Three Of Wands As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

There’s an old saying about watching ships sail into the harbor, each one bringing its own story. This is the essence of the Three of Wands in your reading. When upright, it suggests someone’s intentions towards you are like ships heading towards new horizons, signaling progress and expansion in your relationship. But reversed, could these ships be drifting aimlessly, indicating delays or unmet expectations? It’s like planning an adventure together, only to find that the journey takes unexpected turns.

The story of the Three of Wands is about exploration and progress, but also about the patience required when plans don’t unfold as quickly as hoped. Let’s set sail into this narrative and discover what new horizons await in your shared journey.

Key Takeaways

The Upright Three Of Wands

  • Dating: Intentions are forward-looking, with a desire to explore the potential for a more meaningful relationship.
  • Relationships: In established relationships, it indicates planning for the future, setting goals, and preparing for the next phase together.
  • Exes: Concerning ex-partners, the focus is on closure and moving forward, possibly with a fresh start in mind.
  • Commitment: In terms of commitment, it signals an intention to expand and grow the relationship, with a future-oriented mindset.
  • Friends & Family: Within your social and family circles, intentions involve planning for future events, reunions, or joint ventures to enrich and expand relationships.
  • Careers: Professionally, it suggests a period of strategizing for future successes, thinking big, and being proactive about career direction.
  • Your Intentions: Personally, you’re likely in a phase of planning and anticipating future achievements, setting goals, and feeling optimistic about what’s ahead.

The Three Of Wands Reversed

  • Dating: In dating, intentions may be marked by uncertainty and hesitation to fully commit to a relationship.
  • Relationships: In established relationships, it can indicate a feeling of stagnation or uncertainty about future plans.
  • Exes: Concerning ex-partners, it might suggest a reluctance to let go of the past, hindering the ability to move forward.
  • Commitment: In terms of commitment, it often signifies hesitation or a need to reconsider future plans.
  • Friends & Family: Within social and family circles, plans for the future may face obstacles, causing delays or difficulties in execution.
  • Careers: Professionally, it can indicate challenges or delays in career aspirations or projects, requiring reevaluation of goals.
  • Your Intentions: Personally, you might be experiencing frustration or blockages in your own plans, leading to a reassessment of your direction.

Symbolism of The Three Of Wands

The Three of Wands shows a figure standing on a cliff, looking out over the sea to distant lands. This card embodies anticipation, foresight, and the lookout for opportunities on the horizon. The three wands, firmly planted around the figure, represent the groundwork already laid and the stability from which future plans can unfold. The ships in the distance symbolize coming successes, opportunities, and the potential for expansion.

This card captures the moment of looking forward to the realization of goals and ventures set into motion. The Three of Wands is about expecting results from your endeavors, preparing for the future, and remaining open to opportunities that arise. It’s a card of vision and expansion, encouraging you to reach beyond your current boundaries and embrace the possibilities that await.

The Upright Three Of Wands As Intentions

Picture someone standing on a cliff, looking out over the sea to distant horizons. This is the essence of the Three of Wands when it appears upright in a tarot reading. It symbolizes intentions that are focused on expansion, foresight, and the anticipation of future success. When this card shows up, it suggests that the intentions of those around you, or within a particular situation, are about broadening horizons, looking ahead, and preparing for what’s to come.

Three Of Wands Upright As Intentions


In the dating world, someone influenced by the Three of Wands is likely thinking ahead. They’re not just interested in casual dates; their intention is to see if there’s potential for something more. They’re looking at your connection with an eye to the future, considering the possibilities and what could develop from your budding relationship.

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If you’re in a relationship, the Three of Wands can indicate a phase where you and your partner are planning for the future together. This might involve making plans for travel, moving in together, or any other shared goals. It’s about looking forward and laying the groundwork for the next phase of your relationship, with an optimistic outlook.

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Regarding ex-partners, the Three of Wands suggests a forward-looking attitude. If an ex is reaching out, it may be more about closure and moving on rather than revisiting the past. Their intentions could be focused on setting the stage for new beginnings, either with you or in their own life.

