The World (XXI) Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

The World is the last tarot card of the Major Arcana. It’s a burst of fireworks, showing fulfilment and acceptance of all you’ve achieved! If you’ve drawn this card it’s time to celebrate your achievements so far, and also get ready for your next adventure!

If you want to find out exactly what The World means, then keep on reading to find out!

Key Takeaways

The World Upright:

  • Represents completion and achievement in a major life cycle.
  • Symbolizes unity, balance, and fulfillment in various areas of life.
  • May indicate travel and broadening horizons, both literally and metaphorically.
  • Suggests a time of successful conclusions and joy of accomplishment.
  • Encourages embracing accomplishment and preparing for new beginnings.

The World Reversed:

  • Symbolizes incompletion, lack of closure, or unfinished business.
  • Points to near-completion of important phases with remaining obstacles.
  • Suggests feelings of unfulfillment or questioning achievements.
  • Shows resistance to change, holding back from embracing new phases.
  • Reflects unrealized potential or overlooked opportunities.
NumerologyRepresents the number 3, symbolizing optimism, curiosity, and creativity
Zodiac SignLeo, Taurus, Scorpio And Aquarius – There is no fixed zodiac sign, but one can be used depending on the situation.
Ruling PlanetSaturn, reflecting responsibility, structure, and long-term success.
ElementEarth, symbolizing materialization, stability, and practical realization.
Yes or NoOften considered a strong “Yes,” suggesting successful completion and fulfillment.
CrystalsQuartz and Jasper are often associated with the World card, promoting holistic understanding and grounding.

Symbolism Of The World

  1. The Dancing Woman: Central to the card, a woman is seen dancing, symbolizing the joy of achievement and the celebration of successes. She represents wholeness and completion. She is the final stage of The Fools journey.
  2. The Wreath: She is enclosed in a wreath. Wreathes in tarot symbolize victory and success, further solidifying that she has reached completion. The wreath’s circular shape represents a completed cycle and the infinity of continual birth and rebirth.
  3. The Four Creatures: The figures in each corner (a human, an eagle, a lion, and a bull), representing the four fixed signs of the zodiac: Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus. They show us harmony of the four elements (air, water, fire, earth) and the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.
  4. The Red Ribbon: The wreath is tied with a red ribbon, symbolizing eternity and the infinite nature of the soul’s journey. Red also means passion, energy and vitality in tarot
  5. The Two Wands: The wands in each of her hands are the same as those held by the Magician. They symbolize balance and the realization of power and possibilities. Theo also represent the journey from the mind (the Magician) to the material (the World) and the balance between them.
  6. The Oval Shape of the Wreath: The oval form of the wreath represents the womb and fertility, showing the birth of a new era ahead and the fruitful outcome of a journey.
  7. The Nudity: The woman is naked, like in many other tarot cards, symbolizing openness, purity, and the essential self, unencumbered by façades.
  8. The Background: The card’s background, a light blue shows us that represents clarity, truth and understanding. She’s learnt all she needs to learn on this journey.
The World Symbolism

The World Upright Meaning

The World first and foremost shows us you have reached a point of completion in a major life cycle. This could relate to any area of your life either personal, professional, relational or spiritual. It’s as though all the pieces of the puzzle have come together, and you are now able to see the whole picture with clarity and understanding.

Moreover, it also shows a sense of unity and wholeness within yourself. You have found balance in various aspects of your life and are experiencing a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. This could mean peace between your inner and outer worlds, a balance of mind and spirit, or a successful integration of different areas of your life.

On a smaller note, it’s also a sign of travel. You may have an upcoming journey, either physical or sometimes metaphorical, that broadens your horizons and offers new experiences. During this phase you will like be feeling more connected to others and to the world at large, recognizing the interdependence and unity of all things.

The World Upright Meaning

It’s a very positive card, indicating successful conclusions and the joy of achievement. Now, it encourages you to embrace this moment of accomplishment and to reflect on the journey that has brought you here. It’s a reminder that every end is also the beginning of something new, so this is not only a time of celebration but also a time to prepare for the next phase of your life’s journey.

So in short, the Upright World symbolizes completion, achievement, and a sense of wholeness and fulfillment. It indicates the successful conclusion of one phase and the potential for new beginnings, suggesting a time of celebration, reflection, and anticipation for the future.

