The Seven Of Pentacles As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

The Seven of Pentacles symbolizes patience, long-term planning, and investment. When considering someone’s intentions towards you, does this card suggest a commitment to nurturing and growing your relationship over time? It might indicate a shared vision for the future and a willingness to put in the effort to achieve long-term goals.

However, could it also imply a period of waiting and uncertainty, wondering if the investment in the relationship will bear fruit? The Seven of Pentacles invites you to reflect on the growth and development of your connection.

Key Takeaways

The Upright Seven Of Pentacles

  • Dating: Taking a thoughtful and deliberate approach to assess the relationship’s potential.
  • Relationships: Reflecting on the partnership, investing in its growth and well-being.
  • Exes: Contemplating lessons learned from the past relationship.
  • Commitment: Carefully considering deeper involvement, weighing the future.
  • Friends & Family: Reflecting on the value and growth of relationships.
  • Careers: Evaluating role, contributions, and long-term planning.
  • Your Intentions: Reflecting on your own commitments and efforts, nurturing meaningful areas.

The Seven Of Pentacles Reversed

  • Dating: Growing impatient or uncertain about the relationship’s future.
  • Relationships: Feeling dissatisfaction or frustration with the relationship’s progress.
  • Exes: Realization of wasted effort or regret over past investments.
  • Commitment: Hesitation or second-guessing about deepening the relationship.
  • Friends & Family: Questioning the value or growth of relationships, feeling unfulfilled.
  • Careers: Frustration or disillusionment regarding career progression or workplace dynamics.
  • Your Intentions: Reassessing commitments and efforts, reflecting on expectations and potential changes.

Symbolism of The Seven Of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles features a figure taking a break from tending a garden, looking contemplatively at the growing plants, which are not yet ready to harvest. This card symbolizes patience, long-term planning, and the assessment of progress. As an intention, it reflects the need to pause and evaluate how your efforts are shaping up.

It’s about understanding that some goals take time to come to fruition and that it’s important to recognize and appreciate the progress made so far. The Seven of Pentacles as an intention suggests taking a step back to consider your strategy and efforts, ensuring that your hard work is aligned with your long-term objectives and reminding you that patience and persistence are key to achieving success.

The Upright Seven Of Pentacles As Intentions

The Seven of Pentacles upright in tarot represents a time of reflection and patience, symbolizing the cultivation and growth of one’s efforts. When this card appears in a reading regarding intentions towards you, it suggests that someone is taking a thoughtful and deliberate approach. They are likely assessing their investments in the relationship, be it emotional, time, or effort, and considering the long-term potential.

Seven Of Pentacles Upright As Intentions


In a dating context, the Seven of Pentacles upright indicates that the person you’re interested in is likely taking a measured and contemplative approach. They are not rushing things; instead, they are observing the development of the relationship and pondering its future prospects. This card suggests they are evaluating whether their efforts in pursuing a relationship with you will bear fruit.

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For those already in a relationship, this card can symbolize a period of assessment. Your partner might be reflecting on the progress of the relationship, considering how far you both have come and what needs to be nurtured moving forward. It’s a sign of their intention to invest in the growth and health of your partnership, acknowledging the effort that both of you have put in.

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Regarding exes, the Seven of Pentacles upright might suggest a phase of reconsideration and reflection. They could be thinking about the relationship’s past, evaluating what went well and what didn’t. This card doesn’t necessarily indicate a desire to reunite but rather a contemplation of the lessons learned from the relationship.

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In terms of commitment, this card upright implies a careful consideration of deeper involvement. Someone might be thinking about the possibility of a more serious commitment with you but is taking their time to ensure that it’s the right decision. They are looking at the potential future of the relationship and weighing if they are ready to invest more heavily.

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Friends & Family

For friends and family, the Seven of Pentacles upright can indicate a time of reflection on the dynamics of these relationships. Loved ones may be considering the value and growth of their connection with you, appreciating the shared history and pondering how to strengthen these bonds in the future.

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In a professional setting, this card suggests a period of evaluation and long-term planning. Your boss, for example, might be considering your role and contributions in the workplace, reflecting on your growth and potential within the organization.

Your Intentions

If you resonate with the Seven of Pentacles upright, it’s a time to reflect on your own commitments and efforts in various aspects of your life. Are you nurturing the areas that are important to you, and are you patient with the growth process?

Actionable Advice

  • Practice Patience: Understand that growth and progress take time, both in personal and professional spheres.
  • Reflect on Your Investments: Consider where you are putting your energy and whether it aligns with your long-term goals.
  • Cultivate Growth: Focus on nurturing the relationships and endeavors that are most meaningful to you.

Common Misinterpretations

The Seven of Pentacles upright is often seen as a sign of frustration or stagnation. However, its deeper meaning revolves around the concept of strategic patience and careful planning. It’s not just about waiting; it’s about thoughtful consideration of one’s efforts and the eventual rewards they will yield.

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The Seven of Pentacles upright as intentions towards you indicates that the person in question is willing to invest time and effort thoughtfully, understanding that meaningful relationships and endeavors require nurturing and time to flourish. This card encourages a perspective that values gradual progress and the appreciation of the journey as much as the destination, highlighting the importance of steady growth and reflection in all aspects of life.

The Seven Of Pentacles Reversed As Intentions

When the Seven of Pentacles appears reversed in a tarot reading, it often signifies frustration, impatience, or dissatisfaction with the progress of efforts. In terms of intentions towards you, this card suggests that someone might be feeling disillusioned or restless about the current state or pace of the relationship or situation. They could be questioning whether their investment of time, energy, or emotions is truly yielding the desired results.

