The Lovers As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

The Lovers card as someone’s intention toward you is a sign of deep connection and potentially a significant decision related to your relationship with them. This card might suggest their intention to form a closer bond, possibly facing a choice that involves your relationship. But what does this choice entail? Is it about committing to a deeper relationship, reconciling differences to achieve harmony, or perhaps a crossroads that will define your future together?

The Lovers represent harmony, relationships, and sometimes, crucial decisions that affect these bonds. Let’s delve into the possibilities of The Lovers’ intentions, discovering how this person envisions your connection and the choices that might define it.

Key Takeaways

The Lovers Upright

  • Dating: Seek deep, meaningful connections, valuing shared values and heartfelt bonds.
  • Relationships: Intend to strengthen and deepen existing bonds, focusing on understanding and harmony.
  • Exes: Desire meaningful resolution or reconnection, reflecting on shared values.
  • Commitment: Aim for a deep, harmonious, and authentic partnership based on shared beliefs.
  • Friends & Family: Strive for unity, understanding, and emotional connections within these relationships.
  • Careers: Seek alignment between career and personal values, aiming for fulfillment and authenticity.
  • Your Intentions: Prioritize harmony, authenticity, and heartfelt choices in all aspects of life.

The Lovers Reversed

  • Dating: Struggle with indecision or fear of commitment, leading to mixed signals.
  • Relationships: Face imbalance or disharmony in existing relationships, questioning depth and authenticity.
  • Exes: Conflicted intentions regarding revival or closure, oscillating between wanting distance and connection.
  • Commitment: Hesitate or struggle with taking the relationship to a deeper level due to doubts and fears.
  • Friends & Family: Find it challenging to maintain balanced, supportive relationships, possibly due to miscommunication or unresolved issues.
  • Careers: Experience misalignment between career and personal values, leading to intentions in conflict with authentic self.
  • Your Intentions: Reflect on areas of conflict between desires and actions, realign choices with true values.

Symbolism of The Lovers

The Lovers card typically portrays two figures, often Adam and Eve, with an angel above them, symbolizing choice, union, and moral dilemmas. The figures represent the harmony of opposites, and the angel is a symbol of higher guidance. The garden, with the serpent and the burning tree, adds layers of meaning related to decisions, temptation, and the balance of the sensual and spiritual.

The Lovers suggests striving for meaningful relationships, making significant choices with clarity and honesty, and finding harmony in partnerships. It encourages understanding the consequences of one’s choices, the importance of communication and connection in relationships, and the balance between love and personal values.

The Upright Lovers As Intentions

The Lovers card upright in a tarot reading symbolizes intentions deeply rooted in the pursuit of genuine connection and heartfelt choices. When this card appears, it’s like a signal that someone’s intentions are focused on creating meaningful, harmonious bonds and making decisions that resonate with deep personal values. It’s about seeking relationships and paths that align closely with one’s inner truth.

The Lovers Upright As Intentions


In the context of dating, when someone’s intentions are influenced by The Lovers, they’re looking for a relationship that goes beyond superficial interactions. This person is likely to approach you with the intention of forming a deep, meaningful connection. They’re not interested in casual dating; instead, they’re searching for a partner who shares their values and vision for the future. Their approach is sincere and heartfelt, aiming to find not just a partner but a soulmate.

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For those in existing relationships, The Lovers indicates intentions that are focused on strengthening and deepening the bond. This person’s goal is to create a relationship based on mutual understanding, respect, and emotional connection. They aim to foster an environment where both partners can thrive, ensuring that the relationship is not just surviving but flourishing in harmony and balance.

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When considering an ex’s intentions under the influence of The Lovers, it suggests a desire for meaningful resolution or reconciliation. This person might be reflecting on what the relationship taught them and could be considering reconnection with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding. Their intentions are likely driven by a desire to realign with shared values and to explore whether the connection can be restored on a more profound level.

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Will There Be Commitment?

