The Ten Of Pentacles As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

The Ten of Pentacles is a symbol of legacy, family, and long-term success. In the context of someone’s intentions towards you, does this card signify a desire to build something lasting and meaningful together, perhaps focusing on family, tradition, or long-term security? It might represent the culmination of joint efforts, leading to lasting stability and fulfillment.

Alternatively, could it point to traditional expectations or pressures, a sense of obligation to uphold certain standards or norms in your relationship? The Ten of Pentacles invites you to explore the concepts of legacy and permanence in your shared journey.

Symbolism of The Ten Of Pentacles

In the Ten of Pentacles, we often see a multi-generational family, with an elder figure, children, and pets, set against a backdrop of wealth and stability. This card symbolizes legacy, inheritance, and the culmination of long-term efforts. As an intention, it’s about building something lasting, whether it’s wealth, a family tradition, or a secure foundation for future generations.

The imagery suggests a sense of accomplishment and the comfort of knowing that your efforts will provide security and joy for others. The Ten of Pentacles encourages thinking about the long-term impact of your actions, building security and stability in your life, and considering how you can leave a lasting positive mark on your family or community.

Key Takeaways

The Upright Ten Of Pentacles

  • Dating: Intentions involve seeking a lasting relationship, focusing on emotional security, shared values, and possibly family-building.
  • Relationships: Intentions revolve around nurturing enduring love, shared prosperity, and planning for a long-lasting legacy together.
  • Exes: The card may indicate a phase of stability for exes, possibly building new lasting connections.
  • Commitment: Intentions signify readiness for serious, long-term involvement, including discussions about cohabitation, marriage, or starting a family.
  • Friends & Family: Intentions point to strong, enduring bonds, mutual support, and communal prosperity.
  • Careers: In career matters, intentions involve maintaining stability, contributing to long-term success, and feeling a sense of belonging.
  • Your Intentions: It calls for a focus on building lasting success, stability, and planning for the future in various life aspects.

The Ten Of Pentacles Reversed

  • Dating: Intentions reveal hesitation regarding long-term commitment, with doubts and uncertainty about integrating the relationship into future plans.
  • Relationships: The card suggests instability and potential disconnect within committed relationships, questioning the future together.
  • Exes: For exes, it indicates a struggle to find new stability post-breakup, marked by uncertainty and redefining the future.
  • Commitment: Intentions reflect reluctance to deepen commitment due to personal doubts, financial worries, or feeling unprepared.
  • Friends & Family: Signifies disruption within support networks, conflicts, and challenges that reveal deeper issues in relationships.
  • Careers: In career matters, it points to dissatisfaction, instability, and rethinking long-term goals or feeling insecure in one’s professional path.
  • Your Intentions: A signal to scrutinize long-term aspirations, areas of uncertainty, and make necessary adjustments in your trajectory.

The Upright Ten Of Pentacles As Intentions

The Ten of Pentacles upright in a tarot reading all about enduring success, stability, and legacy. This card symbolizes the culmination of hard work and perseverance, reflecting intentions that are grounded in the desire for long-term stability and fulfillment in various aspects of life.

Ten Of Pentacles Upright As Intentions


In the dating scene, the Ten of Pentacles upright suggests that the person you’re interested in is seeking something lasting. They aren’t just looking for a casual relationship; they’re interested in building a future that includes emotional security, shared values, and possibly even family ties. They have a strong desire for a long term relationship and aren’t interested in trivial things.

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For those in relationships, this card is a testament to enduring love and shared prosperity. It indicates a phase where both partners are focused on building a lasting legacy together, be it through purchasing a home, planning for the future, or nurturing family bonds. It’s like a couple who’s not just planning their next vacation, but also their retirement together.

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Regarding exes, the Ten of Pentacles upright might mean they have moved on to a phase of stability and are possibly building new, lasting connections with others. It could indicate that they’re focused on creating a secure and stable future, possibly with a new partner or within their own family context.

