The Lovers (VI) Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

Often seen as the ultimate symbol of love in Tarot, the Lovers is a great card to pull. However, only half of the card is about love itself. In fact, the card is about so much more. It’s about the balance of opposites and the critical life choices we all have to make.

And when drawn reversed or alongside others, it can sometimes mean conflict, misaligned values, or tough decisions. So just like love this card is extremely complex, and if you want to learn more this article will guide you through the symbolic journey helping you glean the advice it has to offer, to make the best choices in your life.

Key Takeaways

Upright Lovers in Tarot

  • Significant Relationships: Indicates new romances or deepening of existing relationships. Emphasizes strong emotional connections.
  • Life Choices: Highlights crucial decisions in various areas, urging choices that focus on long-term fulfillment over short-term gratification.
  • Emotional Availability: Reminds you to be open, honest, and respectful in your relationships, fostering trust and deep connections.

Reversed Lovers Meaning

  • Challenges in Relationships: Points to potential crises, such as imbalance, inequality, or betrayal. Suggests re-evaluating the values binding the relationship.
  • Temptation and Indecision: Highlights issues like commitment fears or inability to make decisive choices, leading to dissatisfaction.
  • Growth through Challenges: Although it suggests difficult times, it also indicates potential for realignment and more authentic living post-challenges.
Key InformationAttributes of The Lovers
NumerologyRepresents the number 6, symbolizing harmony, choices, and relationships.
Zodiac SignGemini
Ruling PlanetMercury – reflecting communication, intellect, and duality.
ElementAir, signifying ideas, knowledge, and communication.
Yes Or NoGenerally a “Yes”, especially when it comes to relationships and choices.
CrystalsRose quartz and green aventurine are often linked with The Lovers, promoting love and heart chakra healing.

Symbolism Of The Lovers

  • Angel Raphael: Symbolizes love and healing, blessing the union with divine approval and emphasizing the spiritual dimension of love. He also shows us that love heals us, but it also heals other people too.
  • Naked Man and Woman: Represent vulnerability, openness, and the essential human nature within relationships. Their nudity signifies pure, unadorned connection.
  • Tree of Life: Behind the man, is the tree of life with each flame symbolising the twelve zodiac signs, indicating cosmic influence and the cycle of time, suggesting that the relationship is under celestial guidance.
  • Tree of Life with Fruits and Serpent: Behind the woman, alludes to the biblical Garden of Eden, representing temptation, knowledge, and the duality of human experience.
  • The Snake: And of course, we also see the snake. A symbolism of the fall of man. While everything in the card is great, we need to remember that temptation is still there can cause you to stray from love.
The Lovers Symbolism

The Lovers Upright Meaning

When The Lovers card appears upright in a tarot reading, one prominent meaning of course is about relationships but also significant life choices. Steeped in the imagery of the Garden of Eden, it symbolizes the initial state of innocence and bliss in relationships or situations before the inevitable introduction of real-world challenges. The presence of Archangel Raphael, the angel of love and healing, hints at the divine guidance available to you, particularly in making choices that align with your heart’s true desires.

Drawing The Lovers upright often predicts the onset of a new romance or the deepening of existing love. This time it could even be true love, which means someone special might soon enter your life.

However, remember, this card isn’t solely about romantic endeavours; it also signifies critical crossroads in other areas like career or personal development. You’re being encouraged to make choices that consider long-term fulfillment over short-term gratification, emphasizing the importance of maturity and responsibility.

The Lovers Upright Meaning

The number six, associated with The Lovers, represents harmony, love, and growth. This numerological aspect underlines the card’s message about seeking balance and alignment in your life. The decision you’re facing might involve weighing your immediate desires against what is genuinely best for you in the long run. It’s about finding the middle ground where your needs, values, and relationships intersect.

Additionally, The Lovers card reminds us to keep in mind emotional availability and respect within relationships. Have you forgotten that all relationships require a foundation of trust, and deep emotional connection? Remember to speak openly and authentically to your partner and those around you.

Overall though, the Lovers upright is a powerful and positive omen in a tarot reading, urging you to follow your heart and make decisions that resonate with your deepest truths. It’s a card of love, growth, and harmony, reminding you that while challenges are an inevitable part of life and relationships, the guidance and love you need to navigate them are always within reach.

Love And Relationships

The Lovers card appearing upright means that a profound emotional connection is on it’s way or there will be a deepening of romantic bonds. You will soon be entering a phase of increased intimacy and understanding with your partner, or if you’re single, a new romance is on the horizon.

However, it’s also here to encourage open and honest communication, stressing the importance of being emotionally available and respecting your partner’s feelings. It’s a reminder to nurture your relationships with care, honesty, and compassion, fostering a loving environment where both partners can grow and thrive.

