The Nine Of Pentacles As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

The Nine of Pentacles represents a sense of accomplishment and self-reliance. When considering someone’s intentions towards you, does this card suggest their desire for independence and personal success? It might indicate a person who values their autonomy and has worked hard to create a comfortable life.

On the flip side, could it imply a level of solitude or exclusion, a focus on personal achievements that might come at the cost of shared experiences? The Nine of Pentacles asks you to ponder the balance between independence and collaboration in your relationship.

Key Takeaways

The Upright Nine Of Pentacles

  • Dating: Intentions include seeking a relationship that complements one’s self-reliant and contented existence, valuing independence, and seeking to add value rather than completion.
  • Relationships: Intentions revolve around nurturing a mature, stable relationship, cherishing quiet moments, and deep understanding.
  • Exes: Intentions focus on personal growth, self-reliance, and finding happiness within oneself.
  • Commitment: The intention is to enter a committed partnership with someone who resonates with personal and financial stability.
  • Friends & Family: Intentions reflect a desire for harmony, mutual respect, and collective pride.
  • Careers: Intentions aim to maintain a positive and productive workplace atmosphere.
  • Your Intentions: Your intentions involve acknowledging and celebrating achievements, embracing independence, and inspiring others.

The Nine Of Pentacles Reversed

  • Dating: Intentions involve overcoming personal struggles, leading to increased emotional availability and openness in building connections.
  • Relationships: Intentions include overcoming inadequacy or financial stress, leading to increased support and contribution within the relationship.
  • Exes: Intentions comprise moving past loss or regret, finding closure, and aiming for healthier interactions or detachment.
  • Commitment: Intentions reflect a newfound readiness for deeper commitment as stability and security are established.
  • Friends & Family: Intentions indicate emerging from challenging times, becoming more present and supportive within relationships.
  • Careers: Career-wise, intentions involve managing personal issues to improve performance and workplace interactions.
  • Your Intentions: Your intentions entail moving beyond personal challenges, becoming more open and supportive in relationships, signifying a period of personal growth and positive interactions.

Symbolism of The Nine Of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles shows a figure in a lush garden, surrounded by ripened grapes and a tamed bird of prey, symbolizing luxury, self-sufficiency, and personal achievement. As an intention, this card reflects a desire for independence and the enjoyment of the finer things in life, achieved through one’s efforts. It suggests a period where you can reap the rewards of your hard work, enjoy a sense of security, and take pride in your accomplishments.

The garden represents the fruitful results of persistence, and the bird symbolizes freedom and intellect. This card encourages you to relish in your achievements, enjoy the fruits of your labor, and cherish your ability to create comfort and stability for yourself.

The Upright Nine Of Pentacles As Intentions

Imagine a time when you felt truly accomplished and self-reliant, where everything in your life seemed to be in perfect harmony. That’s the essence captured by the Nine of Pentacles upright in tarot. This card is a beacon of independence, financial stability, and contentment, reflecting intentions grounded in self-sufficiency and personal achievement.

Nine Of Pentacles Upright As Intentions


When dating, the Nine of Pentacles upright is like meeting someone who’s at peace with themselves. They’re the kind of person who relishes their independence, finding joy in their own company. This reminds me of a friend who, after years of self-discovery, started dating only those who added value to her already fulfilling life. In such scenarios, the person you’re seeing isn’t looking for someone to complete them but rather someone to complement their stable, contented existence.

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For those in relationships, this card signals a period of serene stability. It’s akin to witnessing a couple who, after years of nurturing their bond, can sit back and enjoy the garden of their love. They find comfort in the routine, the quiet moments, and the unspoken understanding that comes with a deep, mature connection.

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When it comes to exes, the Nine of Pentacles upright suggests a positive solo journey. They may have moved past the relationship and found a new sense of self-reliance and fulfillment. It’s a sign of growth and contentment, where they’ve learned to find happiness within themselves rather than seeking it from external sources.