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In terms of commitment, this card signifies a readiness for long-term, serious involvement. It’s not just about being in a relationship; it’s about building a life together. This might involve discussions or plans about cohabitation, marriage, or starting a family.

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Friends & Family

For friends and family, the Ten of Pentacles upright points to strong, enduring bonds and mutual support. It suggests a sense of communal prosperity and security, where the success and happiness of one person benefits the whole group. It’s like having a close-knit family or group of friends who celebrate each other’s successes as their own.

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For careers, this card reflects a period of stability and long-term success. It could hint of a successful family business or a career that not only provides financial stability but also contributes to a lasting legacy. You may be working in a company where you feel a sense of belonging and know that your contributions are valued not just for the present but for the future impact they will have.

Your Intentions

If the Ten of Pentacles upright resonates with you, it’s a call to focus on building lasting success and stability in your life. It encourages you to think long-term, whether in your personal relationships, career, or financial planning.

Actionable Advice

  • Plan for the Future: Consider long-term goals and how your current actions contribute to achieving them.
  • Build Strong Foundations: Focus on establishing strong, enduring foundations in your relationships, career, and finances.
  • Cherish Family and Community: Recognize the importance of family and community in creating a lasting legacy.

Common Misinterpretations

The Ten of Pentacles isn’t just about material wealth; it encompasses a broader sense of fulfillment that includes emotional stability, family bonds, and long-term success.

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When the Ten of Pentacles appears upright as intentions towards you, it’s a powerful reminder of the importance of building something that lasts. It encourages a focus on creating a legacy of stability, prosperity, and strong relationships. It’s not just about immediate gratification but about nurturing something that will endure through the years, providing a sense of security and accomplishment for yourself and those around you.

The Ten Of Pentacles Reversed As Intentions

The Ten of Pentacles reversed in a tarot spread is a significant indicator of instability and disruption in what should be a card of legacy, stability, and long-term success. This reversal directly points to intentions fraught with uncertainty, signaling a clear departure from the pursuit of enduring fulfillment and security.

Ten Of Pentacles Reversed As Intentions


Dating wise, the Ten of Pentacles reversed clearly shows that the person you’re seeing is wrestling with the idea of long-term commitment. They are hesitant, maybe even fearful, of integrating you into their future plans. The reluctance to think long-term is evident, overshadowing the present connection with a shadow of doubt.


For committed relationships, this card is a stark symbol of instability or a growing disconnect. It highlights a period where the solid ground of shared goals and dreams starts to feel unsteady. This is not just a rough patch; it’s a fundamental questioning of whether the relationship has a secure future.


For exes, the Ten of Pentacles reversed implies a struggle with finding new stability post-breakup. It’s a phase of redefining their future, marked by uncertainty and a lack of direction. They are not just moving on; they are relearning how to envision a future that once included you.


Regarding commitment, this card reversed is a clear sign of reluctance to move into deeper, more serious territory. There’s an unmistakable air of not being ready to invest in a shared future, driven by personal doubts, financial worries, or an overarching sense of not being prepared for such a step.

Friends & Family

For friends and family, the Ten of Pentacles reversed signifies a disruption in what was once a stable support network. Conflicts, a sense of disconnection, or challenges are not just surface issues; they are symptoms of deeper cracks in the foundation of these relationships.


In career matters, this reversal paints a picture of dissatisfaction or instability in what was expected to be a stable, long-term trajectory. It might point to upheavals in a family business, a rethinking of career goals, or a general feeling of insecurity in your professional path.

Your Intentions

If you’re resonating with the Ten of Pentacles reversed, it’s a clear signal to scrutinize your long-term aspirations and the stability of your current trajectory. It’s time to ask hard questions about the areas where you feel uncertain or unsettled, and to make necessary adjustments.

