The Two Of Pentacles As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

The Two of Pentacles portrays the art of juggling life’s demands, but in the context of someone’s intentions towards you, what balance does it suggest? Are they trying to maintain equilibrium in your relationship, skillfully managing competing priorities, or does this card hint at a struggle to keep things afloat?

The Two of Pentacles raises questions about the nature of balance and adaptability in your interactions. Are you both navigating these complexities in harmony, or is there a need to reevaluate the balance?

Key Takeaways

The Upright Two Of Pentacles

  • Dating: Balancing feelings for you with other priorities in life, showing genuine interest but trying to fit you into their already busy life.
  • Relationships: Juggling various aspects of life, including the relationship, with the intention of giving their best but struggling to manage everything simultaneously.
  • Exes: Trying to figure out where you fit into their life now, balancing past feelings with current situations, often leading to mixed emotions and indecision.
  • Commitment: A thoughtful yet cautious approach to commitment, weighing the desire to take things to the next level with other important factors in life.
  • Friends & Family: Balancing time and attention between various loved ones, intending to keep everyone happy but often feeling like a balancing act.
  • Careers: Managing multiple projects or responsibilities, including interactions with you, with a focus on maintaining a sense of equilibrium despite the split focus.
  • Your Intentions: In the midst of your own balancing act, managing responsibilities and relationships, finding harmony amid life’s demands.

The Two Of Pentacles Reversed

  • Dating: Intentions may be fluctuating due to a chaotic life, struggling to balance feelings for you with other overwhelming commitments.
  • Relationships: Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of the relationship and other life challenges, leading to difficulties in providing the necessary focus and support.
  • Exes: Uncertainty about feelings towards you, teetering between reconnecting and moving on, resulting in mixed signals and unclear intentions.
  • Commitment: Wavering or uncertainty regarding a deeper commitment, feeling burdened by the idea and needing to sort out personal life first.
  • Friends & Family: Overwhelmed with various obligations, making it challenging to offer support or be as present as desired.
  • Careers: Struggling to manage workload effectively, impacting performance and reliability despite good intentions.
  • Your Intentions: Feeling overextended, struggling to maintain balance, requiring a reassessment of priorities to regain stability.

Symbolism of The Two Of Pentacles

In the Two of Pentacles, a figure is shown juggling two pentacles in a lemniscate (infinity symbol), signifying the continuous balance of multiple responsibilities. This card as an intention speaks to the need for adaptability and flexibility in handling life’s changing circumstances.

It’s like being in a dynamic dance of life, constantly adjusting your rhythm to maintain balance between work, finances, and personal life. The rolling waves in the background suggest the ups and downs of life, reinforcing the need for agility and resilience. The Two of Pentacles encourages finding harmony in chaos, managing your resources wisely, and staying nimble in the face of shifting priorities.

The Upright Two Of Pentacles As Intentions

Picture someone juggling – they’re tossing two coins in the air, skillfully catching each one. That’s the vibe of the Two of Pentacles when it shows up in a tarot reading, especially regarding intentions towards you. This card is all about balance, adaptability, and managing multiple things at once. It’s like someone is trying to keep their ducks in a row while walking a tightrope, aiming to maintain harmony in a dynamic situation.

Two Of Pentacles Upright As Intentions


When it comes to dating, the Two of Pentacles suggests someone might be weighing their feelings for you against other priorities in their life. They’re interested, sure, but they’re also trying to balance work, personal goals, or other commitments. It’s like they’re trying to find a way to fit a new puzzle piece (you) into an already bustling puzzle board of their life. Their intentions are genuine, but they’re doing a delicate dance to keep everything in motion.

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For those already in a relationship, this card can indicate a partner who’s juggling various aspects of life, including the relationship. They’re committed to you but also deeply involved in other areas – maybe it’s their career, hobbies, or friends. Their intention is to give you their best, but they’re also trying to spin several plates at once, hoping none will crash.

