37 Three Card Tarot Spreads Beginners Have To Try

Learning tarot yourself can be daunting. Because of this, if you’re just getting started, I’d highly recommend three card tarot spreads. They’re great for beginners who don’t want to overcomplicate things, but still want to get a glimpse into different perspectives in their life.

So if you need a way to cut through the noise of your life and get some answers to the questions you’re seeking, then keep reading to learn about all the different tarot spreads you can use!

1. Release, Receive, Hold Onto

Release, Receive, Hold Onto Tarot Spread

Change is a part of life, and this spread helps you handle it like a pro. It’s about figuring out what to let go of, what new things to welcome, and what to keep close to stay steady. It’s like cleaning your room and deciding what stays and what goes, making sure you keep what matters most.

2. Past, Present Future

Past, Present, Future, Tarot Spread

Ever feel stuck and wonder how you got here and where you’re headed? This spread helps with that. It’s like a time machine. First, you look back at what’s happened. Next, you check out where you are right now. Then, you get a sneak peek into the future. It’s great for understanding your journey and making sure you’re on the right track.

3. Obstacle, Action, Outcome

Obstacle, Action, Outcome Tarot Spread

This is your go-to when you hit a tough spot. Think of it like a game plan. First, you figure out exactly what’s blocking your way. Then, you decide what moves you’ll make to get past it. Finally, you look into the future to see how it all turns out. It’s all about finding the best path forward when things get tricky.

4. Mind, Body, Spirit

Mind, Body, Spirit Tarot Spread

Feeling off-kilter? This spread helps you check in with yourself—mind, body, and spirit—to get back in balance. It’s about making sure you’re taking care of all parts of yourself, not just one. Think of it as a wellness check-up for your whole being.

5. Desire, Conflict, Resolution

Desire, Conflict, Resolution Tarot Spread

Got a wish that seems just out of reach? This spread is about making that wish come true. First, you get clear on what you really want. Then, you look at what’s getting in the way. Finally, you find a way around those roadblocks. It’s like solving a puzzle to get to your dream.

6. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Tarot Spread

Reflection on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going is essential for growth. This spread encourages you to look back at your recent past, assess your current state, and envision your future. It’s a process of learning from the past, being present, and planning for what comes next, like watching the sun set to close one day and rise on another, each day a new chapter in your story.

7. Where I Stand, What To Seek, What To Avoid

Where I Stand, What To Seek, What To Avoid Tarot Spread

Understanding your current position, your goals, and potential pitfalls is essential for any journey. This spread maps out exactly where you are now, what you should aim for, and what dangers or distractions to steer clear of. It’s akin to plotting a course at sea, knowing your port of departure, your destination, and the reefs to avoid.

8. What’s Seen, What’s Hidden, What’s True

What's Seen, What's Hidden, What's True Tarot Spread

Ever feel like something’s off but can’t quite put your finger on it? This spread pulls back the curtain. You’ll look at what’s obvious, dig into what’s being kept in the dark, and uncover the real truth lying underneath. Think of it as playing detective in your own life, shining a light in the shadows to reveal what’s really going on.

9. What’s Leaving, What’s Arriving, What’s Staying

What's Leaving, What's Arriving, What's Staying Tarot Spread

In the midst of big life changes? This spread helps you keep track of what’s moving out of your life, what’s coming in, and what remains unchanged. It’s like taking inventory during a life shift, ensuring you know exactly where you stand.

10. What To Cultivate, What To Cut, Where To Focus

What To Cultivate, What To Cut, Where To Focus Tarot Spread

Feeling stagnant or unsure where to direct your energy? This spread helps you get the flow going. You’ll figure out what positive vibes you need more of, what’s dragging you down that you need to let go of, and where you should really be focusing your efforts. Imagine it as gardening your life—planting more of what makes you thrive, cutting away the weeds, and making sure you water the right spots.

11. What To Cultivate, What To Cut, Where To Focus

What To Accept, What To Change, What To Embrace Tarot Spread

Perfect for when you’re feeling stuck or stagnant. It helps identify what energies to cultivate, what to release, and where to direct your focus for optimal flow and growth.

12. What Supports Me, What Drains Me, How To Balance

What Supports Me, What Drains Me, How To Balance Tarot Spread

Feeling out of sync? This spread helps you strike the perfect balance. You’ll identify what lifts you up, what weighs you down, and how to keep the scales even. It’s about making sure you’re not giving more energy than you’re getting back, kind of like keeping your boat steady in choppy waters.