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In the context of commitment, this card reflects a mature readiness for a stable, enduring partnership. It’s about finding someone who has reached a point in their life where they’re not just ready but eager to share their well-established world with someone else. They’re looking for a relationship that resonates with their level of personal and financial stability.

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Friends & Family

For friends and family, the Nine of Pentacles upright indicates a phase of harmony and mutual respect. It’s when everyone in your circle seems to be doing well, and there’s a collective sense of pride and joy in each other’s company and achievements.

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Career-wise, this card signifies a phase of satisfaction and accomplishment. It’s like when a colleague finally reaches a long-sought-after career milestone and exudes a sense of fulfillment and confidence in their professional life. This reflects a positive, productive atmosphere in the workplace, where everyone feels secure in their roles and contributions.

Your Intentions

If you’re resonating with the Nine of Pentacles upright, it’s a call to embrace and appreciate your own achievements. It’s about recognizing the stability and contentment you’ve cultivated in your life and acknowledging your hard work and perseverance.

Actionable Advice

  • Celebrate Your Successes: Take time to appreciate your achievements and the stability you’ve established.
  • Enjoy Your Independence: Relish the freedom and self-reliance you’ve achieved, whether in personal, professional, or financial aspects.
  • Inspire Others: Your journey of success and contentment can be a source of inspiration for those around you.

Common Misinterpretations

The Nine of Pentacles isn’t just a symbol of material wealth; it’s a deeper representation of personal accomplishment and fulfillment. It’s about the richness of a balanced, contented life, not just financial gains.

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The Nine of Pentacles upright, especially as intentions towards you, serves as a reminder of the beauty of self-fulfillment and the importance of being at peace with oneself. It encourages us to recognize where we or others have achieved a harmonious blend of independence and success. It’s not about the pursuit of perfection but about celebrating the journey towards a well-rounded, fulfilling life.

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The Nine Of Pentacles Reversed As Intentions

The Nine of Pentacles reversed in a tarot reading is like watching a finely woven tapestry begin to unravel. It’s a card that often signals a disruption in self-sufficiency and success. In terms of intentions, this could mean that someone’s approach towards you might be marked by instability or a sense of dissatisfaction with their current state.

Nine Of Pentacles Reversed As Intentions


When dating, the Nine of Pentacles reversed might suggest that the person you’re interested in is struggling with independence or financial stability. They may appear to be seeking a relationship not just for companionship but also as a means of filling a void in their life. In fact they may be trying to use relationships as a crutch rather than a source of mutual growth.


For those in relationships, this card can signal a phase where one partner feels discontent or dependent. They may feel they’ve lost their sense of individuality or their own goals in the shadow of the relationship. This imbalance can lead to a feeling of stagnation or unfulfillment.


When it comes to exes, the Nine of Pentacles reversed might indicate that they are struggling with moving on. They could be facing challenges in finding their footing post-breakup, struggling to regain their sense of independence and self-reliance. This card suggests a period of adjustment and learning to be self-sufficient again.


In terms of commitment, this reversed card often indicates a hesitancy or insecurity about moving forward. There might be fears about whether they can maintain their independence in a deeper relationship or concerns about financial stability affecting their readiness for commitment.

Friends & Family

For friends and family, the Nine of Pentacles reversed can point to a time when they may be more reliant on you than usual. They might be going through phases of instability or uncertainty in their own lives, seeking more support and reassurance from their relationships.


In the workplace, this card reversed suggests a lack of fulfillment or instability. Colleagues might be experiencing dissatisfaction with their roles, or there could be a general sense of insecurity and instability in the work environment.

Your Intentions

If you find yourself connecting with the Nine of Pentacles reversed, it’s a moment to reflect on your own sense of stability and independence. Are there areas in your life where you feel dependent or unfulfilled? It could be a signal to reassess and find ways to regain your sense of self-sufficiency.

