The Moon As Feelings: Uncovering Hidden Feelings

The moon card is all about taking a closer look at the unseen, or almost seen. It’s the universe whispering: “Things aren’t as they seem.” The Moon navigates the complex waters of intuition, unconscious desires, and, emotional uncertainty.

In the emotional realm, the Moon serves as a mirror to our subconscious, reflecting hidden fears, suppressed feelings, and deep-seated emotions. It asks you to dive deep into your inner world, to explore the shadows as well as the light. If you’ve been feeling a certain way you can’t put your finger on, that’s the Moon, nudging you to look beneath the surface.

So if you’re ready to find out everything there is to know about the moon card in regards to feelings, then keep reading!

Key Takeaways

General Symbolism

  • Emotional Ambiguity: A sense of uncertainty and second-guessing.
  • Subconscious Stirring: Emerging patterns or recurring emotional themes.
  • Self-Deception & Manipulation: Warnings against misleading perceptions.
  • Spiritual Exploration: Dive deeply into the vast waters of your emotions.

Upright Moon

  • Singles: Navigate through emotional complexities, trust your intuition.
  • Couples: Open communication and emotional honesty.
  • Ex-Partners: Time for reflection or candid conversations for clarity.
  • Family/Friends: Use caution and empathy in interactions.

Reversed Moon

  • Singles: Gain clarity, easier to make meaningful connections.
  • Couples: Moving towards transparency and clearer communication.
  • Ex-Partners: Gaining closure or clarity about the relationship.
  • Family/Friends: Emotional clarity and straightforward relationships.

What Does The Moon As Feelings Symbolize?

When The Moon rises in a tarot spread about feelings, it often signifies a time of emotional ambiguity and confusion. Unlike the clarity of The Sun, The Moon plunges you into a landscape that’s a little more shadowy. Making you feel uncertain and second guess yourself

The Moon also taps into the subconscious, bringing up hidden feelings, desires, or fears. This could be a time when your dreams are more vivid, or you’re more in tune with your emotional undercurrents. Have you noticed any emerging patterns or recurring themes in your emotional life lately?

And what I love most about the moon is that it also warns against self-deception and external manipulation. The dim light of the moon can distort our perception. So, are you being emotionally honest with yourself, or is there a mask you’re wearing that it’s time to take off?

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What Does The Upright The Moon As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Moon card shows up in a reading about emotions, think of it as a voyage into your own personal nighttime—both mysterious and revealing. The Moon illuminates the less obvious, touching on the following emotional aspects:

  • Intuition and Inner Knowing: The Moon is the card of gut feelings and intuition. Ever had those moments when you just “know” something emotionally, even if you can’t explain why? That’s the Moon working its magic.
  • Dreams and Imagination: This card lights up the realm of dreams, both literal and metaphorical. Have you found yourself daydreaming or lost in emotional reverie lately?
  • Emotional Uncertainty: Unlike the Sun’s radiant clarity, the Moon casts shadows, making things look different than they are. Remember, this uncertainty and doubt is beneficial. It will help you see clearly what is solid and what is illusion.
  • Unconscious Desires: Deep down, there might be emotions or desires you’re not fully aware of. The Moon nudges you to acknowledge these hidden aspects. Gently reminding you to get in tune with your deeper emotional undercurrents.
Upright Moon As Feelings

For Singles

For singles, the upright Moon card often indicates a period of emotional uncertainty and introspection. This card urges you to trust your intuition when navigating the complex world of dating. It’s a time when you may be extra sensitive to vibes and underlying currents, which can either be insightful or confusing. Essentially, the Moon suggests that while your feelings may be rich and deep, they can also be clouded by illusion, so it’s vital to ground yourself.

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For Existing Relationships

In the context of existing relationships, the upright Moon card suggests a phase of emotional ebb and flow. This card typically indicates that not everything is as it seems on the surface, and it may be time to dig deeper. Emotional undercurrents, insecurities, or undisclosed feelings could be at play. Essentially, the Moon calls for open communication and emotional honesty to shed light on any hidden aspects of your relationship.

For An Ex

When considering an ex, the upright Moon card usually signifies that there may be unresolved issues or lingering emotions clouding your judgment. This card tends to appear when you or your ex are still navigating complex feelings, or perhaps when certain aspects of the relationship remain unclear. Essentially, the Moon suggests that further reflection or even a candid conversation might be needed for emotional clarity.

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For Family and Friends

In terms of family and friends, the upright Moon card can indicate a period of heightened intuition and emotional insight but also potential misunderstandings. Emotional sensitivities may be more pronounced, making it easier for feelings to be hurt or intentions misread. Essentially, this card advises caution and increased empathy in social interactions, emphasizing the importance of clear and honest communication to dispel any misconceptions.

Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesEmotional UncertaintyEmotional sensitivity, need for intuition, potential illusionsTrust your gut feelings but also ground yourself in reality.
Existing RelationshipsEmotional ComplexityHidden emotional undercurrents, need for open communicationBe honest about feelings and engage in candid discussions with your partner.
For An ExLingering EmotionsUnresolved issues, emotional cloudinessTake time to reflect or consider a candid conversation for clarity.
Family & FriendsEmotional SensitivityHeightened intuition, potential misunderstandingsExercise caution and empathy in social interactions.

