Three Of Swords As Love Outcome: Upright & Reversed

Encountering the Three of Swords can be a bit daunting, as it often symbolizes heartbreak or emotional pain. It might represent a tough breakup or a necessary confrontation. But what can you learn from this?

Is this card a sign of needed healing and growth, or a warning to protect your heart? I’ll guide you in understanding the pain point this card is highlighting and how to navigate through it to find healing.

Key Takeaways

Upright Three of Swords

  • For Singles: May indicate emotional baggage that’s blocking the path to new love, suggesting a need to deal with past hurts.
  • For New Relationships: Warns of potential heartaches, urging caution and the wisdom to apply past lessons.
  • For Existing Relationships: Signifies current struggles or unresolved issues, highlighting the importance of addressing the sources of pain.
  • For Reconciliation with An Ex: Suggests unresolved past issues may still linger, advocating for careful consideration before rekindling old flames.
  • For Hopes and Fears in Love: Reflects fears of getting hurt again, yet also embodies the hope of moving past pain towards a happier future.

Three of Swords Reversed

  • For Singles: Shows the beginning of healing from past heartbreak, opening up to the possibility of new love.
  • For New Relationships: Implies learning from past mistakes, bringing those lessons into current dynamics to avoid repeating history.
  • For Existing Relationships: Signals recovery from past conflicts, emphasizing the healing of old wounds and the re-establishment of communication.
  • For Reconciliation with An Ex: Indicates a more favorable time for reconciliation, but stresses the importance of genuine change and emotional well-being.
  • For Hopes and Fears in Love: Encourages the hope of healing and the overcoming of past emotional turmoil while remaining mindful of not reopening old wounds.

Symbolism of Three Of Swords

The Three of Swords, with its stark imagery of a heart impaled by three swords, speaks volumes about the nature of emotional pain. This card doesn’t sugarcoat the experience; it’s a raw and honest acknowledgment of grief, betrayal, or a hurt that cuts deep.

The stormy skies in the background echo the turmoil that accompanies such pain, and the swords themselves remind us that often it’s not just emotions at play—our thoughts and words can be sources of great distress. The card’s message, though somber, serves as a necessary reminder of our capacity to endure and eventually heal from the trials of life. It’s an invitation to face our pain head-on, process it, and use it as a catalyst for growth.

The Upright Three Of Swords As A Love Outcome

The Three of Swords upright is often a symbol of heartache, emotional pain, or sorrow in love-related outcomes. It typically indicates a challenging period where one may experience the harsher side of love, including grief, separation, or disappointment. However, this card also suggests the possibility of growth and healing through such experiences.

Three Of Swords Upright As A Love Outcome

For Singles

For single individuals, the Three of Swords may point to lingering pain from past relationships that hinders the journey to new love.

What You Should Do:

  • Acknowledge Your Pain: Recognize the hurt you carry as the first step towards healing.
  • Allow Yourself to Grieve: Give yourself permission to grieve lost loves or missed opportunities.
  • Prepare for New Beginnings: Trust that once you’ve processed your pain, you’ll be ready for a new chapter in love.

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For New Relationships

In the context of new relationships, this card might reveal worries about potential heartache or the fear that new love may not last.

What You Should Do:

  • Communicate Openly: Discuss your fears without placing blame to foster understanding.
  • Guard Your Heart: Be cautious with your emotional investment until trust is built.
  • Learn from Past Hurt: Apply the lessons from past pain to navigate this new relationship wisely.

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For Existing Relationships

For those in established partnerships, the Three of Swords could signify a current struggle or a need to address deep-seated issues that cause pain.

What You Should Do:

  • Confront Relationship Issues: Face up to the sources of pain in your relationship.
  • Seek to Understand and Forgive: Work towards forgiveness and understanding for both yourself and your partner.
  • Pursue Healing Together: Look for ways to heal together and strengthen your bond.

For Reconciliation With An Ex

When considering reconciliation, the Three of Swords suggests caution, indicating that past issues may not be fully resolved and could cause further heartache.

What You Should Do:

  • Evaluate Past Conflict: Be honest about whether the reasons for your past breakup have been addressed.
  • Set Clear Boundaries: If moving forward, establish new boundaries to prevent repeating old patterns.
  • Assess Emotional Readiness: Make sure both you and your ex-partner have healed enough to consider a healthy reunion.

For Hopes and Fears in Love

This card often mirrors the fear of getting hurt and the hope to overcome past pains for a brighter future in love.

What You Should Do:

  • Face Your Fears: By confronting your fears, you strip them of their power.
  • Maintain Hope: Keep faith that healing is possible, and love can still be found.
  • Seek Support: Rely on friends, family, or professional help to navigate through this emotional time.

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The appearance of the Three of Swords in a love outcome is a call to face the truth of emotional suffering and to find the strength to heal from within. It’s not an easy card to greet in a reading, but it holds the promise of personal growth and the eventual discovery of deeper, more resilient love. As you process these emotions, remember that each heartache has the potential to teach us valuable lessons about love and life.

Three Of Swords Reversed As A Love Outcome

The Reversed Three of Swords in a love context often indicates the process of healing and the release of grief, sorrow, or heartache that has been plaguing your emotional life. It’s a sign that the toughest times may be passing, and you’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, moving beyond the pain towards forgiveness and reconciliation.