13. What I Want, What I Need, How To Achieve It

What I Want, What I Need, How To Achieve It Tarot Spread

Torn between desires and necessities? This spread clarifies your wants versus your needs and outlines a path to achieving both. It’s about ensuring your dreams and essentials are in harmony, like balancing your diet between what tastes good and what’s good for you.

14. What I Think, What I Feel, What I Do

What I Think, What I Feel, What I do Tarot Spread

Ever feel like what you think, feel, and do are going in different directions? This spread helps you get all those parts working together. It’s about aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions so you can move forward feeling whole and focused.

15. What I Control, What I Can’t Control, How To Respond

What I Control, What I Can't Control, How To Respond Tarot Spread

Feeling powerless or overwhelmed? This spread divides what’s in your hands from what’s not, and how best to deal with it. It teaches you to focus on where you can make a difference, much like learning to sail with the wind rather than against it.

16. Talent, Passion, Path

Talent, Passion, Path Tarot Spread

Merging your skills with your passions to find your true path can be a transformative journey. This spread helps you identify your natural talents, align them with what you’re truly passionate about, and determine the best path forward. It’s like discovering your personal legend, where your abilities and desires lead you to your destiny.

17. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities Tarot Spread

This is your personal deep-dive. First, you’ll map out what you’re really good at. Then, you’ll take a hard look at areas where you’re not so strong and could use a little work. Finally, you’ll spot chances for growth and success. Think of it like doing a self-check to figure out how you can glow up and tackle the world with your unique talents.

18. Situation, Challenge, Advice

Situation, Challenge, Advice Tarot Spread

When you’re facing a tough situation and don’t know what to do, this spread is like getting advice from a wise friend. You lay out what’s going on, pinpoint the problem, and then get some solid advice on how to handle it. It’s perfect for those times when you need a clear direction.

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19. Self Perception, Other’s Perception, Reality

Self Perception, Others Perception, Reality Tarot Spread

Ever wonder how you see yourself versus how others see you? This spread compares those views with the real deal. It’s about aligning your mirror image with how you show up in the world and making sure they match up.

20. Reflection, Action, Evolution

Reflection, Action, Evolution Tarot Spread

This spread is all about growth and progress. Start by reflecting on your current situation and the steps you’ve taken so far. Then, consider the actions needed to move forward. Finally, envision the evolution or change that will come from taking those steps. It’s a bit like planning a journey: you think about where you’ve been, decide where you want to go next, and then map out how to get there, expecting the journey itself to change you.

21. Question, Current Path, Alternate Path

Question, Current Path, Alternate Path Tarot Spread

Wondering if you’re on the right track? Pose your burning question, then explore your current route versus a different one you might take. It’s like standing at a crossroads in a forest, contemplating which path leads to treasure and which might have pitfalls.

22. Perception, Intuition, Reality

Perception, Intuition, Reality Tarot Spread

Sometimes, what we perceive and what is real are two different things. This spread helps you differentiate between your initial perceptions, the gut feelings you might be ignoring, and the actual truth of the matter. It’s about tuning into your inner compass to guide you through the fog of confusion towards clarity.

23. Opportunity, Risk, Outcome

Opportunity, Risk, Outcome Tarot Spread

Facing a new opportunity and not sure if it’s worth the risk? This spread evaluates the potential benefits, the dangers involved, and what could ultimately happen. It’s your tool for making informed decisions, sort of like measuring whether a leap of faith is likely to land you on solid ground.

24. Now, Next Step, Potential

Now, Next Step, Potential Tarot Spread

Need to know what to do right now? This spread shows you where you stand, the very next step to take, and what could unfold because of it. Think of it as looking at your GPS before making a move, ensuring you’re heading in the right direction for your ultimate destination.

25. Intention, Action, Manifestation

Intention, Action, Manifestation Tarot Spread

Got a goal or wish you’re aiming to bring to life? Outline your intentions, plan your actions, and visualize the outcome. This spread turns your dreams into plans, like plotting the route from where you are to where you want to be.

26. Inspiration, Challenge, Vision

Inspiration, Challenge, Vision Tarot Spread

Ready to chase a big vision? Identify what inspires you, the challenges you’ll face, and how to realize your vision. This spread is your blueprint for bringing big dreams into reality, like sketching a masterpiece before bringing it to life on canvas.

