The Magician As How Someone Sees You: A Master Of Manifestation?

When someone sees you as The Magician, then it means that they believe you have everything within you to turn dreams into reality. You are a conduit to the raw cosmic energy of the world and with it you can accomplish anything! But what does this mean for your relationship?

Does this mean they see you as a potential long term situation? Or just a fling? Or maybe, this person see’s you as the person they’re going to spend the rest of their life with! Keep reading to find out!

Key Takeaways

The Upright Magician

  • For Singles: You’re perceived as a master of potential, creating an air of fascination and possibility around you.
  • For New Relationships: Your innovative spirit shines, offering a relationship filled with creativity and transformation.
  • For Existing Relationships: Partners may look to you for motivation, seeing you as a source of progress and inspiration.
  • For Exes: You’re remembered as a dynamic force, leaving a mark of transformation and change.
  • For Careers: Seen as a catalyst for success, you’re the visionary others rely on for pioneering ideas.
  • For Friendship: Friends see you as a source of encouragement, pushing them towards growth and self-improvement.
  • For Self-Perception: You recognize your ability to manifest and convert thoughts into action, embracing your personal power.

The Magician Reversed

  • For Singles: There may be a sense of untapped potential, creating a disconnect between desires and reality.
  • For New Relationships: Partners might sense a hesitation in you, as if there’s a reluctance to fully engage or commit.
  • For Existing Relationships: A feeling of stagnation could be present, with a need for renewed purpose and direction.
  • For Exes: They may recall a lack of direction or missed opportunities that defined the relationship’s ending.
  • For Careers: Colleagues could perceive a lack of innovation, wishing for the return of your guiding vision.
  • For Friendship: Your friends might be waiting for you to rediscover your confidence and take the lead once more.
  • For Self-Perception: There’s an awareness of a disconnect between knowledge and action, leading to a reevaluation of self-efficacy.

Symbolism of The Magician

The Magician with its symbols of infinity is all about blending the spiritual and material realms. He represents someone who has all the tools necessary to achieve whatever they desire. When people view you as The Magician, they see someone who is resourceful and adaptable, capable of using their talents to achieve their goals.

The Magician’s table holds a cup, a sword, a pentacle, and a wand, each representing different areas of life (representing emotions, action, material goods, and energy) and you, like the Magician, are seen as someone who knows how to use these elements to your advantage. You’re seen as a powerful presence, someone who speaks with authority and acts with confidence. You’re not just a dreamer, but a doer; someone who can take the intangible — ideas, dreams, and potential — and make them real. Your ability to focus your will and intent, and your belief in your power to shape your reality, are qualities that set you apart in the eyes of others.

The Magician Symbolism

The Upright Magician As How Someone See’s You

When someone sees you as the upright Magician, they can see your resourcefulness and charisma and ability to manifest your desires. The Magician is a card of potential, power, and action, and you are seen as someone who has a clear vision and the capability to achieve it.

The Upright Magician As How Someone See's You

For Singles

A single person will see the Magician as charming and capable, someone who knows what they want in a partner and isn’t afraid to pursue it. If you’re looking for something serious with someone, anyone who’s getting to know you as The Magician is going to be a great choice!

Want to know what The Magician means as a love outcome?

For New Relationships

If you’re in a new relationship and you’re seen as The Magician it means they think you’re a breath of fresh air, bringing creativity and excitement. It could be that you’re even helping them experience things they’ve never experienced before!

For Existing Relationships

In Long Term Relationships, the Magician represents being the vital force that keeps things moving forward, constantly bringing new energy and ideas to the partnership. And because you’ve been together for a while, it could also mean they see you as someone they’d like to take the next step with. Who better than someone so reliable than you?

For Exes

For an ex to see you as the Magician it means they remember you as someone influential and impactful in their life, They recognise your ability to create change and bring into the universe exactly what you want. While it doesn’t necessarily mean they want to get back with you, it does mean they respect you. I’d hazard a guess and assume that you are both on good terms still.

Here’s an in-depth look at what The Magician means as how someone see’s you!

