The Moon (XVIII) Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

In tarot, The Moon is all about the mysterious and unknown parts of life, the subconscious and the things you keep hidden from yourself. Think about how the moon at night lights up the dark, but things still look a little shadowy and unclear. That’s what The Moon in tarot represents. It’s about those times when things feel uncertain or confusing. It tells you to listen to your gut feelings and intuition to find your way through these unclear times.

If you want to find out everything there is to know about The Moon and what it means in your particular tarot reading, then keep reading to find out!

Key Takeaways

The Moon Upright:

  • Symbolizes exploration of the unknown and the hidden aspects of the mind.
  • Often drawn during uncertain, ambiguous times; urges trust in intuition.
  • Shows that there might be illusion or questioning reality.
  • Reflects inner anxieties or fears, encouraging confrontation for freedom.
  • Signifies growth and change through introspection and self-discovery.

The Moon Reversed:

  • Suggests prevailing confusion, uncertainty, and misinterpretations.
  • Indicates unresolved fears and anxieties surfacing.
  • Shows disconnection from intuition, leading to feeling lost.
  • May signal emerging clarity and understanding from confusion.
  • Warns of suppressing subconscious thoughts and feelings, urging acknowledgment.
NumerologyIn Numerology, The Moon is number 9 which is all about completion, but not ending.
Zodiac SignPisces, associated with sensitivity, intuition, and a connection to the subconscious.
Ruling PlanetNeptune, reflecting dreams, psychic abilities, and the blurring of boundaries between reality and illusion.
ElementWater, symbolizing emotional depth, adaptability, and the flow of feelings and psychic impressions.
Yes or NoOften considered a “No,” suggesting confusion, uncertainty, or the need for more clarity before proceeding.
CrystalsMoonstone and Labradorite are often associated with enhancing intuition, emotional balance, and connecting with deeper psychic insights.

Symbolism Of The Moon

  1. The Moon: Central to the card, the Moon itself symbolizes the realm of the unconscious, dreams, emotions, and the shadow self. It represents the parts of our psyche that are not always in the light, but rather intuition and the deeper, more instinctual aspects of ourselves.
  2. The Two Towers: The two towers on each side of the path represent the dual nature of reality versus illusion, consciousness versus unconsciousness.
  3. The Path: The path leading into the horizon, shows us a journey into the unknown. It’s a symbolisation of the journey of life, where we don’t know what’s going to happen.
  4. The Water: A body of water at the base of the card also symbolizes the depths of the subconscious.
  5. The Dog and the Wolf: The dog and the wolf howling at the moon, represent the tamed and wild aspects of our minds. The dog symbolizes domesticated, conscious thoughts, while the wolf represents the primal, instinctual urges and the shadow self.
  6. The Crayfish: The crayfish coming from the water, symbolizes the early stages of consciousness unfolding. It represents primal fears and the emergence of the subconscious mind into conscious awareness.
  7. The Full Moon with the Crescent within: This symbolizes the cyclical nature of the moon and, by extension, the cycles of life. It can also represent the growth of intuition and psychic abilities.
The Moon Symbolism

The Moon Upright Meaning

If you’ve drawn The Moon upright, it’s inviting you to explore the unknown and the things you’ve hidden in your mind. It’s like walking through a dimly lit path, where shadows and light dance together, creating a space where things are not always what they seem, you have a rough idea where you’re going, but there are a lot of things you don’t see. It shows a time in your life when things might feel uncertain or ambiguous, and it urges you to trust your intuition and to look beyond the obvious.

It often appears when your dreams are trying to tell you something, when your gut feelings are stronger than usual, or when you’re grappling with decisions that don’t have clear-cut answers. It’s further telling you to pay attention to these inner messages, as they can guide you through the fog of uncertainty.

Furthermore, The Moon speaks to the theme of illusion. Just as the moon’s light can distort our perception at night, this card means you may be encountering situations where things are not as they appear. You may need to question what’s real and what might be misleading.

The Moon Upright Meaning

The Moon also touches on the concept of fear and anxiety. Often, the unknown can be a source of worry or fear. It’s a reflection of your inner anxieties or insecurities, especially those that you keep hidden from others. It wants you to know that confronting these fears, although challenging, can break you free of these anxieties.

And of course, with all of this going on, The Moon signifies a period of growth and change that comes from your introspection and self-discovery. Like the ever-changing phases of the moon, life too is full of phases and cycles. This deep dive into yourself is going to help you enter a new phase, one that requires you to embrace the unknown and trust the journey, even if you can’t see the destination yet.