27. Insight, Obstacle, Strategy

Insight, Obstacle, Strategy Tarot Spread

Facing challenges requires wisdom, understanding of the barriers, and a plan to overcome them. This spread offers deep insights into your situation, outlines the main hurdles in your path, and suggests a strategy for navigating through them. It’s like having a wise guide for a challenging trek, offering you a lantern to light the way, pointing out the roots to avoid, and mapping the path forward.

28. Fear, Hope, Reality

Fear, Hope, Reality Tarot Spread

Feeling a whirlwind of emotions? This spread is like taking a deep breath and finding your center. You’ll explore your fears, hold onto your hopes, and confront the real deal of your situation. It’s about not letting your fears or wishes cloud what’s actually happening. Imagine it as balancing on a tightrope between what scares you and what you dream of, all while staying rooted in reality.

29. Expectation, Reality, How To Align

Expectation, Reality, How To Align Tarot Spread

Caught between hopes and what’s actually happening? This spread helps bridge the gap between your expectations and reality, guiding you towards more realistic outlooks. It’s like adjusting your lenses to see the world more clearly.

30. Energy, How To Harness It, Where It’s Leading

Energy, How To Harness It, Where It's Leading Tarot Spread

Caught a wave of energy but not sure where it’s taking you? This spread helps you surf it with purpose. You’ll explore the kind of energy you’re dealing with, how you can make the most of it, and what direction it’s pushing you towards. It’s like catching a gust of wind in your sails and steering your ship towards new horizons.

31. Dream, Obstacle, Solution

Dream, Obstacle, Solution Tarot Spread

Chasing a dream but hitting roadblocks? This spread helps you weave your way through. You start by defining your dream clearly. Next, you identify the big challenges in your path. Then, you brainstorm ways to get past those hurdles. It’s like plotting your course through a maze to reach the treasure at the end.

32. Choice A, Choice B, What To Consider

Choice A, Choice B, What To Consider Tarot Spread

Stuck between two choices? This spread is like having a wise guide to help you decide. You’ll examine the pros and cons of each option and think about important factors you might have missed. It’s about getting all the info you need to make the best choice for you, kind of like choosing between two roads in a forest, each leading to different adventures.

33. Cause, Effect, Solution

Cause, Effect, Solution Tarot Spread

At the heart of every problem is an opportunity for a solution. This spread helps you uncover the root cause of your issues, understand their impact, and find a way to solve them. It’s about digging deep to find the source of the leak, understanding how it’s affecting your boat, and figuring out how to patch it up and sail on smoothly.

34. Beginnings, Process, Complication

Beginnings, Process, Completion Tarot Spread

Embarking on a new venture or chapter in your life? This spread maps out the whole trip, from start to finish. You’ll explore where you’re starting from, what the journey itself will look like, and how things will wrap up in the end. It’s about preparing for the road ahead, understanding the steps involved, and envisioning the finish line.

35. What Was, What Is, What Will Be

What Was, What Is, What Will Be Tarot Spread

Reflect on the passage of time with this spread by looking at the past, present, and future. It helps you see how far you’ve come, where you stand now, and where you’re headed. Think of it as standing on a mountain peak, looking back at the path you’ve climbed, observing the ground beneath your feet, and then gazing out towards the horizon.

36. Loss, Healing , Growth

Loss, Healing, Growth Tarot Spread

Healing is a deeply personal and transformative process. This spread guides you through acknowledging a loss or pain, the healing process, and the growth that comes from overcoming challenges. It’s similar to nurturing a garden after it’s been damaged by a storm; you assess the damage, tend to the garden with care, and then watch it grow back stronger and more resilient.

37. Inner World, Outer World, Bridging The Two

Inner World, Outer World, Bridging The Two Tarot Spread

This spread explores the relationship between your inner self and the external world. First, dive into your thoughts, feelings, and desires. Then, examine the external factors influencing your life. Finally, find ways to bridge your inner and outer worlds, creating harmony and alignment. It’s akin to being an architect, understanding the structure of your inner sanctuary, acknowledging the landscape around it, and designing bridges to connect the two harmoniously.


I hope you’ve found all of these tarot spreads helpful! If you want to learn everything there is to know about tarot, then make sure to check out the rest of the website! Here you wont just learn all the different tarot spreads, but all the different tarot meanings as well!

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