In Careers

In your career you’re definitely seen as a high achiever. You’re someone who has a knack for turning situations to their advantage and inspiring others. If you’re climbing the ladder and you’re seen as The Magician, then it means that you’re definitely someone that is considered for promotions.

For Friendships

Your friends see you as someone who has the ability to make the best of what’s around you, often acting as the catalyst for new adventures and experiences. You’re the go-to for plans, or when things aren’t panning out you pull the rabbit out of the sleeve and bring something new and amazing to them!

Want to know more about what The Magician means as a person?

Self Perception

First of all, congratulations for your high level of self esteem. If you see yourself as The Magician (Upright that is). Then it means you believe you have the ability to conjure up anything you desire. You may even feel deeply connected to the universe, and that it gives you what you need. So if you’ve drawn yourself as The Magician, make sure you hold onto this energy! Even when other cards like The Tower or The Five Of Pentacles are giving you their energy.

What You Should Do:

  • Keep honing your skills and capabilities to maintain your reputation as a powerful force in any undertaking.
  • Use your influence positively, ensuring that you uplift others as you strive for your goals.
  • Stay grounded, and remember that with great power comes great responsibility, so wield your abilities with mindfulness and integrity.

Being seen as the Magician speaks volumes about how you are perceived as an individual who not only has the tools but also the mastery to use them effectively. It’s a testament to your self-belief and the impression of competence you radiate to those around you. Continue to embrace your inner Magician, and you’ll likely find that the magic of your efforts will manifest in the reality you desire.

You are the master of your destiny. You have the power to create your own reality.

The Magician Upright

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The Magician Reversed As How Someone See’s You

Being seen as The Magician Reversed is not the easiest pill to swallow. It often means that you’re misusing your potential or power, their may be a hint of manipulation, or most likely, that your resources are going to waste. In short you might be seen as someone who has the skills and knowledge but is not applying them effectively or you for some reason are untrustworthy to them. BUT REMEMBER, perception isn’t always reality, so don’t take this to heart.

The Magician Reversed As How Someone See's You

For Singles

If you’re single, being seen as the reversed Magician means they think you’re not quite ready for a committed relationship, possibly due to indecisiveness or a lack of honesty about your intentions. And if you’re not, remember to be honest and don’t manipulate them into staying. For all you know, they may be looking for a fun fling too!

For New Relationships

For new relationships, it implies that your partner sees you as uncertain or not fully invested, which may create an unstable foundation for the future. If you think you’re giving of this vibe, and you are looking for something serious, make sure to change your actions and show them that you’re there for the long run.

For Existing Relationships

In long-term partnerships, the reversed Magician means they see you as lacking initiative or direction, potentially leading to stagnation or frustration within the relationship. So, if you feel like you’ve been stagnating in your relationship, it’s time to shake things up. Maybe go out for dinner, treat them to a massage, just do something to say “Hey, my mind has been elsewhere, but not I’m back.”

For Exes

An ex may feel like you view you and them didn’t live up to the relationship’s potential or they felt misled by your actions or promises. Were you honest throughout the relationship, or did you promise things you didn’t deliver? If you did want to get back with them, you’d need to address these issues beforehand, and apologise if you were misleading.

In Careers

At work, the reversed Magician may suggests you’re seen as someone who is underutilizing their talents fully or may be in behavior patterns that are counterproductive. It’s time to motivate yourself and remember what you can bring to them team, and the rewards you’ll reap when you do!

For Friendship

For friends, it means there are concerns about you not reaching your full potential or being somewhat unreliable. Have you been flaking a little too much lately? Or maybe they can see you have what it takes but you’re not pushing yourself. Honestly, with your friends sometimes the best thing you can do is simply ask the for guidance.

Self Perception

Seeing yourself as the reversed Magician might be a call to self-reflect, acknowledge the areas where you’re not meeting your potential. Why do you think this is, and most importantly, moving forward what are you going to do to rectify it? Remember, the Reversed Magicians energy doesn’t have to be permanent!

What You Should Do:

  • Reflect on how you’re presenting yourself to others and whether you might be unintentionally giving off a vibe of insincerity or unreliability.
  • Focus on aligning your external actions with your internal values and intentions, ensuring authenticity in all you do.
  • Consider developing a more structured approach to your projects and relationships, providing a clear signal to others that you are committed and consistent.