For Money and Career

When it comes to money and careers, The Lovers upright means that it’s a time of important decision-making. You may be faced with a choice that has significant long-term implications for your career path or financial stability. For the best results try to align your professional choices with your personal values and long-term goals. Find harmony between what you do and who you are, ensuring that your work not only provides materially but also fulfils you emotionally and spiritually. When you make choices in alignment with your true self, growth and prosperity will follow.

For Spirituality

When it comes to spiritually, it asks you to look inward. Right now is a time for introspection and self-awareness, a time to listen to your heart and intuition. It’s a reminder that your path to spiritual growth is deeply intertwined with the choices you make and the relationships you nurture. When you align your actions with your spiritual values, you’ll find greater harmony and fulfillment on your journey.

For Yes or No

In yes or no readings, The Lovers upright is a “yes,” especially if the question involves relationships, love, or choices aligned with your heart’s true desires. Following your heart and making decisions based on what feels right to you will lead to positive outcomes. Choose the path that resonates most deeply with your values and emotional needs, when you do so, the answer is likely to be a resounding “yes.”

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The Lovers Reversed Meaning

When The Lovers card appears reversed in a tarot reading, it often signals a time of angst and challenges in relationships or even your personal choices. Unlike its upright position, which speaks to harmony and alignment, the reversed position shows that temptation and vices may be overcoming long term thinking. Relationships may face crises, marked by feelings of imbalance, inequality, and possibly betrayal or dishonesty. This state of discord can stem from or lead to a questioning of the values and attractions that once held the two of you together.

What I love about The Lovers is the symbolism. Obviously we have the snake, which symbolises temptation which echoes the themes of card XV, The Devil, that deals with the darker aspects of human experience such as lust, materialism, and addiction to harmful patterns. This connection highlights the potential for negative patterns to surface in relationships. It might suggest that one or both parties are succumbing to temptations or behaviors that are detrimental to the health and longevity of the relationship.

The Lovers Reversed Meaning

It can also be a sign that there is fear of commitment or an inability to make a decisive choice, especially when faced with options that significantly impact the persons life path. The indecision or misalignment suggested by the reversed Lovers often leads to a state of dissatisfaction and frustration, in all areas of life.

However, it’s important to note that while the reversed Lovers does point to challenging times, it also carries a message of potential growth and feeling closer in the future. If a breakup or separation is predicted, the card reassures that, despite the immediate pain or confusion, this change will ultimately lead to a better place where you can live more authentically and in tune with your true values.

The Lovers reversed in a tarot reading is a sign to re-evaluate your relationships and the choices you’re facing. It’s a call to confront and address the disharmony, to honestly assess what is and isn’t working, and to make the necessary changes to realign with your true values and desires. It’s a reminder that while the path to harmony might currently be fraught with challenges, there is potential for a more authentic and fulfilling relationship on the other side of these difficulties.

For Love and Relationships

When The Lovers card appears reversed in for love and relationships, it is a sign of turmoil or dissatisfaction. This might manifest as communication breakdowns, feelings of disconnection, or a realization that the relationship is not as aligned with your true desires as you once thought. It may also suggest that temptation or infidelity is playing a role in the current discord.

The reversed Lovers urges you to confront these issues head-on, to communicate openly and honestly with your partner, and to reassess what you truly want and need in a relationship. Now is the time to examine whether your relationship is based on genuine love and respect or if it’s time to let go and move towards a more authentic connection.

For Money and Career

For your finances, now may be a time where you’re facing a challenging decision or feeling disconnected from your current path. You might be questioning whether your work aligns with your personal values or if it’s merely a means to an end. In short, there is a conflict between personal fulfilment and material success, or maybe you’re tempted to take an easier or more unethical route to achieve your goals. So it’s advising you to reassess your career choices and realign them with your true values, ensuring that your professional life doesn’t compromise your personal integrity.

For Spirituality

Spiritually, The Lovers reversed means you may be feeling some inner turmoil. You might be struggling with ethical dilemmas, questioning your beliefs, or feeling disconnected from whatever higher power you believe in. You must confront these challenges and doing so will help you gain a deeper understanding of your true values and ethics. It’s asking for introspection and self-inquiry, urging you to peel back the layers of societal expectation and external influence, that have built up around you to discover what you truly believe and desire. While this may be a difficult and confusing time, it is also an opportunity for significant spiritual growth and realignment.

For Yes or No

In yes or no readings, The Lovers reversed generally leans towards a “no,” especially if the question involves relationships, commitments, or choices that require a strong sense of understanding and integrity. The current path may be fraught with challenges, and misalignments. What you need now is caution and introspection. Reassess the situation and your feelings before making a decision. Sometimes the best choice is to wait, reflect, and realign with your true values before proceeding.

