The Star As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

With The Star shining in your tarot reading, you’re touched by a light of hope and inspiration. But how does this translate into someone’s intentions towards you? Upright, The Star is a symbol of optimism and spiritual guidance – could this person be a source of hope and encouragement in your life?

If reversed, it might suggest a loss of faith or disillusionment. The narrative of The Star is one of guidance, healing, and inspiration. Join us in uncovering the luminescent intentions behind The Star and what guiding light it offers for your path ahead.

Key Takeaways

The Star Upright as Intentions

  • Dating: Intentions filled with hope and inspiration, aiming to uplift and bring positivity to new relationships.
  • Relationships: Intentions to infuse existing relationships with positivity, shared dreams, and a forward-looking perspective.
  • Exes: A perspective of healing and personal growth, focusing on learning and development rather than dwelling on the past.
  • Commitment: Optimistic intentions about the future of the relationship, viewing deeper commitment as a positive step for mutual growth and fulfillment.
  • Friends & Family: Intentions to uplift and inspire within these relationships, offering support and encouragement.
  • Careers: Intentions driven by ambition and a desire for fulfillment, striving towards meaningful goals and a career aligned with one’s higher purpose.
  • Your Intentions: A focus on growth, healing, and the pursuit of dreams, embracing optimism and positive transformation.

The Star Reversed as Intentions

  • Dating: Intentions weighed down by past disappointments or cynicism, approaching new relationships guardedly.
  • Relationships: Intentions clouded by a lack of optimism or disconnection from the joy once found in the partnership, potentially causing strain.
  • Exes: Struggle to find closure or move forward positively, experiencing regret or pessimism about the past.
  • Commitment: Intentions hindered by doubts or a lack of belief in the relationship’s potential, possibly due to unresolved personal issues.
  • Friends & Family: Intentions affected by negativity or a feeling of disconnection, overshadowing their usual supportive nature.
  • Careers: Intentions misaligned with true aspirations or a sense of disillusionment in one’s career path, leading to a lack of motivation or fulfillment.
  • Your Intentions: A need to rediscover hope, reconnect with aspirations, and realign goals and dreams with the current path.

Symbolism of The Star

The Star card, showing a serene figure pouring water into a pool and onto the earth under a starlit sky, is a symbol of hope, healing, and renewal. The stars in the sky offer guidance and a sense of destiny, while the act of pouring water symbolizes nourishment and spiritual replenishment.

The Star signifies a period of serenity and optimism after a time of turmoil. It encourages finding hope in difficult situations, staying true to your inner guidance, and keeping faith in the universe’s plan. The Star is a call to embrace healing, to trust in the natural flow of life, and to remain open to inspiration and rejuvenation, no matter the circumstances.

The Upright Star As Intentions

When The Star appears upright in a tarot reading, it symbolizes intentions filled with hope, inspiration, and a positive outlook. This card represents a guiding light, symbolizing renewal, spiritual insight, and the pursuit of dreams. The Star upright embodies a period of healing and optimism, suggesting intentions that are aligned with growth, positivity, and the realization of higher aspirations.

The Star Upright As Intentions


In dating, The Star indicates intentions that are hopeful and uplifting. Someone influenced by this card might approach you with genuine optimism and a belief in the potential of a new relationship. They are likely to be encouraging, supportive, and see the connection as a source of inspiration and joy.

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For those in existing relationships, The Star suggests intentions to infuse the partnership with positivity and a forward-looking perspective. This person might be focused on nurturing the relationship with a sense of shared dreams and aspirations, fostering a hopeful and harmonious dynamic.

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Regarding an ex’s intentions, The Star implies a perspective of healing and looking forward. They might approach the past relationship with a sense of learning and growth, focusing on personal development rather than dwelling on the past.

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Will There Be Commitment?

When considering commitment, The Star upright indicates intentions that are optimistic about the future of the relationship. The person in question likely views a deeper commitment as a positive and promising step, filled with potential for mutual growth and fulfillment.

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Friends & Family

For friends and family, The Star points to intentions that aim to uplift and inspire. This individual may often act as a beacon of hope, offering support and encouragement, and promoting harmony within these relationships.

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Professionally, The Star suggests intentions that are driven by ambition and a desire for fulfillment. There’s a sense of striving towards meaningful goals or a career that aligns with one’s higher purpose. This card reflects a period of professional growth, guided by inspiration and a clear vision for the future.

Your Intentions

If influenced by The Star, your intentions are likely focused on growth, healing, and the pursuit of your dreams. It’s a time to embrace optimism, nourish your aspirations, and believe in the power of positive transformation.

Actionable Advice

  • Cultivate Positivity: Embrace a positive outlook in all areas of your life, believing in the potential for good things to happen.
  • Pursue Dreams: Follow your dreams and aspirations, letting your inner guidance lead you to fulfillment.
  • Spread Hope: Share your optimism and inspiration with others, being a source of light and encouragement in their lives.

Common Misinterpretations

The Star is sometimes viewed as merely a symbol of wishful thinking. However, its deeper meaning in tarot is about genuine hope, healing, and the nurturing of one’s aspirations. It’s not about naivety; it’s about the strength and clarity that come from a hopeful and inspired perspective.

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The Star upright as intentions towards you suggests that others may approach you with hopefulness and a desire for positive, uplifting interactions. Their presence is likely to be nurturing and inspiring, promoting a sense of optimism and mutual growth in your relationship with them. This card is a reminder of the healing power of positivity and the importance of nurturing a bright outlook on life.

The Star Reversed As Intentions

When The Star appears reversed in a tarot reading, it signifies intentions that may be hampered by disillusionment, loss of hope, or a disconnect from one’s aspirations. This inversion of The Star suggests a struggle to maintain optimism and can indicate a phase where positive outlooks and aspirations seem distant or unattainable. It’s like a light that has dimmed, leading to feelings of discouragement or a lack of faith in what the future holds.