Actionable Advice

  • Address Insecurities: Confront any feelings of dependence or insecurity, whether in relationships, finances, or self-esteem.
  • Seek Independence: Find ways to reestablish your sense of independence, be it through personal development, career advancement, or financial planning.
  • Support System: If someone around you is struggling, offer support but encourage their journey towards self-reliance.

Common Misinterpretations

The Nine of Pentacles reversed isn’t necessarily a sign of complete failure or loss. It often represents a temporary setback or a call to reassess and rebuild one’s path to independence and satisfaction.

When the Nine of Pentacles appears reversed as intentions, it serves as a reminder that the path to self-sufficiency and fulfillment can have its ups and downs. It encourages us to look at areas of our life where we might be feeling insecure or dependent and to take steps to rebuild our independence and sense of achievement. It’s a call to balance our need for support with our innate strength and capability to stand on our own.

Combinations That Go With The Nine Of Pentacles As Intentions

When combined with other cards, the Nine of Pentacles can unveil intentions towards you that are rooted in a sense of accomplishment, a desire for stability, or enjoying life’s comforts. Here’s how the Nine of Pentacles pairs with other cards to reveal different aspects of someone’s intentions:

Nine of Pentacles and The Hierophant

When the Nine of Pentacles meets The Hierophant, it suggests intentions that balance personal success with traditional values. The Hierophant represents traditions, conventions, and shared beliefs. This combination could indicate someone who values their independence and achievements but also respects traditional aspects of a relationship or social norms.

Nine of Pentacles and The Chariot

Pairing the Nine of Pentacles with The Chariot indicates a drive to achieve goals while maintaining personal autonomy. The Chariot symbolizes willpower, victory, and determination. This suggests that someone’s intentions towards you involve pursuing their ambitions or goals with determination, while also valuing their independence and the accomplishments they’ve already achieved.

Nine of Pentacles and The Devil

Combining the Nine of Pentacles with The Devil can imply a struggle with materialism or indulgence. The Devil symbolizes bondage, materialism, and unhealthy attachments. This pairing might suggest that someone’s intentions are influenced by a desire for material success or pleasure, which could be overshadowing other aspects of their relationship or interaction with you.

Nine of Pentacles and Three of Cups

The Nine of Pentacles alongside the Three of Cups suggests intentions focused on enjoying life’s pleasures and sharing joy with others. The Three of Cups represents celebrations, friendships, and communal joy. This could indicate someone who wants to share the success or comfort they’ve achieved with you, possibly through social events or mutual enjoyment of life’s finer things.

Nine of Pentacles and Knight of Swords

When the Nine of Pentacles meets the Knight of Swords, it reflects a dynamic where someone wants to assert their independence or achievements but might be rushing or overly direct in their approach. The Knight of Swords is about quick action and assertiveness. This suggests that someone might be eager to demonstrate their independence or success to you, possibly in a forceful manner.

Nine of Pentacles and Five of Wands

Lastly, the Nine of Pentacles with the Five of Wands indicates intentions that involve navigating conflicts or challenges while maintaining a sense of self-sufficiency. The Five of Wands represents competition, conflict, and struggle. This pairing could suggest that someone’s intention is to maintain their independence and comfort despite facing some challenges or competitive situations, possibly related to you.


In summary, when the Nine of Pentacles appears upright in relation to someone’s intentions towards you, it suggests a desire for self-sufficiency, enjoyment of the finer things in life, and a sense of accomplishment. This person is likely content with their achievements and seeks to share or enjoy this sense of well-being and luxury with you. Their intentions are marked by a sense of independence and a wish to enjoy the rewards of their hard work, possibly inviting you to share in their comfort and security.

Reversed, the Nine of Pentacles might indicate a lack of contentment or over-reliance on material comforts in their intentions towards you. They could be feeling trapped in luxury or struggling to find satisfaction in material achievements alone. This suggests a need for them to find fulfillment beyond material wealth and to explore deeper emotional or spiritual connections.

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