The Sun As Feelings: Now Is Time For Pure Joy

Ah, the Sun card! If you’ve drawn this then right now you most likely feel like you’re basking in the warm embrace of emotional clarity and joy. Picture this: you’re stepping into a realm of boundless optimism, of innocent delight, and, oh yes, of unequivocal self-expression. When the Sun card shows up in a feelings-oriented reading, it’s like the universe is handing you a big, shiny “Yes!” for your emotional world.

But remember, the Sun card isn’t just about external happiness; it’s an internal state of being too. Ever have one of those days where you wake up and everything just feels right? That’s the Sun card talking, imploring you to not only chase after what makes you happy but also to recognize the happiness that’s already within you. So, are you ready to let that inner light shine?

But how does this all relate to your feelings? Today we’ll dive into what it means to pull the sun card upright and in reverse, and how you should act!

Key Takeaways

General Symbolism

  • Radiant Positivity: Overwhelming sense of joy and emotional well-being.
  • Childlike Wonder: Return to simple, unadulterated happiness.
  • Clarity and Enlightenment: Moments of lucid emotional understanding.
  • Balance: The need for emotional equilibrium, even in happiness.

Upright Sun

  • Singles: An emotionally fertile time for attracting love.
  • Existing Relationships: Emotional clarity and mutual happiness.
  • Ex-Partners: Positive transformations and clarity.
  • Family/Friends: Period of emotional warmth and resolved disputes.

Reversed Sun

  • Singles: A temporary dip in self-confidence and optimism.
  • Existing Relationships: Minor misunderstandings or emotional disconnects.
  • Ex-Partners: Lingering issues or a lack of closure.
  • Family/Friends: Small tensions or conflicts that need addressing.

What Does The Sun As Feelings Symbolize?

When The Sun card lights up a tarot spread focused on emotions, you’re probably feeling incredibly positive and uplifted. It’s as if you’ve broken through the clouds and are now bathing in emotional sunshine. Do you feel like your worries have melted away, leaving a sense of happiness and freedom?

The Sun card represents a return to childlike wonder and excitement. You may find that you’re feeling more playful, spontaneous, and genuinely happy. Like you’ve literally tapped into a well of joy

But just remember, while the Sun is a radiant card, it also calls for balance. Too much of any emotion, even joy, can be overwhelming. Make sure you’re acknowledging the nuances in your feelings before getting swept up in them.

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What Does The Upright The Sun As Feelings Symbolize?

Ah, the Sun card! When this card appears in an emotional context, it’s like that first warm day after a long, cold winter. Everything feels brighter, lighter, and full of potential. Here are some of the emotional high points the Sun card touches upon:

  • Joy and Optimism: Imagine waking up and feeling that today is going to be a great day. The Sun card represents unfiltered joy and a positive outlook. Have you ever had one of those days where you just can’t help but smile?
  • Clarity and Enlightenment: Unlike cards that point to internal strife or confusion, the Sun beams down pure clarity. Right now your feelings should be making total sense to you.
  • Childlike Wonder: The Sun encourages a return to simpler emotions, much like the innocent wonder of childhood. Bringing you back to the simple joys you loved as a child.
  • Vitality and Energy: This card exudes an almost tangible sense of life and vigor. If feelings had a battery level, the Sun would indicate you’re at 100%. It’s the feeling that you can conquer anything there is to conquer.
  • Spiritual Illumination: Last but not least, the Sun often brings a spiritual dimension to your emotional life. It’s like a moment of cosmic alignment where you feel both grounded and infinitely connected to the universe.
Upright Sun As Feelings

For Singles

When the upright Sun card appears in a reading for singles, it’s often a sign of optimism, self-confidence, and emotional warmth. This card radiates positive energy and suggests that you’re attracting love with your vibrant aura. Essentially, it signifies that you’re in a great emotional place to meet someone who mirrors this joyful energy, making it an excellent time to step out and meet new people.

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For Existing Relationships

In the realm of existing relationships, the upright Sun card embodies happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of unity. This is one of the most favorable cards to get in a love reading, indicating that your relationship is experiencing a period of joy and emotional clarity. Essentially, it’s like a relationship “high five,” signifying that you and your partner are on the same wavelength and enjoying the benefits of a well-balanced emotional bond.

For An Ex

When the upright Sun card comes up in a reading concerning an ex, it’s often indicative of a positive transformation or realization. This could mean that both parties have moved on happily or that there’s newfound clarity about why the relationship had to end. Essentially, it signifies a light at the end of the tunnel and usually indicates that any residual tension or confusion is dissipating, allowing for a more positive outlook.

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For Family and Friends

In the context of family and friends, the upright Sun card suggests a time of harmony, shared joy, and mutual respect. It often appears when family disputes have been resolved or when a social circle is particularly supportive and loving. Essentially, the Sun card heralds a phase of happiness and emotional warmth within your family and friendship circle, making it an excellent time for communal activities and get-togethers.

Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesOptimismPositive energy, readiness for loveTake advantage of this positive vibe to meet new people.
Existing RelationshipsFulfillmentHappiness, unity, emotional clarityEnjoy this harmonious period and deepen your bond.
For An ExPositive TransformationClarity, mutual understandingEmbrace the newfound clarity to move forward.
Family & FriendsHarmonyMutual respect, emotional warmthGreat time for communal activities and bonding.