So, The Moon in its upright position is a complex symbol of intuition, the subconscious, illusion, and the unexplored. It asks you to look inside yourself, and look deeply whilst encouraging you to trust your instincts, and to look beyond the surface. Despite its challenges, The Moon is a reminder of the personal growth and understanding that comes from exploring the parts you hide from yourself.

Love and Relationships

For love The moon shows you’re going through an uncertain and confusing time. It’s a period where feelings and intentions might be unclear, both for singles and those in relationships. Now it’s calling on your more than ever to trust your intuition and to understand and communicate your emotions effectively, helping to clear the fog in your romantic life.

Careers and Finance

In careers and finance, the Moon signals a phase of ambiguity and potential deception. You should be cautious now in your professional decisions and with financial matters, as not everything may be as it seems. Remember to rely on your instincts and seek additional information to guide you through the uncertain.


Spiritually, the Moon represents a journey into the subconscious, urging you to explore hidden fears and desires. It’s a time for self-reflection and understanding the deeper, more concealed aspects of yourself. Embrace the mysteries of your inner world, and this will lead to greater self-awareness and spiritual growth.

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, the upright Moon is a ‘no’, indicating that the situation is shrouded in uncertainty or not all information is known. Wait for more clarity and trust your intuition to guide you when the time is right.

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The Moon Reversed Meaning

While the upright Moon is about intuition and confronting the hidden aspects of yourself, its reversal shows this may not be going so well rather, you’re feeling confusion and fear.

In its reversed position, The Moon often suggests that confusion and uncertainty are prevalent. You might find yourself in situations where things feel particularly murky or unclear, more so than usual. It asks you to be cautious and aware of misunderstandings or misinterpretations, as right now you may not be seeing things as they are. So remember, before making any decisions asks for absolute clarity.

The reversed Moon can also be about unresolved fears and anxieties. These could be deep-seated issues that you’ve been avoiding or subconscious worries that are now surfacing. Now is the time to confront these fears, to bring them into the light of consciousness, where they can be addressed and resolved.

The Moon Reversed Meaning

In worse cases, it can also show a complete disconnection from your intuition. You might be ignoring your inner voice or gut feelings, leading to a sense of being lost or off-track. Remember, your instinct is there for a reason so reconnect with your intuitive self and trust the guidance it offers, even when it’s not immediately logical or clear.

In some readings, the reversed Moon might suggest that you’re emerging from a period of confusion or uncertainty. It can be a sign that clarity is on the horizon, and the things that were once unclear are starting to make more sense. This is a really reassuring message that the fog is lifting, and a clearer path is emerging. However, make sure you’re reading the reinforcing cards around it to be sure this is the case.

Lastly, the reversed Moon can sometimes mean you’re suppressing your subconscious thoughts and feelings. You might be pushing down your dreams, intuitions, or emotional insights, preventing them from reaching your conscious awareness. It’s a reminder of the importance of acknowledging and exploring these inner dimensions for your overall well-being and personal growth.

So, The Moon reversed in a tarot reading symbolizes challenges related to confusion, fear, and disconnection from one’s intuition. It calls for introspection, confronting fears, and re-aligning with your inner guidance. Despite its challenges, this card shows the potential for emerging clarity and a deeper understanding of yourself, however, unlike the Upright Moon, you’ll have to work harder for it.

Love and Relationships

In love, the reversed Moon shows heightened confusion and misunderstanding. Singles might struggle with mixed signals or unclear feelings, and if your in a relationship you could be dealing with miscommunications or unresolved issues. Take time to reflect and communicate openly to cut through the confusion and reconnect with your inner understanding of love.

Careers and Finance

Regarding careers and finance, the reversed Moon warns of potential misjudgments due to unclear information or misleading perceptions. You should exercise extra caution in your decisions right now, double-check facts and trust your gut when something doesn’t feel right. Avoid making hasty decisions based on unclear or incomplete information.


Spiritually, the reversed Moon highlights a disconnection from your intuition and inner wisdom. It’s a period where you might feel out of touch with your spiritual self, leading to confusion and uncertainty. Take time to reconnect with your spiritual practices and trust in your inner guidance to find your way back to spiritual clarity and insight.

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, the reversed Moon generally suggests a ‘no’, signaling that the situation is fraught with confusion and uncertainty. It’s a warning to pause and seek clarity before proceeding, as the current circumstances may not be conducive to a clear or favorable outcome.

