Two Of Cups As Intentions Towards You: Upright & Reversed

Imagine if you will, two cups clinking in a a toast of peace and comradery. — this is the essence of the Two of Cups in your reading. But what does this union mean in terms of someone’s intentions towards you? Upright, this card may represent a mutual understanding or a blossoming relationship. But reversed, could it indicate a disharmony or imbalance in connection?

Is this the beginning of a beautiful partnership, or are there unspoken issues that need addressing? The Two of Cups asks you to reflect on the nature of your connections. Let’s delve into the story of this card and discover what kind of harmony — or lack thereof — it brings to your life.

Key Takeaways

The Upright Two Of Cups As Intentions

  • Dating Intentions: Building deep, meaningful connections with sincerity, focusing on mutual understanding and emotional harmony.
  • Relationships Intentions: Strengthening emotional connection, reaffirming commitment, aiming for a balanced, supportive partnership.
  • Exes Intentions: Seeking reconciliation or amicable closure, valuing mutual respect and emotional healing.
  • Commitment Intentions: Engaging in a balanced, fulfilling partnership, envisioning a future with shared values and mutual care.
  • Friends & Family Intentions: Strengthening bonds, expressing empathy, resolving misunderstandings, and healing emotional rifts.
  • Career Intentions: Building harmonious working relationships, valuing mutual respect and collaborative efforts.
  • Your Intentions: Inclined towards nurturing harmonious relationships, expressing empathy, and establishing rewarding, supportive connections.

The Two Of Cups Reversed As Intentions

  • Dating Intentions: Struggling with forming deep connections, affected by fears of vulnerability or past traumas.
  • Relationships Intentions: Facing emotional discord, misunderstanding, and imbalance in emotional exchange.
  • Exes Intentions: Dealing with unresolved emotional issues, lacking closure, and possibly confused about intentions.
  • Commitment Intentions: Contemplating greater commitment with reservations, influenced by emotional baggage or fear of losing independence.
  • Friends & Family Intentions: Experiencing strained relationships, struggling to connect emotionally, and facing communication barriers.
  • Career Intentions: Facing challenges in forming effective partnerships, with misalignments in goals or communication styles.
  • Your Intentions: Reevaluating emotional connections, seeking to address relationship issues, and striving for clearer communication.

Symbolism of The Two Of Cups

The Two of Cups captures a moment of harmony and mutual understanding. Two figures are seen exchanging cups, symbolizing the giving and receiving of emotions, against a backdrop that often includes a Caduceus of Hermes, signifying negotiation, and a lion’s head, representing passion and fire.

This card is like a snapshot of a perfect, balanced relationship – whether romantic, platonic, or professional. It speaks to the beauty of partnerships built on mutual respect, understanding, and shared feelings. Intention-wise, the Two of Cups encourages building meaningful connections. It’s a reminder to cherish and nurture your relationships, to approach partnerships with openness and empathy, and to celebrate the union of hearts and minds.

The Upright Two Of Cups As Intentions

The Two of Cups upright in a tarot reading symbolizes unity, partnership, and the harmonious blending of energies. It represents intentions driven by a desire for emotional connection, mutual understanding, and the formation of meaningful relationships. When this card appears, it suggests a phase of forging strong emotional bonds, whether in love, friendship, or business partnerships, based on mutual respect and shared feelings.

Two Of Cups Upright As Intentions


When it comes to dating, someone influenced by the Two of Cups might approach a new relationship with the intention of building a deep and meaningful connection. Their approach is likely to be sincere, with a focus on establishing mutual understanding and emotional harmony. They seek a partnership that is balanced and nurturing, where both parties feel equally valued and connected.

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If you’re in a relationship, the Two of Cups can signal a period of renewed harmony and deeper bonding. It might be a time to strengthen your emotional connection, reaffirm your commitment to each other, or even take the relationship to the next level. The intention is to cultivate a partnership where both individuals feel supported, understood, and loved.