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When it comes to commitment, the Three of Wands signals an intention to grow and expand the relationship. Someone considering a deeper level of commitment with you is likely thinking about the future and what it could hold. They see your relationship not just as it is now, but for the potential it holds down the road.

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Friends & Family

In your interactions with friends and family, the Three of Wands indicates plans and aspirations for the future. There might be discussions about future events, reunions, or joint ventures. The intention is to not only maintain but also to enrich and expand your relationships with these key people in your life.

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Professionally, the Three of Wands suggests a period of looking ahead and planning for future successes. Your colleagues or team members are likely setting goals and strategizing for what’s next. It’s about thinking big, seizing opportunities, and being proactive about the direction of your career or business.

Your Intentions

If you’re aligning with the Three of Wands, you’re likely in a phase of planning and anticipating future achievements. You might be setting goals for yourself, looking at opportunities to expand your horizons, and feeling optimistic about what’s ahead. It’s a time to be proactive and forward-thinking in your personal and professional life.

Actionable Advice

  • Plan for the Future: Think about where you want to be and what steps you need to take to get there.
  • Expand Your Horizons: Be open to new opportunities and experiences that can broaden your perspective.
  • Stay Optimistic: Keep a positive outlook as you navigate your path forward. Your mindset can play a big role in your success.

Common Misinterpretations

The Three of Wands is sometimes seen merely as a card of waiting for your ships to come in, but it’s more active than that. It’s about making plans and taking steps to ensure those ‘ships’ know where to go. It’s not just about anticipation; it’s about active preparation and foresight.

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In essence, the Three of Wands upright as intentions towards you signals a time of looking forward and preparing for future growth and success. Whether it’s in personal relationships, career aspirations, or personal development, this card encourages proactive planning and optimism. It’s about recognizing the potential of the future and taking concrete steps to turn your dreams and plans into reality.

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The Three Of Wands Reversed As Intentions

Imagine looking out towards the horizon, but instead of feeling excitement and anticipation, there’s a sense of frustration or blockages. This is the Three of Wands reversed. It symbolizes intentions that are facing obstacles or delays, where plans for expansion and growth are not unfolding as hoped. When this card appears reversed, it suggests a phase where the path forward is unclear, or progress is being hindered by external factors or internal doubts.

Three Of Wands Reversed As Intentions


In the dating scene, someone influenced by the Three of Wands reversed might be unsure about the future of the relationship. They could have started with the intention of exploring where things might go, but now they’re facing doubts or hesitations. It’s like they’re interested in seeing what’s beyond the horizon with you, but something is holding them back from fully committing to the journey.


If you’re in a relationship, the Three of Wands reversed can indicate a feeling of stagnation or uncertainty about the future. You and your partner might have had plans or dreams for what’s next, but now you find yourselves questioning those plans or struggling to move forward with them. It’s a period where the shared vision for the future needs reassessment or revitalization.


Regarding ex-partners, the Three of Wands reversed might suggest a reluctance to let go and move forward. An ex might be lingering in the past, unable to fully embrace new beginnings. Their intentions might be clouded by unresolved feelings, making it difficult for them to set a clear course for the future.


In terms of commitment, this card reversed often signals hesitation or a reassessment of future plans. Someone might be contemplating a deeper commitment with you but is now facing doubts or rethinking their plans. They’re at a point where they need to reconsider what they truly want from the relationship and whether they’re ready to move forward.

Friends & Family

Within your circle of friends and family, the Three of Wands reversed can mean that plans for future gatherings or joint projects are facing obstacles. There might be an intention to come together or embark on new ventures, but logistical issues, differing opinions, or lack of enthusiasm could be stalling these plans.


Professionally, the Three of Wands reversed could indicate a period where career aspirations or workplace projects are not progressing as expected. There might be delays, unexpected challenges, or a need to reevaluate your goals and strategies. It’s a time where the path to professional growth seems fraught with hurdles.

