Two Of Swords As A Person: Upright, Reversed & Spotting Them

Drawing the Two of Swords as a person puts you in the presence of someone who is in the midst of a significant decision, torn between two paths or choices. This scenario might feel familiar to you. Are you facing a tough decision, feeling stuck between equally challenging options?

Watching how they navigate their own indecision can offer you valuable insights. Perhaps it’s about listening to your intuition or finding a balance between heart and mind. Their story of choosing between difficult options could illuminate your own path, guiding you to find the clarity and courage to make your own important decisions. Keep reading to find out how they confront their dilemma and what lessons it holds for you.

Key Takeaways

Upright Two of Swords

  • Physical Characteristics: Balanced and composed appearance, thoughtful and distant look, a sense of calm despite internal turmoil.
  • Emotional Characteristics: Emotionally stable on the surface, deep currents of emotion beneath, hides true feelings to maintain peace and impartiality.
  • Personality Traits: Diplomatic and fair-minded, sees both sides of every story, values justice and truth, struggles with decision-making.
  • Romantic Interests: Cautious and deliberate in relationships, values patience and understanding, seeks balance and fairness in partnerships.
  • Friends & Family: The mediator in social circles, a great listener, offers well-thought-out advice, may struggle with taking sides in conflicts.
  • Careers: Excels in roles requiring impartiality and balance, suited for positions like judges, diplomats, or mediators.

Two Of Swords Reversed

  • Physical Characteristics: Signs of stress or agitation in appearance, restlessness, cracks in their usual composed demeanor.
  • Emotional Characteristics: Emotional buildup and turmoil, unexpected outbursts, shifts in emotional state, facing a moment of truth.
  • Personality Traits: Transitioning from indecision to action, feeling pushed out of the comfort zone of neutrality, experiencing anxiety or unease.
  • Romantic Interests: Dealing with unresolved issues or critical decisions in relationships, moving from avoidance to action, seeking support and space.
  • Friends & Family: Becoming more outspoken and decisive, shifting approach to decision-making, requiring understanding and patience.
  • Careers: Facing crucial career decisions or turning points, compelled to take a more active or decisive role, a period of growth and change.

Symbolism of The Two Of Swords

In the Two of Swords, a blindfolded figure sits with two swords crossed over their chest, against a backdrop of a calm sea and a crescent moon. This image evokes a sense of indecision and the need for balance. The blindfold indicates that the answers aren’t immediately visible and that more reflection is needed.

The crossed swords symbolize a stalemate, where you’re torn between two paths or choices, much like being at a crossroads without a clear sign. The calm waters and moon suggest the influence of emotions and the subconscious in this decision-making process. This card is about the moments when you feel stuck, unsure of which way to go. It’s a reminder to take a step back, to listen to both your mind and your heart, and to wait for clarity before making important choices. The Two of Swords is a call for patience and introspection, urging you to seek inner peace and equilibrium in times of uncertainty.

The Upright Two Of Swords As A Person

Meet the Two of Swords upright as a person: they’re standing at life’s crossroads, undecided about which way to go. This person is all about balance, indecision, and the need to make a tough choice. It’s like they’re blindfolded, trying to listen to their inner voice while the world buzzes around them. They’re not just stuck; they’re carefully weighing their options, looking for that moment of clarity.

Two Of Swords Upright As A Person

Physical Characteristics

People who resonate with the Two of Swords usually have a balanced, composed appearance. They’re the ones who look calm, even when you know there’s a storm of thoughts brewing inside. Their style is often neutral, reflecting their desire for balance and harmony. You might notice a thoughtful, sometimes distant look in their eyes, as if they’re constantly pondering a crucial decision.

Emotional Characteristics

Emotionally, these folks are like a lake, still on the surface but with currents running deep underneath. They often hide their true feelings, not wanting to disturb the peace or show bias. This can make them seem a bit distant or hard to read. They’re trying to stay emotionally centered, even when they’re feeling torn inside.

Personality Traits

The Two of Swords person is typically diplomatic and fair-minded. They’re the ones who always see both sides of every story, which makes decision-making tough for them. They value justice and truth and are often caught in the middle, trying to find the most equitable solution. Their biggest challenge? Making a decision and sticking to it.

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As A Romantic Interest

In relationships, this person is cautious and may take time to open up. They’re often weighing the pros and cons, scared of making the wrong choice. But once they commit, they’re balanced and fair partners. The key is patience and understanding that their indecisiveness comes from a place of deep consideration, not disinterest.

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For Friends & Family

Among friends and family, the Two of Swords person is the mediator, the one who tries to see all sides and keep the peace. They’re great listeners and give well-thought-out advice. But sometimes, their loved ones might wish they’d just pick a side, especially in conflicts or when a quick decision is needed.

For Careers

In their career, these individuals excel in roles that require impartiality and balance. Think judges, diplomats, or mediators. They’re great at analyzing situations and seeing different perspectives, but they might struggle in high-pressure decision-making scenarios.

Actionable Advice

  • Trust your gut. Sometimes, the best decision is what feels right, not just what looks right on paper.
  • It’s okay to make a decision. Remember, not choosing is also a choice, and it often leads to its own set of complications.
  • Seek clarity. Meditation, writing down pros and cons, or talking things out can help clear the fog.

Being or knowing a Two of Swords person is a lesson in patience and understanding. They teach us that sometimes, life isn’t about rushing into decisions but taking the time to weigh our options carefully. Their journey is about learning to trust themselves and to understand that it’s okay to take a stand. In their quest for balance and clarity, they remind us that the bravest thing sometimes is to remove the blindfold and make a choice, even if it’s scary.