Combinations For The Lovers

Major ArcanaNuanced Interpretation with The Lovers
The FoolThe Fool’s journey and The Lovers’ choice suggest a path where heart-led decisions open new and unexpected paths. It’s about learning through love and choices.
The MagicianThe Magician’s manifestation abilities combined with The Lovers’ decisions imply the power to choose one’s reality and the responsibility that comes with it.
The High PriestessThe High Priestess’s intuition with The Lovers indicates a deep, inner understanding and acceptance of the complexities of relationships and choices.
The EmpressThe Empress’s nurturing and The Lovers’ connection emphasize the growth and fertility that can come from harmonious relationships and well-made choices.
The EmperorThe Emperor’s structure and The Lovers’ harmony suggest a balance between order and affection, possibly indicating a significant partnership or choice in a leadership role.
The HierophantThe Hierophant’s traditions paired with The Lovers’ relationships might indicate a conventional union or the need to choose between love and societal expectations.
The ChariotThe Chariot’s drive and The Lovers’ choices imply a focused determination to pursue a chosen path or relationship despite obstacles.
StrengthStrength’s courage and The Lovers’ harmony suggest the inner resolve to maintain relationships and make choices that align with one’s heart.
The HermitThe Hermit’s introspection and The Lovers’ decisions indicate a time of deep reflection about what one truly desires from relationships and choices.
Wheel of FortuneThe Wheel’s cycles and The Lovers’ connections imply that relationships and choices evolve and change, often impacted by fate and timing.
JusticeJustice’s balance and The Lovers’ choices emphasize the need for fairness and equilibrium in relationships and the consequences of decisions.
The Hanged ManThe Hanged Man’s new perspective and The Lovers’ relationships suggest reconsidering what one values in partnerships and the sacrifices they might entail.
DeathDeath’s transformation combined with The Lovers indicates significant changes in relationships or the need to let go of old patterns to make way for new connections.
TemperanceTemperance’s balance and The Lovers’ union suggest harmonious relationships achieved through moderation, patience, and blending of opposites.
The DevilThe Devil’s materialism and The Lovers’ bond might imply a warning against letting desires or dependency undermine a relationship’s true value.
The TowerThe Tower’s upheaval and The Lovers’ choice suggest that a relationship or decision may undergo a significant, possibly unexpected, change.
The StarThe Star’s hope and The Lovers’ connection indicate optimism and guidance towards fulfilling relationships and choices that align with one’s true self.
The MoonThe Moon’s illusions and The Lovers’ decisions imply the need to navigate through confusion and uncertainty in relationships and choices.
The SunThe Sun’s joy and The Lovers’ union represent the happiness and clarity that come from loving and harmonious relationships and decisions.
JudgementJudgement’s rebirth and The Lovers’ choices suggest a significant transformation or awakening that impacts one’s relationships and life decisions.
The WorldThe World’s completion and The Lovers’ unity imply the successful culmination of a cycle in relationships or the realization of a significant, harmonious choice.

Journaling Prompts For The Lovers

Here are some journaling prompts and questions you should ask yourself, if you’ve drawn The Lovers card!

  1. Are there any decisions you’re currently facing that require you to choose between two paths? What’s guiding your choice?
  2. How do you express love and acceptance toward yourself? Are there parts of yourself you find hard to embrace?
  3. Consider your core values and beliefs. How do your current relationships and choices reflect these?
  4. Reflect on a time when you had to compromise or sacrifice for the sake of a relationship. How did it affect you and the relationship?
  5. How do you balance your needs with the needs of others in relationships? Is there a better balance you can strive for?
  6. Think about the challenges you’ve faced in your relationships. How have these challenges helped you grow?

Final Message Of The Lovers

“Life is not a solitary waltz under a single moon, but a grand, swirling ball beneath a universe of stars. Embrace the dance, darling, not just with one partner, but with every soul your journey touches. In shared laughter, whispered secrets, and fleeting connections, find the tapestry of humanity woven around you. For in the intricate threads of connection, life’s grandest symphony resounds. Let love be your guiding rhythm, not a chain that binds, but a ribbon that ties you to the ever-evolving melody of existence.

Remember, the greatest love stories are not penned in solitude, but etched in the constellations of shared moments, whispered dreams, and the echoing laughter of countless encounters. So go forth,, with an open heart and a dancing spirit, ready to waltz with the moonlit rhythm of life, forever leaving your footprints on the ever-shifting sands of love and connection.”


In summary, The Lovers card is a significant symbol of relationships, choices, and the balance between them. Represented by the imagery of the Garden of Eden and Archangel Raphael, it speaks to innocence, bliss, and divine guidance in making heart-aligned choices.

Upright, The Lovers card symbolizes the onset of new romance or the deepening of existing relationships, emphasizing the importance of emotional availability and respect. But it’s not limited to romantic endeavors; it also signifies critical decision-making in career and personal development, urging long-term fulfillment over short-term gratification. The card’s numerological association with harmony and growth underlines the importance of finding a balance in life’s decisions.

Reversed, The Lovers card suggests challenges in relationships, marked by imbalance, inequality, and possibly betrayal. It echoes themes of temptation and highlights potential negative patterns in relationships, such as succumbing to detrimental behaviors. The card signifies fear of commitment, indecision, and dissatisfaction in various life areas, including relationships and career.

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