Your Intentions

If you’re feeling the influence of the Three of Wands reversed, you might be experiencing a sense of frustration or blockage in your own plans and aspirations. You could have big ideas for your future but are now encountering obstacles that make you question or reassess your direction.

Actionable Advice

  • Reevaluate Your Plans: Take a step back to assess what’s working and what’s not. Adjust your plans accordingly.
  • Overcome Obstacles: Identify the barriers to your progress and think creatively about how to overcome them.
  • Stay Flexible: Be open to changing your approach or strategy if your initial plans are not panning out.

Common Misinterpretations

The Three of Wands reversed is often seen as a sign of total failure, but it’s more about delayed progress and the need for adjustment. It’s not that your goals are unattainable; it may just be that the route you’re taking needs some recalibration.

The Three of Wands reversed as intentions towards you suggests a period where forward momentum is challenged, and plans are being reassessed. It invites you to confront the hurdles on your path, to reassess your direction, and to find alternative routes to your destination. It’s about recognizing that while the journey may not be as smooth as anticipated, persistence and flexibility can still lead you to your desired outcomes.

Combinations That Go With The Three Of Wands As Intentions

The Three of Wands in tarot, when coupled with other cards and interpreted as intentions towards you, reveals a spectrum of motivations centered around expansion, foresight, and preparing for the future. This card traditionally symbolizes looking ahead, planning, and waiting for one’s endeavors to come to fruition. When interacting with other cards, it illuminates various intentions someone might have towards you, from anticipating shared future endeavors to strategizing joint efforts.

Three of Wands and The Lovers

When the Three of Wands meets The Lovers with intentions towards you, it suggests a desire to make important decisions or choices in the context of your relationship. This individual is likely considering the future of your relationship together, weighing the potential paths you both could take and aiming for a harmonious decision that benefits both parties.

Three of Wands and The Emperor

Combine the Three of Wands with The Emperor, and it reflects an intention to bring structure and leadership to plans involving you. This person may be looking to take charge or provide guidance in your joint endeavors, aiming to establish a solid foundation for whatever projects or plans you have together, ensuring they are well-organized and strategically sound.

Three of Wands and Six of Swords

Pair the Three of Wands with the Six of Swords, and it indicates a hope to move into a calmer, more stable phase with you. This individual likely intends to transition away from turbulent times, possibly seeking a more peaceful and promising future in your relationship or joint pursuits, guiding both of you towards smoother waters.

Three of Wands and Knight of Cups

Mix the Three of Wands with the Knight of Cups, and it suggests an intention to pursue a romantic or emotionally fulfilling future with you. This person is likely contemplating how to advance your relationship or shared emotional goals, envisioning a future that is guided by deep feelings and artistic or creative aspirations.

Three of Wands and The High Priestess

The Three of Wands alongside The High Priestess indicates an intention to consider deeply intuitive or subconscious aspects in planning for the future with you. This person might be tuning into their inner wisdom or hidden feelings as they think about your shared path, seeking to understand the unseen dynamics at play in your relationship or joint projects.

Three of Wands and Ten of Pentacles

When the Three of Wands meets the Ten of Pentacles, it signifies an intention to build a long-lasting and secure future with you. This individual is likely planning for enduring success, possibly in terms of a family, business, or financial security that includes you, aiming to create a stable and prosperous life together.


In summary, the Three of Wands upright indicates intentions of expansion, progress, and looking ahead with optimism. When someone’s feelings or actions towards you are represented by this card, they are likely anticipating positive developments in your relationship or joint ventures. Their intentions are forward-looking, focusing on growth, expansion, and the successful realization of shared goals.

Reversed, the Three of Wands might suggest delays or frustrations in their intentions towards you. They could be feeling that progress is slower than expected or that their plans with you are not unfolding as they had hoped. This implies a need for patience and a reassessment of their strategies or expectations, encouraging them to stay adaptable and resilient in the face of challenges.

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