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What Does The Moon Reversed As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Moon card is flipped upside down in a reading about feelings, it’s like the clouds parting after a perplexing, moonlit night. The misty emotional landscape starts to clear up, yet not without some lingering enigmas. Let’s examine the areas the reversed Moon card can shed light on:

  • Confusion Lifting: One of the immediate impacts of the reversed Moon is a gradual lifting of emotional fog. If you’ve been perplexed by your emotions lately and suddenly found clarity, then you may feel like the clouds are finally parting.
  • Denial and Ignorance: Unfortunately, the reversed Moon can also signal a denial or ignorance of intuitive feelings. You may be ignoring a gut feeling telling you something’s off, choosing to brush it aside.
  • Reduced Intuition: Your intuitive radar might not be as sharp when the Moon is reversed. You might feel a little “off,” like your emotional compass needs recalibrating. Have you experienced those moments where you second-guess your instincts?
  • Emotional Vulnerability: With the Moon reversed, the emotional tides can pull back, revealing sensitive spots. You may be feeling emotionally exposed, but not necessarily in a way that leads to greater understanding.
  • Spiritual Disconnect: Similar to its upright position but more pronounced, the reversed Moon can indicate a feeling of spiritual estrangement. Like you are out of touch with your spiritual or emotional core.
The Moon Reversed As Feelings

For Singles

In the realm of singles, the reversed Moon card usually signifies a release from emotional confusion or self-deception. Unlike its upright counterpart, which can indicate a foggy emotional landscape, the reversed Moon often points to a newfound clarity in your love life. Essentially, this card suggests that you’re starting to see things as they really are, making it easier for you to make meaningful connections.

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For Existing Relationships

For those in existing relationships, the reversed Moon can indicate a clearing of misunderstandings or a breakthrough in communication. Unlike the upright Moon, which points to hidden emotions and undercurrents, the reversed version usually means you’re moving towards transparency. Essentially, it suggests that both partners are working to shed light on murky issues, leading to a more harmonious relationship.

For An Ex

When dealing with an ex, the reversed Moon card often implies gaining closure or clarity regarding the relationship. Unlike its upright version, which suggests lingering emotional complexities, the reversed Moon indicates that the fog is lifting. Essentially, it could mean that both parties are beginning to see the relationship for what it was, which could either facilitate a healthier friendship or make it easier to move on.

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For Family and Friends

In the context of family and friends, the reversed Moon card typically indicates a resolution to past misunderstandings or a return to emotional clarity. Unlike its upright counterpart, which can suggest emotional ambiguity or hidden tensions, the reversed card often points to a clearer emotional landscape. Essentially, it suggests that family and friends are starting to get on the same page emotionally, fostering more authentic and straightforward relationships.

Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesEmotional ClarityRelease from confusion, increased awarenessTrust this newfound clarity as you forge new connections.
Existing RelationshipsBreakthrough in ClarityClearing misunderstandings, open communicationWork together to maintain this newfound emotional transparency.
For An ExGaining ClosureEmotional clarity, mutual understandingUse this clarity to either build a healthier friendship or move on.
Family & FriendsEmotional ResolutionClearer understanding, resolution of past misunderstandingsLeverage this clearer emotional landscape for more genuine interactions.

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The Moon As Feelings Infographic

The Moon Combinations As Feelings

The moon is often overlooked, but I love it’s gentle reminder to look at what may be unseen. When you combine the moon with the following combinations, then you’re going to get a greater understanding of the emotions you’re feeling that lie just below the surface.

The Moon with The High Priestess

When The Moon combines with The High Priestess, you’re likely swimming in deep, intuitive waters. You’re probably feeling a heightened sense of mystery and a call to explore your subconscious. Ever had that uncanny intuition that you just couldn’t shake off, as if your gut was telling you there’s more than meets the eye?

The Moon with Seven of Cups

Pairing The Moon with the Seven of Cups amplifies feelings of emotional confusion and choice paralysis. It’s as if you’re navigating a maze of feelings, overwhelmed by a multitude of options or illusions. Right now you may feel quite clouded emotionally. Like no matter what you can’t seem to figure out what you need.

The Moon with The Tower

When The Moon pairs with The Tower, you’re likely in for an emotional upheaval that forces you to confront your deeper fears. It’s going to challenge your sense of emotional security. Don’t be afraid though, these emotional changes are going to help shape your future beliefs for the better.

The Moon with Ten of Cups

The Moon and Ten of Cups coming together often signify complex emotional layers within a seemingly ideal family or relationship setting. You might be feeling both blessed and bewildered, questioning the emotional dynamics at play.

The Moon with Justice

Combining The Moon with Justice might make you feel as if you’re trying to balance intuition with rationality. You’re possibly in a situation where emotional insights and objective facts both demand consideration.

The Moon with Knight of Swords

When The Moon aligns with the Knight of Swords, you’re likely feeling emotionally turbulent but also driven to seek the truth. It’s a whirlpool of emotions pushing you to act swiftly, possibly leading to hasty decisions.


The Moon card in Tarot is all about emotional complexities, intuition, and navigating the murky waters of our inner worlds. It urges us to look beneath the surface and explore our hidden fears and desires.

When upright, the card speaks to periods of emotional ambiguity, self-reflection, and the need for honest communication in relationships. When reversed, it signals a lifting of emotional fog, a push towards clarity, and the potential for denial or reduced intuition.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, dealing with an ex, or considering your bonds with family and friends, the Moon card offers nuanced insights. So next time the Moon shows up in your spread, remember—it’s your emotional compass, urging you to dive deep.

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