Actionable Advice

  • Confront Insecurities: It’s crucial to face and tackle any feelings of instability or insecurity, particularly regarding long-term commitments and plans.
  • Rethink Goals: Reassessing your long-term objectives is not just advisable; it’s necessary to ensure they align with your true desires and aspirations.
  • Stabilize Foundations: Focus on creating or restoring stability in your personal, professional, and relational life. This is not just beneficial; it’s essential for long-term fulfillment.

Common Misinterpretations

The Ten of Pentacles reversed is more than a minor hiccup. It often signifies a need for a serious reevaluation or a wake-up call to address fundamental issues that are undermining a secure foundation in life’s various domains.

The Ten of Pentacles reversed, in terms of intentions towards you, is a potent reminder to critically examine where your life may be lacking in security and fulfillment. It urges you to thoughtfully reexamine the bedrock of your relationships, career, and personal goals. This card doesn’t just suggest; it demands a realignment of your intentions with your deepest values, even if it means a significant overhaul of your current path.

Combinations That Go With The Ten Of Pentacles As Intentions

When this card is paired with others, it can reveal intentions towards you that are focused on stability, building a lasting foundation, or considering the bigger picture of a relationship or venture. Let’s explore how the Ten of Pentacles interacts with other cards to understand someone’s intentions:

Ten of Pentacles and The Magician

Pairing the Ten of Pentacles with The Magician suggests intentions that combine a desire for long-term stability with the ability to manifest and create new realities. The Magician represents resourcefulness, power, and action. This combination could indicate someone who is intent on creating a stable and prosperous future, possibly with you, using their skills and resources effectively.

Ten of Pentacles and The Lovers

When the Ten of Pentacles meets The Lovers, it implies intentions that are deeply connected to partnership choices and relationship harmony, coupled with an eye on long-term stability. The Lovers symbolize relationships, choices, and harmony. This suggests someone who is considering their relationship with you in the context of long-term goals and family matters.

Ten of Pentacles and The Tower

Combining the Ten of Pentacles with The Tower can suggest intentions that are influenced by sudden changes or upheavals, particularly in the context of long-term plans or family matters. The Tower represents sudden change and disruption. This indicates that someone might be reevaluating their long-term intentions or plans, perhaps in relation to you, due to unexpected events or revelations.

Ten of Pentacles and Six of Wands

The Ten of Pentacles alongside the Six of Wands indicates intentions focused on achieving success and recognition while also building a stable and enduring foundation. The Six of Wands is about victory, recognition, and success. This suggests that someone is looking to achieve success or recognition, possibly with you, and sees this as part of building a lasting legacy or fulfilling long-term plans.

Ten of Pentacles and Eight of Swords

When the Ten of Pentacles meets the Eight of Swords, it reflects intentions that are focused on long-term security but may be hindered by feelings of restriction or limitations. The Eight of Swords represents restriction, limitation, and self-imposed barriers. This could indicate someone who has intentions for a stable, secure future, possibly involving you, but feels constrained or unsure about how to achieve it.

Ten of Pentacles and Queen of Cups

Lastly, the Ten of Pentacles with the Queen of Cups suggests intentions that blend the desire for emotional depth and nurturing with the goal of creating lasting stability. The Queen of Cups is about emotional insight, nurturing, and compassion. This pairing could indicate someone who is focused on building a secure and stable future, filled with emotional depth and understanding, potentially seeing you as a key part of this harmonious and prosperous life.


To recap, the Ten of Pentacles upright in relation to someone’s intentions towards you signifies a focus on family, long-term success, and legacy. This person might be aiming to build or maintain a sense of security and stability for the future, possibly involving you in these plans. Their intentions are likely centered on creating a lasting foundation, with a focus on the well-being of family or close relationships, indicating a desire for enduring success and stability.

If the Ten of Pentacles is reversed, it might suggest issues related to family, inheritance, or long-term security in their intentions towards you. They could be experiencing family conflicts, concerns about legacy, or uncertainty about financial stability. This indicates a need for them to address these issues, seeking to establish a more secure and harmonious foundation for the future.

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