The Magician As Yes Or No: Is It Manifesting Your Desire?

The Magician in my opinion is THE most powerful card in the tarot deck. He’s the manifestation of pure creation and alchemy. He shows that whatever you desire is attainable to you. You have what it takes! Now picture this: you’re at a crossroads, pondering a crucial “Yes or No” question. You shuffle your tarot deck, draw a card, and voila! The Magician appears.

Curious to know what it means in a “Yes or No” reading? Is it a straightforward “Yes,” or is there more to it? Keep reading to find out!

Key Takeaways

  • The Magician is all about manifestation, resourcefulness, and power.
  • Upright: Yes, you have the skills and resources needed.
  • Reversed: No, a potential misuse of power or resources.

What Does The Magician Try To Tell You Overall In A Yes Or No Reading

The Magician is number 1 in the tarot deck and it (0) follows the Fool. However, unlike The Fool who is just getting started, The Magician is armed with the tools and skills needed to manifest his desires. In a Yes or No reading, the Magician is a strong “Yes,” and it’s a “Yes” with empowerment and a call to action.

The Layers of the Magician

  • Manifestation and Skill: The Magician is a master of the elements—earth, air, fire, and water. He’s telling you that you have the skills and resources to make your “Yes” a reality. But the question is, are you ready to use them?
  • Initiative and Willpower: This card is not just a “Yes”; it’s a “Yes, you can do it!” It’s a BIG PUSH urging you to take the reins of your destiny and believe in yourself. So are you going to muster the courage to take that first step?

Spiritually, the Magician is the universe’s way of saying you’re aligned with your higher self. The stars are coming together, and the cosmic energy is flowing through you. So, are you ready to channel this energy into something meaningful?

Short-term and Long-term Implications

  • Short-term: In the immediate sense, the Magician is a green light, signaling you to go ahead with your plans or questions.
  • Long-term: Over time, the Magician suggests that your actions now could set the stage for long-lasting changes or achievements. It’s like planting a seed today and watching it grow into a mighty tree over the years.

Questions to Reflect On

  1. What resources do you have at your disposal that you haven’t utilized yet?
  2. Are you truly committed to seeing your “Yes” come to fruition?

In essence, the Magician in a Yes or No reading is a resounding “Yes,” but it’s a “Yes” that asks you to step up and take action. It’s like being handed a magic wand; you have the power, but it’s up to you to wave it.

The Magician Symbolism

The Upright Magician Yes Or No Meaning 

Believe in the limitless potential that lies within you. You are the magician of your own life, capable of extraordinary achievements.

The Magician Upright

Let’s get into a little bit more detail about what The Upright Magician is telling us. Just because it means “Yes” that doesn’t mean that’s the only message the universe is trying to give you. Here’s a deeper look!

The Magician Upright Yes Or No

For Love: A Definite Yes

Clear Answer: Yes,

In-Depth Answer: The Upright Magician is a very positive sign when it comes to love.

The Upright Magician is the ultimate matchmaker, the one who knows how to align the stars, the hearts, and everything in between. In love, this card signifies that you just need to dig deep and trust yourself, and that’s all you need to create a fulfilling relationship. You’re the author of your own love story, and guess what? You have the power to make it a bestseller. The Magician encourages you to take control and manifest the love life you desire. Are you ready to take the reins?

Want to know what The Magician means as a love outcome?

For New Relationships: Absolutely Yes

Clear Answer: Yes,

In-Depth Answer: The Upright Magician is a fantastic omen for new relationships.

Imagine you’re the Upright Magician, standing at his altar with all the tools of the tarot before you. That’s what a new relationship feels like—a world of possibilities. The Magician encourages you to use your skills and resources to make this new relationship work. You’ve been given a blank canvas and every color imaginable to create your masterpiece. So, why not paint something extraordinary?

For Existing Relationships: A Resounding Yes

Clear Answer: Yes

In-Depth Answer: Existing relationships have strong potential to go the distance.

For long term relationships, the Upright Magician is like a renewal of vows. It’s a reminder that you both have what it takes to make the relationship flourish. It’s a sign your relationship will go to the next level, where you both realize you have the skills and emotional intelligence to take things to the next stage. Are you both ready to elevate your relationship to new heights?