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The Two Of Swords Reversed As A Person

When the Two of Swords is reversed and it symbolizes a person, think of someone who’s finally ready to take off their blindfold and face a decision they’ve been avoiding. This person, who usually sits on the fence, is now feeling the pressure to choose a path. They’re typically known for their indecision, but now, there’s a sense of urgency, a need to confront the issue at hand. It’s like they’ve been in a deadlock, and they can’t ignore it any longer.

Two Of Swords Reversed As A Person

Physical Characteristics

Those who resonate with the Two of Swords reversed might seem a bit more frazzled than usual. Their usual composed exterior is showing cracks as the internal struggle starts to surface. You might notice them looking more restless or tense, their usual calm demeanor giving way to signs of stress or agitation as they grapple with their decision.

Emotional Characteristics

Emotionally, these folks are at a tipping point. They’re typically balanced and controlled, but the reversed position indicates an emotional buildup. It’s like they’ve been bottling things up, and now it’s all coming to the surface. This can lead to unexpected outbursts or sudden shifts in their emotional state as they try to navigate their inner turmoil.

Personality Traits

Personality-wise, the Two of Swords reversed person is facing a moment of truth. They’re known for their ability to see all sides and their reluctance to make hasty decisions. But now, they’re realizing that avoiding a choice is no longer an option. This can lead to a sense of anxiety or unease as they’re pushed out of their comfort zone of neutrality.

As A Romantic Interest

In romantic relationships, this person might be at a crossroads, possibly dealing with unresolved issues or a critical decision about the relationship. They’re moving from a place of avoidance to a place of action, which can bring both relief and anxiety. Their partner might need to be supportive yet give them space to sort through their feelings.

For Friends & Family

Within their circle of friends and family, the Two of Swords reversed person might suddenly become more outspoken or decisive. This change can be surprising to those used to their usual impartial stance. It’s a time when they need understanding and patience from their loved ones as they navigate this shift in their approach to decision-making.

For Careers

Professionally, individuals resonating with the Two of Swords reversed might be facing a crucial career decision or a turning point. They may no longer be able to stay in the background and might be compelled to take a more active or decisive role in their job. This could be a challenging but ultimately rewarding period of growth for them.

Actionable Advice

  • Embrace the change. This is a time for action, so lean into it, even if it feels uncomfortable.
  • Trust yourself. You have the skills and insight to make the right choice. Believe in your ability to navigate this.
  • Seek support if needed. It’s okay to ask for help or advice when facing tough decisions.

For someone embodying the Two of Swords reversed, this period is all about breaking free from the paralysis of indecision. They’re learning that sometimes, making a choice, even an imperfect one, is better than remaining stuck. It’s a time of personal growth, of stepping into a more active role in their own life. This transition might be challenging, but it’s also empowering, marking a significant step in their journey towards self-actualization and confidence.

Two Of Swords As A Person Infographic

Combinations That Go With The Two Of Swords As A Person

The Two of Swords as a person becomes even more multifaceted when seen through the lens of different tarot card combinations. Typically associated with indecision, balance, and a stalemate, this character’s journey is enriched by each new pairing. It’s interesting to see how they handle situations where they’re torn between choices or seeking equilibrium, revealing different aspects of their approach to conflict and decision-making.

Two of Swords and The Sun

When the Two of Swords meets The Sun, you’ve got a person finding clarity and joy in decision-making. This individual, who usually struggles with choices, suddenly sees the right path with a newfound sense of optimism. They manage to break through their indecision, embracing their choices with confidence and a positive outlook, as if the sun has dispersed all the clouds of doubt.

Two of Swords and The Tower

Pair the Two of Swords with The Tower, and here’s someone facing a major upheaval that forces them out of their indecision. They might be used to weighing options carefully, but a sudden event compels them to make a quick decision. This pairing suggests a dramatic shift in their life that breaks the deadlock, pushing them to act decisively amidst chaos.

Two of Swords and Six of Pentacles

Combine the Two of Swords with the Six of Pentacles, and you see a person balancing the act of giving and receiving as they make decisions. They might be considering how their choices impact others, striving for fairness in their dealings. This individual understands the importance of balance not just in their thoughts, but also in their actions, ensuring that their decisions are aligned with the principle of equality and reciprocity.

Two of Swords and Death

Mix the Two of Swords with Death, and you’ve got a significant transformation that comes from making a tough choice. This person, often stuck in a stalemate, faces a decision that leads to the end of one phase and the beginning of another. It’s a transformative experience where the choice they make leads to profound changes, symbolizing a letting go of the old and a stepping into the new.

Two of Swords and The Fool

The Two of Swords alongside The Fool represents a leap into the unknown as a way to break the impasse. This individual, typically cautious and indecisive, decides to take a chance and step into a new journey without knowing the outcome. They embrace the uncertainty with an open heart, willing to explore new possibilities that lie beyond their comfort zone.

Two of Swords and The Chariot

When the Two of Swords meets The Chariot, it’s about finding the drive and determination to move forward despite the initial indecision. This person harnesses their willpower to overcome the paralysis of choice, steering their life with purpose and direction. They find a way to resolve their inner conflicts, channeling their energy towards achieving their goals with focus and conviction.


In summary, upright, the Two of Swords person is all about difficult choices and stalemates. They’re like someone at a crossroads, blindfolded, trying to make a tough decision. They represent indecision, balanced judgment, and the need for a thoughtful choice. This individual is often caught in a dilemma, needing to make a decision but feeling torn between two equally challenging options.

Reversed, the Two of Swords as a person indicates a release of tension and an unveiling of truths. This individual might be finally seeing things clearly and making a decision after a long period of indecision. It suggests a breakthrough in understanding or an end to stalemate situations, leading to progress and resolution.

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