lovers warns of temptation and illusion. Are you looking through rose-colored glasses, ignoring red flags? The Lovers ask you to balance emotional involvement with rational thought.

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What Does The Lovers Upright As Feelings Symbolize?

The Upright Lovers in an reading about feelings is one of the best cards you can pull. In any setting it shows us that we are with the right people who are going to love and nurture us, but in regards to a relationship it’s even more potent. The lover in this regard is a sign that this person may not just be another fling, but they could well be something a lot more serious.

Key Emotional Qualities

  • Deep Emotional Connection: You may feel a profound sense of intimacy and understanding with someone.
  • Choices in Love: The Lovers often indicate a significant emotional choice or decision to be made.
  • Harmony: There’s a sense of emotional balance and mutual respect, where both parties are in sync.
Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesLove, ConnectionReadiness for a meaningful romantic relationshipBe open to love, trust your instincts
Existing RelationshipsHarmony, CommitmentDeep emotional bond and commitmentNurture the relationship, communicate openly
For An ExLingering FeelingsContinued emotional connection, possible longingAssess for reconciliation or learning opportunities
Family & FriendsAffection, UnityStrong emotional bonds and support systemContinue nurturing relationships, show appreciation

For Singles

The Lovers card upright as feelings for singles, is showing that there is a sense of attraction, connection, and the potential for a significant romantic encounter on it’s way. You are open to new love and you’re now ready to experience a strong and meaningful emotional connection with someone.

If you’re currently resonating with the lovers card, then make no mistake, it’s time to embrace opportunity for romance and to explore the potential for a meaningful relationship. The possibility of deep and genuine love entering your life is becoming more real, so be open to the possibilities and follow your gut instinct when it comes to matters of the heart.

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For Existing Relationships

In the context of existing relationships, the upright Lovers card as feelings signifies a profound sense of love, connection, and harmony within the partnership. This card embodies the energy of someone who is deeply in love and committed to their partner, experiencing a strong and meaningful emotional bond.

If you or your partner are feeling the upright Lovers card’s energy, the relationship is characterized by a deep and genuine love. You’re both feeling a strong connection, and there is a sense of unity and harmony in the partnership. This card is a reminder to cherish the love you share, nurture the emotional bond, and continue to prioritize open and loving communication.

For An Ex

When the Lovers card appears upright to represent feelings for an ex-partner, then you need to establish whether there is still a lingering love, fondness, or deep emotional connection that continues even though the romantic relationship has ended. It’s normally a sign that someone still holds a special place in their heart for their ex and may have a strong desire for reconciliation or a rekindling of the connection.

Another good note is that if you or your ex-partner are feeling the upright Lovers card’s energy, it suggests that there is a deep and lasting emotional bond between you two, even if you are no longer together.

The love you shared was genuine and meaningful, although there may be a sense of longing or nostalgia for what once was. Look within yourself and decide whether you’re ready for open and honest communication to explore whether there is potential for renewed love or if there are valuable lessons to be learned from the past relationship.

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For Family & Friends

When it comes to family and friends the upright lovers card is often a sign that you’re feeling a deep sense of affection, unity, and emotional connection with your loved ones. The lovers, isn’t just about partners, instead it embodies the energy of someone who cherishes the bonds they share with family and friends and values the love and support within these relationships.

If you’re feeling the upright Lovers card’s energy when it comes to family and friends, then you are going through a time where you have a strong and solid foundation and connection with your love ones. You deeply appreciate the unity and harmony within your social circle, and you have a genuine affection and support system in place.

What I love about the lovers upright, though, is that not only does it let you know you are currently safe and loved, but it’s also a reminder to continue nurturing these relationships, showing your love and appreciation for your family and friends through meaningful gestures and open communication.

The Lovers Upright As Feelings

What Does The Lovers Reversed As Feelings Symbolize?

When The Lovers card appears in a reversed position to represent feelings, be warned, it’s an indication of emotional disconnection, indecision in love, or even a misalignment of values. Do you feel like you are grappling with the complexities and challenges of emotional relationships?