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When it comes to ex-partners, the Two of Pentacles might mean they’re trying to figure out where you fit into their life now. They could be balancing their feelings about the past with their current life situation. If they’re reaching out, it’s likely with mixed emotions – part nostalgia, part curiosity, and a whole lot of indecision.

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In terms of commitment, the Two of Pentacles suggests a thoughtful yet cautious approach. Someone might be considering taking things to the next level with you, but they’re also weighing this against other important factors in their life. It’s not that they’re unsure about you; it’s more about them trying to figure out how everything can work together smoothly.

Friends & Family

Within your social and family circles, the Two of Pentacles indicates a balancing act of intentions. Loved ones might be trying to juggle their time and attention between various family members and friends, including you. Their intentions are to keep everyone happy, but it’s a bit of a circus act at times.


In the workplace, this card suggests colleagues or superiors are trying to manage multiple projects or responsibilities, including their interactions with you. They’re aiming to keep all the balls in the air, which might mean they can’t always give you their full attention. Their intentions are good, but their focus is split.

Your Intentions

If the Two of Pentacles is speaking to you, you’re likely in the midst of your own balancing act. You’re trying to keep everything in harmony, juggling your own set of responsibilities and relationships, including how you relate to others.

Actionable Advice

  • Find Your Balance: Look for ways to balance your commitments without overextending yourself.
  • Communicate Openly: Let others know if you’re struggling with your juggling act – a little understanding goes a long way.
  • Prioritize: Sometimes, you have to decide which ‘ball’ is most important to catch and which can be set down for a moment.

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In the dance of the Two of Pentacles, life is a bit like a circus act – thrilling but also requiring skill and focus. This card, when it comes to intentions towards you, suggests a dynamic period where balance is key. It’s about finding harmony in the midst of life’s hustle and bustle, ensuring that while you’re keeping up with your responsibilities, you’re also not dropping the ball on personal connections and opportunities.

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The Two Of Pentacles Reversed As Intentions

Imagine someone trying to juggle too many balls and suddenly starting to drop them – that’s the Two of Pentacles reversed for you. When this card comes up in a tarot reading, it often signals a struggle with balance, possibly leading to overwhelm or a need to re-prioritize. In terms of intentions towards you, it suggests that someone might be overextended and unable to maintain their equilibrium in managing their commitments and feelings.

Two Of Pentacles Reversed As Intentions


In the dating game, the Two of Pentacles reversed might show that someone’s intentions towards you are fluctuating due to their own chaotic life. They might really like you, but they’re also grappling with too many other things – work stress, personal issues, you name it. It’s as if they want to give you the time and attention you deserve, but they’re struggling to keep their own life in order.


For those in a relationship, this card can suggest that your partner is feeling overwhelmed by the demands of the relationship and other areas of their life. They might be finding it hard to give you the focus and support you need. It’s not that they don’t care; they’re just trying to find their footing amid life’s challenges.


Regarding exes, the Two of Pentacles reversed might mean they’re uncertain about their feelings towards you and are struggling to manage these emotions. They could be teetering between wanting to reconnect and wanting to move on, leading to mixed signals and unclear intentions.


In terms of commitment, this card reversed suggests a wavering or uncertainty. Someone might be considering a deeper commitment with you but feels overburdened by the idea. They could be in a space where they need to sort out their own life before they can fully commit to moving forward with you.

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Friends & Family

For friends and family, the Two of Pentacles reversed can indicate a sense of being overwhelmed with various obligations. Loved ones might want to be there for you, but they’re juggling their own issues, which might prevent them from being as supportive as they or you would like.

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Professionally, this card reversed suggests colleagues or boss who are struggling to manage their workload effectively. They might have good intentions towards collaborative projects or supporting you, but their lack of balance could be hindering their performance and reliability.

Your Intentions

If you’re identifying with the Two of Pentacles reversed, you might be feeling overextended yourself. Your intention to maintain balance in your life is being tested, and you might need to reassess your priorities to regain stability.