Love and Relationships

If you’re wondering about love and relationships, the World signals a period of fulfilment and completion. For those in a relationship, it could mean achieving a significant milestone or finding a deep sense of harmony together. Singles might find themselves feeling content and whole, you may feel like you’ve done all your healing and now you’re really ready for a new romantic adventure. It’s a celebration of love in all its forms, encouraging you to cherish the connections you’ve built and look forward to new experiences in love.

Careers and Finance

Career-wise, the World represents reaching a peak of success and satisfaction. It could be a promotion, successful completion of a project, or simply finding joy in your current role. Financially, it suggests a stable and satisfying phase, where your efforts are paying off, giving you a sense of security and accomplishment. It’s a time to enjoy your professional and financial achievements while also planning for future goals.


Spiritually, the World indicates a moment of enlightenment and connection. You might feel a strong sense of unity with the universe and a deeper understanding of your place in it. You’re in a period of spiritual completion, where you feel aligned with your beliefs and values, ready to embark on a new spiritual journey with a renewed sense of purpose.

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, the World is a resounding ‘yes’. Whatever you’re thinking about will have a favorable outcome, bringing with it a sense of completion and satisfaction. It’s a green light for your endeavors, pointing to success, achievement, and fulfillment in whatever you’re asking about.

The World Reversed Meaning

When the World appears reversed in a tarot reading, it takes on a completely different meaning. Instead it symbolizes incompletion, lack of closure, or the feeling that something is left unfinished.

When upside down, it often points to a situation where you’re close to completing a significant phase or project, but there’s something holding you back. It could be an external obstacle, or it might be an internal issue like self-doubt or fear of what comes next. Reversed it shows the final piece of the puzzle is missing or the last step remains untaken. It’s like standing at the threshold of a door but hesitating to step through.

In personal terms, it can of show a lack of fulfillment or satisfaction in your life. You might be questioning whether you have truly achieved what you set out to do or whether your accomplishments are as complete as they seem. It can also signify feelings of disconnection, either from your own goals and aspirations or from the people and the world around you.

The World Reversed Meaning

Depending on the question you asked, it could be a sign of a resistance to change. You’re struggling to let go of the past and move forward, which is preventing you from experiencing the sense of completion and renewal that the upright World offers. It’s a reminder that endings are a natural and necessary part of life’s cycles, and embracing them can lead to new beginnings.

And lastly, The World Reversed can reflect unrealized potential or opportunities that have not been fully explored. It might be a sign that you’re not using your talents to their fullest extent or that you’re overlooking important possibilities that could lead to a sense of wholeness and achievement.

So, as you can see The World Reversed symbolizes incomplete journeys, lack of closure, and resistance to change. It suggests the need to identify and address what is preventing you from feeling a sense of completion and fulfillment, and encourages you to embrace endings as a necessary part of the cycle of growth and renewal.

Love and Relationships

In love, the reversed World suggests you might feel something’s missing or unresolved. If you’re in a relationship, it could be that you’re near a significant milestone, but something’s holding you back. Maybe there’s an issue you haven’t addressed yet. For singles, it might mean you’re close to finding a fulfilling relationship but are hesitant to make the final leap due to past experiences or fears.

Careers and Finance

Career-wise, the reversed World indicates you’re nearly at a goal but haven’t quite reached it. Maybe there’s one last challenge to overcome in your job, or you’re close to a financial goal but not there yet. It’s a nudge to look at what’s missing or what final steps you need to take to truly feel successful and complete.


Spiritually, the reversed World can mean you’re on the verge of a significant spiritual breakthrough, but something’s blocking your path. It could be an inner doubt or an unresolved issue that’s preventing you from feeling a sense of spiritual completeness. Explore what’s holding you back so you can move forward on your spiritual journey.

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, the reversed World often suggests a ‘not yet’. It implies that while you’re close to achieving your goal, there’s still some work to be done or an issue that needs resolving before you can get a clear ‘yes’. It’s a call to examine what’s missing or what final steps are needed to reach a successful conclusion.