For Reconciliation With An Ex: A Cautious Yes

Clear Answer: Yes, but with reservations.

In-Depth Answer: The Upright Magician suggests that reconciliation is possible if you use your resources wisely.

The Upright Magician is all about using your skills to manifest your desires, but remember, it’s not just about what you want. It’s also about what’s right for you. If you want to reconcile with an ex, it’s definitely possible, but you need to question whether it’s going to be healthy for you. Have you both grown enough? Remember The Magician only says you CAN do it, not whether you should do it.

For Career: Go For It

Clear Answer: Yes

In-Depth Answer: The Upright Magician is a green light for career advancements.

When you draw him in regards to your career, the Upright Magician is telling you that you’ve got what it takes. Whether it’s a job change, a promotion, or a new project, the Magician suggests that you have the skills and resources to make it a success. You have all the right ingredients to cook up a storm in your professional life. Are you ready to show the world what you’re made of?

So, the Upright Magician is a BIG YES, reminding you that you have what it takes to turn your desires into reality. It’s a card that says, “You’ve got this!” But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. The Magician reminds you that you have the tools, but it’s up to you to use them wisely. How will you wield your magic wand today?

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The Magician Reversed Yes Or No Meaning

Trust your intuition, your inner compass, and the guidance it provides. It will lead you towards the path of your highest fulfillment.

The Magician Reversed

For Love: Proceed With Caution

Clear Answer: No

In-Depth Answer: The Magician Reversed suggests caution in love matters.

The Magician reversed is more about love gone awry. This could be because of deceit and deception, but more likely a lack of belief in your own ability. Are you unsure of what the person wants from you? Are you being clear what you want? At the moment, the answer is “no” but with clear communication that can be turned into a yes. So are you both being authentic in your feelings?

Here’s an in-depth look at what The Magician means as how someone see’s you!

For New Relationships: Think Twice

Clear Answer: No

In-Depth Answer: Advises caution when entering new relationships.

Imagine you’re the Magician, but this time, your magical tools are scattered and disorganized. That’s what a new relationship feels like under The Magician Reversed’s influence. You might not have everything you need for a successful relationship at this time. Are you rushing into things without considering the complexities? It’s a sign to slow down and evaluate.

For Existing Relationships: Reevaluate

Clear Answer: No

In-Depth Answer: The Magician Reversed suggests that existing relationships may need some introspection.

For more long term relationships, The Magician Reversed is like a magic trick that everyone has figured out—there’s no awe, just a sense of going through the motions. The relationship may have lost its spark or there may right now be a lack of belief in it. Now’s the time to think: Are you both truly invested, or are you just playing roles? It’s a moment to pause and reassess.

For Reconciliation With An Ex: Tread Lightly

Clear Answer: No

In-Depth Answer: If you want to reconcile with an ex, extreme caution is recommended

The Magician Reversed here is a cautionary note. While you may want to turn back the clock, doing so could bring up old issues or even create new ones. Are you sure you want to reopen that chapter? It’s a sign to think long and hard before making a move.

Here’s an in-depth look at what The Magician means as how someone see’s you!

For Career: Be Cautious

Clear Answer: No

In-Depth Answer: You should proceed carefully in career matters.

For your career, the Magician Reversed is like a failed experiment. It’s not a disaster, but it’s a sign that something’s not working as it should. Are you overestimating your abilities or taking on more than you can handle? On the other end of the spectrum, can you handle more than you currently have, are you selling yourself short? It’s a call to revaluate your skills and your career path. Maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

So, The Magician Reversed is a call for introspection and caution. It’s like the universe saying, “Hold on a minute, let’s think this through.” It’s a sign that you should tread carefully and make sure you’re making wise choices. After all, even a reversed Magician has some tricks up his sleeve, don’t you think?

The Magician Reversed Yes Or No


In summary, the Upright Magician in a Yes or No reading is a resounding “Yes” across the board—from love to career. It’s as if you’ve been handed a magic wand and told, “You have all the tools you need; now go make your dreams come true.”

However, when reversed, the Magician serves as a cautionary tale, urging you to reassess your intentions and actions. It’s like the universe is handing you a mirror and asking, “Are you sure you’re being authentic and wise in your choices?” So, are you ready to wield your magic wand responsibly, or is it time for some soul-searching?

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