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Regarding ex-partners, the Two of Cups suggests intentions towards reconciliation or amicable closure. An ex might reach out with a desire to understand and resolve past issues, seeking a peaceful and harmonious resolution. It’s an approach that values mutual respect and emotional healing.

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In terms of commitment, the Two of Cups indicates an intention to engage in a partnership that is equal, supportive, and fulfilling. Someone considering a deeper commitment with you is likely doing so with the desire for a balanced and loving relationship. They envision a future that is built on shared values, mutual care, and emotional support.

Friends & Family

The Two of Cups for friends and family implies intentions to strengthen bonds and resolve any misunderstandings. There might be efforts to deepen relationships, to express empathy and understanding, or to heal any emotional rifts within the family or social circle.

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Professionally, the Two of Cups can suggest a harmonious working relationship or a partnership based on mutual respect and collaboration. Colleagues or business partners might see you as a valuable ally, expecting to build a relationship that is beneficial and balanced, where ideas and efforts are shared equally and effectively.

Your Intentions

If the Two of Cups resonates with you, you’re likely feeling inclined towards creating or nurturing harmonious relationships in various aspects of your life. You might be seeking to express empathy, to build understanding, and to establish connections that are deeply rewarding and mutually supportive.

Actionable Advice

  • Foster Mutual Understanding: Work towards understanding and appreciating the perspectives and feelings of others.
  • Cultivate Emotional Balance: Strive for relationships where give and take are equal, and both parties feel valued.
  • Embrace Connection: Be open to forming deep bonds and don’t shy away from expressing genuine emotions and vulnerability.

Common Misinterpretations

The Two of Cups is sometimes seen as only a romantic card, but its scope extends to all forms of partnerships. It represents the importance of emotional connection and mutual understanding in various types of relationships, not just romantic ones.

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The Two of Cups upright encourages you to embrace the power of emotional connections and to foster relationships based on mutual respect, understanding, and emotional support. It’s a reminder of the joy and fulfillment that come from balanced and nurturing partnerships, whether in love, friendship, or business.

The Two Of Cups Reversed As Intentions

When the Two of Cups appears reversed in a tarot reading, it often signifies intentions that are influenced by disharmony, miscommunication, or emotional disconnection. This card in its reversed position can represent challenges in forming or maintaining relationships, reflecting a phase where mutual understanding and emotional bonding are hindered.

Two Of Cups Reversed As Intentions


When dating, someone influenced by the Two of Cups reversed might struggle with forming a deep connection. Their intentions could be affected by fears of vulnerability, past relationship traumas, or a lack of clarity about what they seek in a partner. This might lead to uncertainty or inconsistency in their approach to new relationships.


If you’re in a relationship, the Two of Cups reversed can signal a period of emotional discord or misunderstanding. There might be feelings of disconnection, unexpressed emotions, or an imbalance in the emotional give-and-take between partners. The intention to maintain a harmonious relationship is present, but it’s being challenged by unresolved issues or a lack of open communication.


Regarding ex-partners, the Two of Cups reversed suggests unresolved emotional issues or a lack of closure. An ex reaching out might do so from a place of confusion, mixed feelings, or an inability to let go, leading to intentions that are not fully aligned with a healthy resolution or a clear path forward.

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In terms of commitment, this card reversed often signals ambivalence or fear of deepening a relationship. Someone might be contemplating a greater commitment but could be doing so with reservations, possibly due to emotional baggage, past hurts, or a fear of losing their independence.

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Friends & Family

When it comes to friends and family, the Two of Cups reversed can imply strained relationships or a struggle to connect on an emotional level. There might be intentions to improve these bonds, but difficulties in communication or understanding each other’s perspectives could be creating barriers.


Professionally, the Two of Cups reversed might indicate challenges in forming effective partnerships or collaborative relationships. Colleagues may intend to work in sync with you, but misalignments in goals, communication styles, or mutual respect might hinder these efforts.