Actionable Advice

  • Simplify Your Life: Try to reduce the number of commitments you’re juggling.
  • Seek Support: Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • Reevaluate Your Priorities: Determine what truly matters and focus your energy there.

Common Misinterpretations

The Two of Pentacles reversed is often misconstrued as a sign of failure or inability to cope. However, it’s more about the challenge of finding balance and the need to reassess one’s priorities. It’s not a signal of defeat but a call to reorganize and refocus.

In the ups and downs depicted by the Two of Pentacles reversed, life can feel a bit like a juggling act gone wrong. When it comes to intentions towards you, this card reflects a period where balance is lost, and priorities need reassessing. It’s a reminder that sometimes, it’s okay to put some balls down and focus on regaining stability, both in your relationships and personal life. This card encourages finding a more manageable rhythm, where you and those around you can handle life’s demands without feeling stretched too thin.

Combinations That Go With The Two Of Pentacles As Intentions

When the Two of Pentacles is paired with others to understand someone’s intentions towards you, it can reveal how they are trying to manage their situation, possibly balancing their feelings or commitments. It’s like watching someone skillfully spinning plates, trying to keep everything in motion. Let’s see how the Two of Pentacles combines with other cards to understand someone’s intentions:

Two of Pentacles and The Empress

When the Two of Pentacles meets The Empress, it suggests intentions that involve nurturing and care, yet there’s a balancing act going on. The Empress symbolizes abundance, nurturing, and creativity. This pairing indicates someone who intends to provide care or create a nurturing environment, possibly in relation to you, but they’re trying to balance these intentions with other responsibilities.

Two of Pentacles and The Sun

Pairing the Two of Pentacles with The Sun brings a positive spin to their balancing act. The Sun is about joy, success, and vitality. This suggests that despite the challenges of juggling multiple aspects, the person is optimistic and intends to bring happiness and positivity into their interactions or plans with you.

Two of Pentacles and Six of Swords

Combining the Two of Pentacles with the Six of Swords can imply an intention to move towards a more stable or peaceful situation, while still handling ongoing challenges. The Six of Swords represents transition and moving away from difficulties. This indicates a person who is trying to navigate towards a calmer phase in their life or relationship with you, balancing current issues with the desire for a smoother journey.

Two of Pentacles and Knight of Wands

The Two of Pentacles alongside the Knight of Wands suggests a dynamic, enthusiastic approach to their balancing act. The Knight of Wands is about energy, passion, and adventure. This combination points to someone who is juggling their responsibilities or decisions with a lot of energy, possibly bringing a sense of adventure or dynamism to their relationship or interactions with you.

Two of Pentacles and Ace of Swords

With the Ace of Swords, the Two of Pentacles reveals intentions that are seeking clarity and breakthroughs amidst the balancing act. The Ace of Swords represents clear thinking, communication, and breakthroughs. This suggests that the person is looking for a clear solution or decision as they manage their multiple responsibilities or feelings, possibly trying to find the best way to communicate or decide on something important with you.

Two of Pentacles and Judgment

Lastly, the Two of Pentacles with Judgment might indicate that someone’s intentions involve making a significant decision or transformation, while still managing current challenges. Judgment is about transformation, renewal, and important decisions. This combination can imply that they are at a crossroads, needing to make a significant decision or change, all while trying to keep their current responsibilities or situations in balance.


To recap, the Two of Pentacles upright in relation to someone’s intentions towards you signifies balancing or juggling multiple responsibilities or aspects of the relationship. This person might be trying to maintain equilibrium in a dynamic situation, possibly managing their time or resources to keep everything in harmony. Their intentions are likely centered around adaptability and the management of their personal and shared obligations with you.

If the Two of Pentacles is reversed, it might suggest a struggle with maintaining this balance, leading to chaos or disorganization in their intentions towards you. They could be feeling overwhelmed or unable to manage their commitments effectively, indicating a need for them to reassess their priorities and find a more sustainable way to handle their responsibilities.

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