Three Of Swords Reversed As A Love Outcome

For Singles

As a single person, this card suggests you’re beginning to overcome past heartbreak and are becoming ready to welcome new love.

What You Should Do:

  • Embrace Forgiveness: Forgive yourself and others for past hurts to open your heart to future possibilities.
  • Build Emotional Resilience: Use your experiences to build a stronger, more resilient heart.
  • Renew Your Optimism: Hold onto the belief that love is still out there waiting for you.

For New Relationships

For those in the early stages of a relationship, the Reversed Three of Swords implies learning from past pains and applying those lessons to avoid previous mistakes.

What You Should Do:

  • Share Your History: Be honest about your past but don’t let it dictate your new connection.
  • Stay Present: Focus on the current relationship without letting shadows from the past loom over it.
  • Celebrate Progress: Recognize the emotional growth you’ve achieved that allows you to engage in a new relationship.

For Existing Relationships

Within long-term relationships, this card can be a beacon of hope, indicating recovery from previous disagreements or the healing of old wounds.

What You Should Do:

  • Foster Healing: Actively work towards healing any lingering emotional wounds together.
  • Revive Communication: Rebuild open lines of communication to strengthen your connection.
  • Renew Commitment: Use this as an opportunity to renew your commitment to each other and the relationship.

For Reconciliation With An Ex

Contemplating getting back with an ex? The Reversed Three of Swords advises that the conditions may now be more favorable, with old pains beginning to fade.

What You Should Do:

  • Assess True Change: Ensure that both of you have truly moved on from past issues.
  • Start Fresh: Approach the relationship with a fresh perspective, leaving old grievances behind.
  • Prioritize Emotional Health: Confirm that reuniting is a healthy choice for both of you emotionally.

For Hopes and Fears in Love

The Reversed Three of Swords can reflect the hope of overcoming emotional turmoil and the fear of reopening old wounds.

What You Should Do:

  • Cultivate Hope: Nurture the hope that the pain you’ve endured will lead to stronger, more meaningful connections.
  • Trust in Healing: Believe in your ability to heal and grow from your experiences.
  • Seek Continued Support: Lean on your support system as you work through the last remnants of past hurt.

When the Three of Swords appears reversed in a love reading, it’s time to take stock of the emotional journey you’ve been on. It signals that you’re moving past the heartache, ready to let go, and heal. Remember, every scar tells a story, and yours is one of survival and renewed hope for love.

Combinations That Go With Three Of Swords For Love Outcome

The Three of Swords is famously associated with heartache, sorrow, and the challenges of overcoming emotional pain. In love readings, it can signal a tough period or a need for healing. When combined with other cards, the Three of Swords can reveal how this heartache might be understood, managed, or what its broader implications for a relationship may be.

Three of Swords and Eight of Wands

When the Three of Swords is paired with the Eight of Wands, it suggests that a swift resolution to a painful situation may be on the horizon. This combination indicates that communication will play a crucial role in healing and moving past the sorrow. It’s a reminder that sometimes, things have to come to light quickly to start the process of recovery.

Three of Swords and The Lovers

The Three of Swords alongside The Lovers is a particularly poignant mix, highlighting the deep impact of a decision in a close relationship. This combination suggests a possible betrayal or a difficult choice that affects the bond between partners. It serves as a call to confront the pain head-on, addressing the heart of emotional matters to find a path forward.

Three of Swords and Four of Pentacles

When combined with the Four of Pentacles, the Three of Swords can indicate a love outcome where fear of loss or an unwillingness to let go is causing pain. This pairing reminds you that clinging too tightly or being overly controlling in a relationship can lead to heartbreak, and it may be time to open up and release those fears to heal and move on.

Three of Swords and Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups brings a nurturing energy to the mix, suggesting that the love outcome here involves healing and compassion. This combination implies that despite the pain, there is an opportunity for emotional growth and deeper understanding. Someone in the relationship can offer the emotional support needed to weather the storm.

Three of Swords and Knight of Swords

With the Knight of Swords in the mix, the love outcome can be quite dynamic. This combination often indicates that a confrontational attitude or sharp words have contributed to the heartache. It can also suggest that taking decisive action and cutting through the heart of the issue is necessary to resolve the emotional turmoil.

Three of Swords and The High Priestess

Lastly, the Three of Swords and The High Priestess together suggest a love outcome that invites introspection and intuition. This pairing implies that the pain may have a deeper spiritual or psychological message, and looking within for answers is key. The High Priestess encourages you to listen to your inner voice and use this period of suffering to gain profound personal insights.


In summary, the Three of Swords upright is the classic symbol of heartache, representing sorrow and pain that may arise from miscommunication or betrayal. It’s the piercing realization that a relationship isn’t what it seemed. This card can reflect the necessary process of grieving and healing that comes with these difficult truths in love.

Reversed, the Three of Swords suggests the beginning of healing and reconciliation. It’s like the clouds parting after a storm, where past hurts can be seen in a new light, offering hope for mending fences and learning from emotional wounds. It’s a reminder that even through pain, there is growth and the possibility for forgiveness.

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