Being seen as the reversed Magician isn’t necessarily a permanent state. It can be an invitation for introspection and growth. By acknowledging this perception, you can take proactive steps to change the narrative and transform how you are viewed by those around you. Remember, every day is a new opportunity to turn the card upright and manifest the life you desire through genuine effort and a commitment to integrity.

Don’t let fear hold you back. You don’t need to be afraid of your own power.

The Magician Reversed
The Magician As Someone See's You Infographic

Combinations That Go With The Magician For How Someone See’s You

The Magician in tarot is all about manifestation and resourcefulness. When considering how someone sees you, it suggests they view you as a masterful creator, someone who makes things happen with confidence and skill. And when you add other cards to the mix, you get a much more in-depth understanding of what exactly this means!

The Magician and The Moon

When The Magician meets The Moon, you are seen as an enigmatic figure with a deep connection to the subconscious. You’re seen as having an intuitive understanding of life’s mysteries, and your ability to navigate through confusion with confidence is both intriguing and slightly mysterious. Your knack for understanding deeper truths and unseen realities gives the impression of someone who can manifest changes not just in the physical realm but in the emotional landscape as well.

The Magician and Three of Cups

The Magician alongside the Three of Cups paints you as the life of the party, a charismatic individual who brings people together. Your ability to communicate and form connections is seen as a gift, and you’re viewed as someone who can turn any social situation to your advantage. As a facilitator of celebration and friendship, you create joy and harmony, encouraging others to join in the collective happiness and mutual success.

The Magician and Nine of Swords

The fusion of The Magician and the Nine of Swords suggests a complex perception. On one hand, you’re viewed as a person who can navigate challenges with intellect and willpower. However, there’s an undertone of concern, as if your ability to manifest could be a double-edged sword, possibly leading to worries or mental stress. People see you as someone who tackles problems head-on, transforming anxieties into action, yet they also wonder if you bear the weight of the world on your shoulders.

The Magician and Four of Wands

Pairing The Magician with the Four of Wands depicts you as a master architect of community and celebration. Others perceive you as someone who not only dreams of joyful gatherings and successful collaborations but has the ability to turn these visions into reality. Your reputation as a catalyst for stability and happiness within a group setting is highlighted, and you’re admired for your role in creating spaces where people feel secure and celebrated.

The Magician and Eight of Pentacles

With The Magician and Eight of Pentacles, you are seen as a diligent and focused individual, dedicated to honing your craft. Your meticulous attention to detail and persistence in improving your skills are evident, and others view you as a role model for dedication and proficiency. There’s an acknowledgement of the hard work behind your achievements, and you’re respected for your commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

The Magician and King of Cups

When The Magician aligns with the King of Cups, the perception formed is one of emotional intelligence and mastery over feelings. You are seen as a stabilizing force, someone who understands the depths of emotions yet remains in control. Your capacity to lead with both heart and head is compelling, offering a blend of empathy and strategic thinking that allows you to navigate even the most turbulent emotional waters with grace.

Journaling Prompts For The Magician

Here are some questions you should ask yourself in regards to The Magician as how someone sees you!

  • What specific skills or talents can I focus on to show others that I can turn my ideas into reality?
  • How can I better showcase my ability to adapt and make the most of what I have in different situations?
  • What can I do to share my achievements in a way that motivates others, showing the effort behind my success?
  • How can I become a go-to person for solving problems, showing I’m capable and resourceful?
  • In what ways can I use my words and actions to clearly outline my goals and the steps I’m taking to reach them, earning respect and support?


In summary, being seen through the lens of The Magician indicates that they view you as someone who is resourceful and skilled. They see you as a person who can manifest their desires, someone with the ability to take the raw potential of the Universe and turn it into something tangible. You’re seen as clever, charismatic, and capable of achieving what you set your mind to.

When The Magician is reversed, it may signal that they see you as underutilizing your talents or possibly being manipulative. They may feel you have potential that is not being realized or that you could be using your skills for less than noble purposes.

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