In terms of commitment, The Lovers points to intentions that are serious and considerate. If someone is contemplating a commitment under this card’s influence, they are likely thinking about a deep, long-lasting bond. Their intention is to establish a partnership that’s not just about the label but is deeply rooted in shared beliefs, mutual respect, and a harmonious future together.

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Friends & Family

Regarding intentions within friendships and family, The Lovers suggests a desire to maintain and nurture these important bonds. This person aims to promote understanding, support, and balance within these relationships. They may be the one who strives to resolve conflicts and enhance the sense of unity and togetherness, valuing the deep emotional connections within their social and familial circles.

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The Lovers Upright in a career reading about someone’s intentions towards you represents harmony and strong connections. It could mean they value your partnership highly and are committed to maintaining a balanced and mutually beneficial relationship. It’s all about working together and complementing each other’s strengths.

Your Intentions

Reflecting on your personal intentions in the light of The Lovers, this card encourages you to seek harmony and authenticity in your choices. It’s a prompt to follow your heart, whether in relationships, career, or personal growth, ensuring that your decisions are aligned with your true self and deepest values.

Actionable Advice

  • Foster Meaningful Relationships: Prioritize connections that offer deep emotional and spiritual fulfillment.
  • Make Heartfelt Decisions: Choose paths that reflect your true self and resonate with your inner values.
  • Seek Balance and Harmony: Strive for a harmonious approach in all aspects of life, valuing both your needs and those of others.

Common Misinterpretations

Often, The Lovers card is narrowly interpreted as relating only to romantic relationships. However, its broader meaning encompasses all forms of deep connections and significant life choices. This card is not solely about romantic love but about the pursuit of harmony, alignment, and authenticity in every important decision and relationship.

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The Lovers upright as intentions signals a deep commitment to forming connections and making choices that are true to one’s heart. It speaks of a desire to build relationships and choose paths that are in harmony with one’s deepest values and beliefs. This card invites you to embrace and cultivate connections that enrich your life, encouraging decisions that resonate with your authentic self.

The Lovers Reversed As Intentions

When The Lovers card appears reversed in a tarot reading, it paints a picture of intentions tangled in uncertainty or misalignment. This inversion of The Lovers suggests a struggle to connect deeply or a hesitancy in making choices that align with true personal values. It’s like facing a crossroads where the heart and mind are not in harmony, leading to intentions that might be conflicted or unclear.

The Lovers Reversed As Intentions


In the dating scene, The Lovers reversed points to someone whose intentions might be marked by indecision or fear of commitment. They might approach you with mixed signals, unsure of what they truly want from the relationship. Their actions could swing between keen interest and aloofness, reflecting an inner turmoil about pursuing a deep, meaningful connection.


For those in existing relationships, this card reversed indicates intentions that struggle with imbalance or disharmony. The person might be questioning the depth and authenticity of the bond, leading to intentions that are not fully aligned with building a strong, harmonious partnership. There could be a sense of dissatisfaction or a feeling that something fundamental is missing in the relationship.


Regarding an ex’s intentions, The Lovers reversed suggests a conflicting approach to reconciliation or closure. Their intentions might oscillate between wanting to revive the relationship and keeping distance, indicating unresolved feelings or a lack of clarity about what they truly seek from the past connection.

Will There Be Commitment?

In terms of commitment, The Lovers reversed can signal a reluctance or uncertainty about taking the relationship to a deeper level. The person’s intentions might be clouded by doubts or fears, leading to hesitation in making a firm commitment. It’s as if they are standing at the threshold of a significant decision but are unable to step forward confidently.

Friends & Family

When it comes to friends and family, this card reversed points to intentions that may struggle with creating harmony and understanding. The person might find it challenging to maintain balanced, supportive relationships, possibly due to miscommunication or unresolved issues that hinder the deepening of bonds.


With The Lovers Reversed, it suggests there might be some disharmony in someone’s intentions towards you at work. They could be facing a dilemma or conflict in how to approach you professionally, leading to some inconsistency or uncertainty in your working relationship.