Your Intentions

If you resonate with the Two of Cups reversed, you might be experiencing a period of reevaluating your emotional connections. You may be seeking to address and resolve issues in your relationships, striving for clearer communication and a better understanding of your emotional needs.

Actionable Advice

  • Address Communication Barriers: Work on improving open and honest communication in your relationships.
  • Reflect on Emotional Needs: Consider what you truly need and want in your connections with others.
  • Seek Resolution: If there are unresolved issues, take steps to address them, whether it means seeking closure or working towards reconciliation.

Common Misinterpretations

The Two of Cups reversed is often perceived as a sign of failed relationships, but it can also represent an opportunity for growth and healing. It’s not just about conflict; it’s about recognizing and addressing the challenges in relationships to foster stronger and healthier connections.

The Two of Cups reversed invites you to examine and address the challenges in your relationships. It encourages a focus on healing, clear communication, and understanding, providing an opportunity to transform and strengthen your emotional bonds. This card reminds you that through addressing difficulties, relationships can evolve into deeper and more meaningful connections.

Combinations That Go With The Two Of Cups As Intentions

Combining tarot cards is one of the best ways to gain deeper insights and more nuanced understanding of a situation or intention. Each card in the tarot deck has its own unique symbolism and meaning, and when two cards come together, they interact to create a new, often more complex, narrative. This helps provide clarity, offer new perspectives, and reveal underlying dynamics that might not be apparent when considering each card individually.

Two of Cups and The Star

When the Two of Cups is paired with The Star, it speaks of hopeful, healing energy in relationships. The Star is a card of hope, inspiration, and serenity. This combination suggests a harmonious and spiritually uplifting relationship, where both partners support each other’s healing and growth.

Two of Cups and Knight of Pentacles

Combining the Two of Cups with the Knight of Pentacles suggests a steady and practical approach to a relationship. The Knight of Pentacles is known for being reliable, patient, and hardworking. This pairing indicates that the relationship is built on a foundation of practicality and steadfastness, where both partners are committed to diligently building a stable future together.

Two of Cups and Ten of Wands

The Two of Cups alongside the Ten of Wands can indicate that a relationship might be feeling burdensome or one partner is carrying too much weight. The Ten of Wands represents burdens, overcommitment, and stress. This combination might suggest the need to address imbalances in the relationship, where one person is taking on more responsibilities than they can handle.

Two of Cups and Four of Swords

Pairing the Two of Cups with the Four of Swords suggests a period of rest or recuperation within the relationship. The Four of Swords is about rest, contemplation, and recovery. This combination could indicate a time to pause and reflect on the relationship, possibly to heal or simply to enjoy a peaceful phase of understanding and quiet bonding.

Two of Cups and The Emperor

The Two of Cups combined with The Emperor can signify a relationship that is grounded in structure, stability, and authority. The Emperor is about control, power, and stability. This pairing might suggest a relationship where roles are well-defined, and there is a sense of security and order, possibly with one partner taking a leading or protective role.

Two of Cups and Six of Cups

Lastly, the Two of Cups with the Six of Cups is a particularly nostalgic and sweet pairing. The Six of Cups is about revisiting the past, memories, and childhood. This combination could indicate a relationship that has a sense of innocence and purity to it, or it might suggest reconnecting with a past love or childhood sweetheart.


To recap, the Two of Cups upright in relation to someone’s intentions towards you signifies a harmonious and balanced connection. This person might be seeking a mutual understanding, a deep emotional bond, or a partnership based on equality and respect. Their intentions are likely focused on fostering a meaningful and reciprocal relationship, emphasizing emotional support and unity.

If the Two of Cups is reversed, it might suggest disharmony or imbalance in their intentions towards you. They could be experiencing conflict, miscommunication, or a lack of mutual understanding in the relationship. This indicates a need for them to address these issues, seeking to restore balance and to foster a more harmonious and understanding connection.

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