What Does The Sun Reversed As Feelings Symbolize?

When the Sun card shows up reversed in an emotional reading, it’s like a cloud passing in front of the sun—still bright, but with a few shadows thrown in. It signals that while the core essence of joy and vitality is there, there might be some obstacles to full expression. Let’s break down the areas it can point to:

  • Muted Joy: With the Sun reversed, you still have access to joy, but it might be subdued. Most of your day is probably happy, but you may feel like you can’t let go of a nagging feeling inside of you.
  • Lack of Clarity: Unlike the full illumination of the upright Sun, here you might face some confusion or mixed feelings. Like you’re not understanding the full emotional picture or as if something is holding you back?
  • Over-Simplification: While the upright Sun urges a childlike wonder, its reversed counterpart might indicate a naive or overly simplified view of your feelings. Make sure you’re not glossing over complex emotions just to maintain a facade of happiness.
  • Reduced Vitality: Though not entirely drained, you could be feeling less energetic than usual. It’s like wanting to be in a good mood but lacking the emotional fuel to get there.
  • Spiritual Disconnect: While the upright Sun shows spiritual harmony, its reversal might indicate a minor disconnect. Is there a feeling of being somewhat out of sync with the universe or your higher self?
The Sun Reversed As Feelings

For Singles

When the Sun card appears reversed for singles, it often hints at a temporary loss of confidence or optimism. While the upright Sun symbolizes a radiant, magnetic energy, the reversed card suggests you may be feeling a little cloudy or uncertain, affecting your ability to attract new relationships. Essentially, it’s a nudge to recognize any self-imposed barriers or negative thought patterns that need addressing to reclaim your inner shine.

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For Existing Relationships

In existing relationships, the reversed Sun can point to a temporary cloud over the relationship’s overall happiness or compatibility. Unlike the upright Sun, which signifies joy and mutual understanding, the reversed card might indicate minor misunderstandings or emotional disconnects between you and your partner. Essentially, this card suggests that a bit of relationship TLC is needed, perhaps in the form of open communication or a special date night, to get things back on track.

For An Ex

Concerning an ex, the reversed Sun card typically indicates lingering misunderstandings or unresolved feelings. Unlike its upright version, which signals clarity and positive forward motion, the reversed card suggests that you might be ruminating on what went wrong rather than focusing on healing and moving on. Essentially, this card urges you to clear up any residual emotional fog by either seeking closure or embracing self-reflection.

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For Family and Friends

In the context of family and friends, the reversed Sun card often symbolizes minor conflicts or misunderstandings. Unlike its upright counterpart, which represents harmony and emotional warmth, the reversed card points to small tensions or disagreements that may be affecting the group dynamic. Essentially, this card serves as a reminder to clear the air and address any issues openly, so the sun can shine on your relationships once more.

Relationship ContextEmotional ToneKey MeaningsActionable Advice
For SinglesLoss of ConfidenceUncertainty, negative thought patternsTime for some self-reflection and inner work.
Existing RelationshipsMinor DiscordEmotional disconnect, misunderstandingsOpen communication and perhaps a special date night are in order.
For An ExLingering IssuesUnresolved feelings, lack of closureSeek closure or engage in self-reflection to move on.
Family & FriendsMinor ConflictsSmall tensions, misunderstandingsClear the air; have open and honest discussions.

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The Sun As Feelings Infographic

The Sun Combinations As Feelings

Pulling the sun in combination with other cards is going to give you a more nuanced look at what is currently affecting your emotional landscape! Here are some of the combinations that I see often with the sun, and what they mean!

The Sun with The Magician

When The Sun combines with The Magician, it’s like you’re overflowing with both positivity and the confidence to manifest your desires. The emotional tone here is one of sheer optimism, coupled with the self-belief that you can make things happen.

The Sun with Nine of Pentacles

Pairing The Sun with the Nine of Pentacles signifies a state of emotional and material contentment. You’re likely feeling self-sufficient, joyous, and blessed with abundance. Right now you’re probably feeling prosperous both in your emotions and life in general.

The Sun with The Moon

When The Sun meets The Moon, it’s like your conscious and subconscious feelings are aligning harmoniously. You may experience a moment where your emotional clarity and intuitive insights merge, offering a fuller understanding of your inner self. Right now you may feel like your in perfect sync with yourself.

The Sun with Four of Wands

The Sun alongside the Four of Wands indicates a joyous emotional climate, possibly related to a milestone or celebration. You’re likely feeling socially connected, loved, and genuinely happy about life’s blessings.

The Sun with The Wheel of Fortune

In a reading with The Sun and The Wheel of Fortune, you could be feeling lucky, as if fortune’s favor is shining upon you. It’s a sensation of serendipity mixed with joy, a fortuitous alignment of circumstances that makes you feel emotionally uplifted.

The Sun with Knight of Cups

The Sun in combination with the Knight of Cups often implies romantic or artistic pursuits fueled by pure joy. You’re likely feeling emotionally expressive, perhaps even a little lovestruck or creatively inspired.


Now you know The Sun card in tarot represents emotional highs and clarity, offering a positive outlook in every aspect of your life! When upright, it’s all about joy and enlightenment; however, when reversed, it hints at brief emotional clouds that need some insight to disperse.

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