Your Intentions

Reflecting on your intentions in the context of The Lovers reversed, this card encourages you to examine areas of your life where you might be experiencing conflict between your desires and your actions. It’s a call to realign your choices with your true values, ensuring that your decisions are congruent with what you genuinely desire and believe in.

Actionable Advice

  • Clarify Your Desires: Take time to understand your true feelings and desires, especially in matters of the heart and major life decisions.
  • Seek Alignment: Work towards aligning your actions with your core values and beliefs, ensuring that your choices reflect your true self.
  • Address Conflicts: Acknowledge and address any inner conflicts or doubts that might be affecting your relationships and decisions.

Common Misinterpretations

The Lovers reversed is often interpreted as merely signifying relationship problems or indecision in love. However, its deeper significance is about the broader struggle to align actions with true inner values and the challenge of making choices that resonate with one’s authentic self.

The Lovers reversed as intentions indicates a phase of introspection and realignment. It highlights the need to address internal conflicts and uncertainties that prevent you from forming genuine connections and making choices that truly reflect who you are. This card invites you to explore the deeper aspects of your intentions, encouraging you to seek harmony between your inner desires and your external actions.

Combinations That Go With The Lovers As Intentions

The Lovers in tarot, when combined with other cards, unfolds a range of intentions centered around relationships, choices, and harmony. Known for symbolizing connection, love, and important decisions, the Lovers’ interactions with other cards highlight intentions from deepening bonds to finding balance in life’s choices.

The Lovers and The Chariot

When The Lovers meet The Chariot, it suggests an intention to pursue a relationship or a decision with determination and focus. This person wants to use their willpower and drive to overcome obstacles in a relationship or to follow through on a choice they’ve made. It’s about directing their passion and commitment towards achieving harmony or success in their chosen path.

The Lovers and Three of Swords

Combine The Lovers with the Three of Swords, and it reflects an intention to navigate through heartache or difficult decisions in relationships. This individual is looking to address and heal from emotional pain or conflicts, aiming to find clarity and resolution in matters of the heart, even if it involves tough choices.

The Lovers and Ten of Pentacles

Pair The Lovers with the Ten of Pentacles, and it indicates an intention to build long-term security and stability in a relationship. This person is focused on creating lasting foundations, possibly considering long-term commitments like marriage, family, or building a home together. They seek to intertwine their love with practical and enduring achievements.

The Lovers and The Star

Mix The Lovers with The Star, and it brings an intention to infuse hope and optimism into their relationships or decisions. This combination speaks to looking forward with positivity, believing in the potential of a relationship or the positive outcomes of their choices. It’s about being guided by a sense of hope and aspiration in their personal connections.

The Lovers and The Tower

The Lovers alongside The Tower suggests an intention to rebuild or reassess a relationship after upheaval or a significant change. This person is determined to navigate through unexpected challenges or transformations in their relationships, seeking to understand and adapt to these changes, and possibly emerging with a stronger, more honest connection.

The Lovers and Six of Cups

When The Lovers meet the Six of Cups, it signifies an intention to reconnect with past relationships or to bring a sense of nostalgia and innocence into current relationships. They might be looking to rekindle old flames or to infuse their current relationships with simplicity and joy reminiscent of youthful love.


To summarize, The Lovers upright in a reading represents intentions centered around relationships, choices, and harmony. This card signifies a desire for deep, meaningful connections and the need to make significant decisions, often related to relationships or personal values. The Lovers indicate an intention to find balance and unity, both within oneself and in relation to others.

Reversed, The Lovers’ intentions might reflect inner conflicts, challenges in relationships, or difficulty in making crucial decisions. This suggests a period of reassessment or disharmony, where intentions are not aligned with one’s true desires or values. The focus here could be on realigning one’s choices with their authentic self, fostering genuine connections and resolving any inner conflicts or doubts.

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