Combinations For The World

Major Arcana CardInteraction with The World (Simplified)
The FoolStarting a new journey after achieving a big goal, ready for the next big adventure.
The MagicianUsing your skills to reach success and feeling ready to start new projects with what you’ve learned.
The High PriestessGaining deep wisdom from your experiences and feeling ready for a new phase of understanding.
The EmpressFeeling fulfilled in your nurturing and creative achievements, ready to start a new cycle of growth.
The EmperorReaching a peak in leadership or control, ready to apply this experience to new challenges.
The HierophantIntegrating important lessons from traditions or beliefs, feeling prepared for new learning experiences.
The LoversFinding harmony in relationships and choices, ready to bring this balance into new areas of life.
The ChariotAchieving your goals with determination, ready to steer your success towards new adventures.
StrengthOvercoming challenges with inner courage, feeling empowered to face new journeys.
The HermitCompleting a period of deep reflection and wisdom, feeling ready to share your insights with the world.
Wheel of FortuneUnderstanding life’s ups and downs, feeling ready to apply this knowledge in new cycles.
JusticeAchieving a sense of fairness and balance, ready to bring this harmony into new situations.
The Hanged ManAfter a period of waiting or seeing things differently, feeling ready to move forward with new perspectives.
DeathTransforming and ending a major chapter, ready to start a new phase with the lessons learned.
TemperanceFinding balance and moderation in life, ready to apply this harmony to new experiences.
The DevilBreaking free from limitations, feeling liberated to start fresh with new freedom.
The TowerRecovering from sudden changes, feeling ready to build a new life with the wisdom gained.
The StarAfter a time of hope and inspiration, feeling fulfilled and ready to pursue new dreams.
The MoonMoving from uncertainty to understanding, ready to apply this clarity to new challenges.
The SunCelebrating success and happiness, feeling ready to shine this positivity in new areas.
JudgmentReflecting on past actions and decisions, feeling ready to start anew with a clear purpose.

Journaling Prompts For The World

Now you’ve reached completion, it’s time to look back on this phase of your life, think about all the things you’ve accomplished. Here are some journaling prompts you should consider asking yourself:

  1. Think about your inner world right now. Is it aligning with the life around you? If it isn’t what could the next part of your journey be about?
  2. Think about all you’ve achieved so far. How do you feel about what you’ve done and what lessons have you learnt in life that you can take forward with you?
  3. Think of the areas in your life where you are still looking for completion. What can you do to move closer towards your goal?
  4. What was the biggest pivotal moment in your life that has shaped you into who you are as a person today.
  5. If you had chosen a different path in life, where do you think you would be now?

Final Message Of The World

Embrace the joys and sorrows, the doubts and triumphs of your journey, all hold their purpose, painting the portrait of your beautiful, authentic self. Celebrate the scars, for they speak of battles fought and lessons learned. Honor the shadows, for they add depth and dimension to your light.

Release the limitations that bound you, the whispers of “not enough” that clung to your spirit. You are complete, a universe unto yourself, containing galaxies of wisdom and oceans of compassion. Let your soul sing with the chorus of all that you are, a symphony of experience reaching into the infinite.

Spread your wings, wider than the horizon, and touch the farthest corners of your dreams. No wall can confine you, no boundary limit your reach. You are a citizen of the cosmos, a pilgrim on the path of endless becoming. Embrace the unknown, for it is not a void, but a canvas bursting with potential.

Remember, traveler, the World is not just a place, but a state of being. It is the boundless tapestry of connection, the echo of every laugh and tear that ripples through the universe. Be that echo, carry the song of humanity in your heart, and weave your light into the fabric of existence.

Remember your infinite potential. You are the World, full of experiences, a beacon of love, a testament to the limitless possibilities that reside within. Go forth, then, and paint the universe with your unique brushstrokes. Remember, you are always home.

Soar, shine, and weave your magic into the World.


The World upright is all about completion. It represents reaching a point of culmination, where all efforts and experiences come together. It symbolizes wholeness occasionally even travel and broadened horizons. It’s an extremely positive card, showing successful conclusions, moments of enlightenment, and joy of achievement. It encourages embracing accomplishments and preparing for new beginnings.

Reversed, The World means incompletion, lack of closure, or feeling something is left unfinished. It points to being close to completing a significant phase but facing obstacles or internal issues like self-doubt or fear. You may lack fulfilment or satisfaction, question achievements, or have feelings of disconnection. The card may also signify resistance to change and unrealized potential, urging addressing what prevents you from feeling complete and embracing new beginnings.

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