Combinations For The Moon

Major Arcana CardInteraction with The Moon
The FoolEmbarking on a new path with uncertain outcomes, learning to trust instincts in the face of unknowns.
The MagicianUsing skills and talents in a situation clouded by uncertainty, deciphering truth from illusion.
The High PriestessDeepening intuition and inner knowledge in the midst of ambiguity, uncovering hidden truths.
The EmpressNurturing and creativity in an environment of emotional complexity and uncertainty.
The EmperorExerting control and authority challenged by unclear situations, navigating through confusion.
The HierophantTraditional beliefs and structures tested by uncertain or misleading situations, seeking clarity in teachings.
The LoversMaking decisions in relationships clouded by emotional ambiguity, understanding deeper emotional undercurrents.
The ChariotDetermination and willpower facing unclear paths and misleading directions, trusting one’s inner guidance.
StrengthInner courage and resilience in dealing with fears and subconscious challenges, confronting emotional uncertainties.
The HermitSeeking wisdom and insight in a landscape of confusion and ambiguity, illuminating the path forward.
Wheel of FortuneNavigating the unpredictable cycles of life with an understanding of deeper, unseen forces at play.
JusticeSeeking fairness and balance in situations clouded by partial information or deception.
The Hanged ManPausing for reflection in an uncertain environment, gaining new perspectives on hidden truths.
DeathTransformation and endings shrouded in uncertainty, embracing change despite the unknown.
TemperanceFinding balance and harmony in confusing or emotionally turbulent situations, blending opposing elements with intuition.
The DevilConfronting fears, illusions, and deceptive attachments, recognizing and breaking free from hidden traps.
The TowerSudden upheaval intensified by uncertainty and confusion, navigating through tumultuous changes.
The StarHope and inspiration as guiding lights through emotional uncertainty and confusion, finding direction in faith.
The SunClarity and joy emerging from confusion, overcoming fears with newfound understanding.
JudgmentReevaluating past actions and decisions in the light of new, unclear insights, awakening to hidden truths.
The WorldAchieving completion and fulfillment despite lingering uncertainties, integrating lessons learned through ambiguity.

Journaling Prompts For The Moon

If you’ve drawn The Moon and you want to explore your feelings more, here are some great journaling prompts to use.

  1. When was the last time you followed your intuition. What was the outcome, and how did it feel to trust your inner voice?
  2. What do you find the best way to connect with your intuition is? And is there anything you can do to make this connection deeper?
  3. When was the last time you faced the unknown? Did you handle the uncertainty well, and what can you do to handle it better in the future?
  4. Think about an area of your life that is currently uncertain or unclear. How can you find peace or guidance in this ambiguity?
  5. Was there ever a time when you might have been deceiving yourself. How did you come to realize this, and what was the impact?
  6. How can you ensure that you’re being honest with yourself, and that you can trust your intuition?

Final Message Of The Moon

Embrace the unknown, for it is not a void, but a canvas on which your destiny will be unfurled. Trust the tide that pulls you inward, its currents leading you to a hidden world.

Unmask the illusions that have lulled you into slumber. Tear down the walls you built to shield yourself from your own glimmer. In the moon’s soft gaze, see the depths you hold, the shadows that dance and the wisdom yet to unfold.

Let go of control, surrender to the ebb and flow. Listen to the echoes of your soul, where intuition knows and logic cannot go. The path ahead is not lit by reason’s harsh glare, but by the moon’s gentle glow, guiding you where the stars rarely dare.

Heed the howl of the wolf, the bark of the hound, the whispers of the wind through the cypress trees. They are voices from within, ancient and profound, urging you to shed the mask and truly be free.

This is your finale, not an end, but a birth. From the chrysalis of illusion, you’ll emerge anew, your spirit reborn with a strength you never knew.

So spread your wings, moonstruck and bold, and dance with the shadows in the velvet night. This is your farewell, your story untold, an odyssey painted in the moon’s silver light.

Go now, traveler, and remember, in the darkness, your radiance burns bright. May the moon’s magic forever guide you, till dawn paints the sky and darkness takes flight.

Trust your intuition, embrace the unknown, and let your true light shine.


In summary, The Moon Upright comes when the universe is asking you to exploration the unknown parts of your soul. Right now, things may feel uncertain, The Moon comes when you are being urged to trust your intuition and look beyond the obvious. The main themes of The Moon are illusion and perception, encouraging questioning of reality and confronting fears and anxieties. It symbolizes growth and change through introspection and self-discovery.

Reversed, The Moon is more about confusion and uncertainty, with potential misunderstandings or misinterpretations. You may have unresolved fears and anxieties, a disconnection from intuition, or if you’re lucky you may be emerging from a period of confusion. It can also show that you’re suppressing your subconscious thoughts and feelings, and they need acknowledgment and exploration.

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