Seven Of Pentacles Reversed As Intentions


If you’ve just started dating, the Seven of Pentacles reversed might indicate that the person you’re seeing is growing impatient or uncertain about the relationship’s future. Are they questioning whether their efforts in pursuing a relationship with you are worth it? This card can suggest a sense of frustration over not seeing the expected progress or rewards for their emotional investment.


For those in a relationship, this card reversed can reflect a phase of reevaluation. Your partner might be feeling that the relationship is not evolving as anticipated. There could be a sense of stagnation or unfulfilled expectations, leading them to question whether their efforts in the relationship are being reciprocated or valued.


Regarding exes, the Seven of Pentacles reversed might imply a realization of wasted effort or regret over past investments in the relationship. They could be reflecting on what went wrong and may feel that their emotional or time investment did not lead to the outcome they hoped for in the relationship.


In terms of commitment, this card reversed suggests a hesitation or second-guessing about taking the relationship to a deeper level. Someone might be contemplating whether deepening their commitment is a wise choice, given their current feelings of dissatisfaction or the lack of perceived progress in the relationship.

Friends & Family

For friends and family, the Seven of Pentacles reversed can signal a period of doubt or frustration. Loved ones may be questioning the value or growth of their relationship with you, feeling that the mutual exchange or support is not as fruitful as expected.


In the workplace, this card suggests feelings of disillusionment or frustration regarding career progression or workplace dynamics. Colleagues or superiors might be reevaluating their efforts, feeling that their hard work is not leading to the desired recognition or results.

Your Intentions

If you resonate with the Seven of Pentacles reversed, it may be a time to reassess your own commitments and efforts. Are you feeling unfulfilled or impatient with the progress in certain areas of your life? Reflect on whether your expectations are aligned with the reality and if a change in approach might be needed.

Actionable Advice

  • Reevaluate Expectations: Consider if your expectations are realistic and adjust them if necessary.
  • Address Frustrations: Identify the sources of dissatisfaction and explore ways to address them.
  • Consider Alternatives: If certain efforts are not yielding results, it might be time to explore new approaches or directions.

Common Misinterpretations

The Seven of Pentacles reversed is often interpreted as mere frustration or wasted effort. However, its deeper message is about the importance of reassessment and realignment of goals. It’s not solely about disappointment; it’s a prompt to reevaluate and potentially redirect efforts in a more fulfilling direction.

The Seven of Pentacles reversed highlights a crucial moment of introspection and decision-making, not just in your own actions, but when considering peoples intentions towards you. It serves as a reminder that not all investments yield immediate or expected results and that sometimes, a shift in perspective or approach is necessary. This card encourages us to stay mindful of our goals and efforts, ensuring that they are in alignment with our true desires and needs, and to remain adaptable in our journey towards personal growth and fulfilment in relationships.

Combinations That Go With The Seven Of Pentacles As Intentions

The Seven of Pentacles in tarot often symbolizes patience, investment, and the contemplation of long-term results. When combined with other cards, it can reveal someone’s intentions towards you that involve careful consideration, waiting for the right moment, or assessing the progress of a situation. Let’s explore how the Seven of Pentacles interacts with other cards to understand someone’s intentions:

Seven of Pentacles and The Lovers

Pairing the Seven of Pentacles with The Lovers suggests intentions that are deeply connected to choices in a relationship or partnership. The Lovers symbolize harmony, relationships, and significant choices. This combination might indicate someone who is evaluating their relationship with you, considering the long-term potential and weighing their choices with care.

Seven of Pentacles and The Hierophant

When the Seven of Pentacles meets The Hierophant, it reflects intentions grounded in tradition and long-standing values. The Hierophant represents tradition, beliefs, and institutions. This suggests that someone’s intentions towards you are influenced by established norms or traditional values, and they are patiently working within these frameworks, possibly in a relationship or a shared venture.

Seven of Pentacles and The Tower

Combining the Seven of Pentacles with The Tower can imply that while someone is being patient and investing in a situation, they may also be aware of potential sudden changes or upheavals. The Tower symbolizes sudden change and upheaval. This indicates a person who is aware that their efforts and patience might be subject to unexpected changes, possibly affecting their intentions towards you.

Seven of Pentacles and Knight of Swords

The Seven of Pentacles alongside the Knight of Swords suggests a contrast between careful planning and a desire for swift action. The Knight of Swords is about quick thinking and decisiveness. This pairing could indicate someone who, while being patient and thoughtful about their intentions towards you, might also feel a sense of urgency or impatience to move things along.

Seven of Pentacles and Six of Cups

When the Seven of Pentacles meets the Six of Cups, it implies intentions that are influenced by nostalgia or past experiences. The Six of Cups represents nostalgia, memories, and past connections. This suggests that someone’s intentions towards you are reflective and influenced by a shared history or past experiences, and they are considering these as they plan for the future.

Seven of Pentacles and Ten of Wands

Lastly, the Seven of Pentacles with the Ten of Wands might indicate that someone’s intentions involve perseverance through challenges. The Ten of Wands symbolizes burdens, overcommitment, and struggle. This combination can suggest a person who is willing to bear the weight and continue investing in their goals or relationship with you, even when it’s challenging.


In summary, the Seven of Pentacles upright indicates intentions of patience, long-term planning, and assessment. When someone’s feelings or actions towards you are represented by this card, they are likely taking a thoughtful approach to your relationship or a joint venture. Their intentions involve considering the long-term implications and outcomes of their efforts, possibly evaluating the progress and deciding on the next steps.

Reversed, the Seven of Pentacles might suggest impatience or dissatisfaction with the progress in their intentions towards you. They could be feeling frustrated with the lack of visible results or questioning whether their efforts are worth it. This implies a need for them to reassess their expectations and possibly reevaluate their strategies or goals in the relationship.

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