Key Emotional Qualities

  • Emotional Disconnection: You may feel emotionally distant or out of sync with someone, leading to misunderstandings or conflicts.
  • Indecision in Love: The reversed Lovers often signify a struggle to make a crucial emotional decision, leading to a sense of limbo.
  • Misalignment of Values: There might be a clash of core beliefs or values, causing emotional friction.
Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesInternal ConflictIndecision and mixed emotions about commitmentSeek internal clarity, resolve emotional conflicts
Existing RelationshipsMisalignmentIssues around values, commitment, or emotional investmentConfront issues, strive for balance
For An ExUnresolved EmotionsLingering imbalances or disconnectsSeek closure through introspection or communication
Family & FriendsDiscordMisalignment of values or emotional distanceOpen dialogue, recommit to mutual understanding

For Singles

When the Lovers Reversed card appears for singles, it often signals a period of internal conflict or indecision in the realm of love and relationships. It can point to mixed emotions about commitment or perhaps an internal tug-of-war between what you desire and what you feel is logically best for you. The card serves as a nudge to do some introspective work to resolve these conflicts; otherwise, entering a fulfilling relationship may be challenging. In essence, it’s a call to get clear on your values and desires before diving into the dating pool.

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For Existing Relationships

In existing relationships, the Lovers Reversed often indicates a misalignment of values, goals, or emotional investment between partners. This card can point to underlying issues that may need to be addressed, such as a lack of genuine commitment, emotional disconnect, or even a temptation that could disrupt the relationship. It serves as a cautionary signal to either confront these issues head-on or risk growing further apart. Essentially, it’s a call to reevaluate the relationship and take steps to bring it back into balance.

For An Ex

When the Lovers Reversed card comes up in the context of feelings for an ex, it typically suggests unresolved emotional conflicts or misalignments that may have contributed to the relationship’s end. This card could indicate that there was a significant disconnect in values, goals, or emotional investment between you and your ex, which may still be affecting you. It serves as a sign that, for true emotional closure, these lingering imbalances or unresolved feelings need to be addressed, either internally or with your ex, depending on the situation.

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For Family & Friends

In the context of family and friends, the Lovers Reversed often signifies a disconnection or misalignment of values among the group. Whether it’s differing opinions, clashing priorities, or emotional distance, this card suggests that relationships may currently lack harmony and mutual understanding. It serves as a warning to address these discordant elements before they create long-lasting rifts. Essentially, this card calls for a reevaluation of these relationships, advocating for open dialogue and a renewed commitment to understanding one another’s perspectives.

The Lovers Reversed As Feelings

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The Lovers Combinations As Feelings

The Lovers with The Empress

When The Lovers meet The Empress in a feelings reading, you’re staring at the epitome of nurturing love and emotional fulfillment. This combination screams “soulmate energy” and represents a relationship where both parties feel deeply cared for and understood. It’s as if the universe itself is conspiring to cultivate a love that is both passionate and compassionate.

The Lovers with Ace of Cups

Combine The Lovers with the Ace of Cups, and you’re looking at the start of something emotionally profound. This pairing signifies that you’re not only in a deeply romantic phase but also experiencing an overflow of emotions like love, empathy, and spiritual connection. It’s that “head over heels” love where you feel like a new chapter in your life is starting. This is the kind of love that feels like rebirth

The Lovers with Death

If The Lovers show up with Death, you’re likely facing transformative feelings that will redefine your relationship. Though it sounds ominous, this combo can signify the end of an old way of connecting emotionally and the beginning of a new, deeper understanding between you and your partner.

The Lovers with Ten of Swords

The Lovers in conjunction with the Ten of Swords indicates that you might be feeling the weight of betrayal or a significant emotional letdown. It’s like loving deeply but hitting a painful obstacle. The real question is, can the relationship recover from this emotional setback, or is it a wake-up call signaling an ending? You may need to ask yourself if you’re prepared to confront the harsh realities for the sake of love.

The Lovers with The Sun

When The Lovers pair with The Sun, you’re basking in the light of a joyous and optimistic emotional connection. It feels like everything is in perfect alignment, from your romantic aspirations to your personal happiness. This is the kind of uplifting love that everyone dreams of but few truly experience.

The Lovers with Knight of Wands

If you see The Lovers next to the Knight of Wands, expect a rollercoaster of passionate emotions combined with a sense of adventure. You’re likely feeling a magnetic attraction along with an urge to explore new horizons together. Whether it’s traveling, trying out new experiences, or simply embarking on emotional adventures, this combo is anything but boring.

The Lovers As Feelings Infographic


The lovers is one of my favorite cards to pull, and in regards to feelings it’s even more powerful. Remember the main purpose of the lovers aside from connection is choice. And right now you’re probably making strong and solid choices in areas concerning your feelings!

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