The Star Reversed As Intentions


In dating, The Star reversed might indicate someone’s intentions are weighed down by past disappointments or cynicism. They may approach relationships guardedly, perhaps hesitant to fully invest emotionally due to fear of further disillusionment.


For those in relationships, this card reversed can suggest intentions clouded by a lack of optimism or disconnection from the joy once found in the partnership. There might be an underlying sense of disillusionment, causing strain and preventing a once hopeful outlook on the relationship’s future.


Regarding an ex’s intentions, The Star reversed suggests a struggle to find closure or move forward positively. They might be experiencing regret or pessimism about the past, affecting their current outlook on relationships and healing.

Will There Be Commitment?

When considering commitment, The Star reversed indicates intentions hindered by doubts or a general lack of belief in the relationship’s potential. This uncertainty could stem from unresolved personal issues or a general feeling of disconnection from what once felt promising.

Friends & Family

Within the dynamics of friends and family, The Star reversed might reflect intentions affected by negativity or a feeling of disconnection. They might be going through a phase where their usual supportive and positive nature is overshadowed by a more pessimistic outlook.

For Careers

When the star appears reversed, it means someone could be reconsidering their approach towards you at work. Right now they could be feeling lost or uncertain. This could be a good time to help them find a new perspective or use for you in a professional setting.

Your Intentions

If influenced by The Star reversed, your intentions might reflect a need to rediscover your sense of hope and reconnect with your aspirations. It’s a time to rekindle your optimism and realign your goals and dreams with your current path.

Actionable Advice

  • Revive Optimism: Seek ways to reignite your positive outlook, whether through self-care, new experiences, or reconnecting with your passions.
  • Confront Disillusionment: Acknowledge and address the roots of any pessimistic feelings to pave the way for a more hopeful perspective.
  • Find Inspiration: Look for sources of inspiration and positivity, and remember that challenging phases can lead to growth and renewal.

Common Misinterpretations

The Star reversed is often seen as a sign of total despair. However, its deeper meaning in tarot is about the challenges of maintaining hope and the journey to reclaiming a positive outlook. It’s not a permanent state of hopelessness but a call to find light even in difficult times.

The Star reversed as intentions towards you suggests that others might be approaching you with a sense of discouragement or a lack of faith in positive outcomes. Their interactions may reflect their current struggles with optimism and aspiration. This card serves as a reminder to support and understand, encouraging a return to a hopeful and inspired perspective.

Combinations That Go With The Star As Intentions

When The Star combines with other cards, it weaves a narrative of optimism and rejuvenation, highlighting intentions that are rooted in healing, aspiration, and the pursuit of one’s true purpose. Each combination with The Star tells a unique story of navigating life’s journey with a hopeful heart and a clear vision.

The Star and The Empress

The union of The Star with The Empress fosters an environment where nurturing dreams and aspirations becomes a journey filled with creativity and abundance. This combination speaks to the intention of infusing one’s creative projects or personal growth with a nurturing touch, all under the hopeful guidance of The Star. It’s a blend of fertile imagination and optimistic foresight, encouraging the flourishing of ideas and the nurturing of ambitions in a positive and hopeful light.

The Star and Seven of Swords

When The Star aligns with the Seven of Swords, it brings an intention to illuminate the hidden truths in complex situations. This pairing suggests a quest for clarity in the midst of deceit or ambiguity. It’s a journey towards uncovering hidden information and navigating through uncertainty with the guiding light of hope and higher insight. The Star here acts as a beacon, guiding one towards honesty and transparency in situations where truth seems elusive.

The Star and Knight of Pentacles

In the combination of The Star and the Knight of Pentacles, there’s an intention to ground lofty aspirations with practical actions. This pairing talks about the persistence and dedication required to turn dreams into reality, balanced with the optimism and inspiration of The Star. It’s about taking methodical, well-planned steps towards long-term goals, ensuring that each move is inspired by a hopeful vision and a realistic approach.

The Star and Judgment

Pairing The Star with Judgment creates a powerful alignment for transformation and renewal. This combination indicates a call to higher purpose or a profound personal awakening. It’s about embracing significant life changes with a sense of optimism and clarity, allowing the inspirational energy of The Star to guide one through periods of personal rebirth and discovery.

The Star and Three of Cups

The Star alongside the Three of Cups highlights intentions around celebrating life’s joys and achievements within a community or circle of friends. This combination brings a spirit of optimism and shared happiness, encouraging the celebration of milestones and the sharing of joy. It’s about recognizing and cherishing the moments of togetherness and success, all while being fueled by the positive and hopeful energy of The Star.

The Star and Ace of Wands

Lastly, The Star’s combination with the Ace of Wands suggests an intention to initiate new, inspired endeavors or creative projects. This pairing embodies the excitement of beginning something new, guided by the clear and hopeful vision provided by The Star. It’s about harnessing the spark of creativity and passion to embark on ventures that are not only new and exciting but also deeply aligned with one’s inner light and inspiration.


In summary, The Star upright regarding someone’s intentions towards you reflects hope, inspiration, and a sense of renewal. This person likely has intentions that are uplifting, offering you comfort and optimism. They might be a source of encouragement, aiming to bring positivity and a brighter perspective into your life. Their approach suggests a desire to support your highest aspirations and to foster a sense of hope and renewal in your connection.

Reversed, The Star might indicate that their intentions towards you, while hopeful, could be unrealistic or overly idealistic. This person might be struggling to ground their aspirations or promises in reality, leading to disappointments. This calls for a realignment of their intentions with practical possibilities, ensuring that their desire to inspire and uplift is based on realistic and achievable grounds.

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