Two Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

The Two of Swords shows a decision needs to be made. This can be seen in the blindfolded figure holding two crossed swords, which symbolizes the moment of indecision you’re currently in. But before anything it reminds us to take a moment for reflection before making a choice. When reversed, it shows your feelings are leaning a lot more towards indecisiveness, or even an avoidance of making the necessary choices you need to make.

Although it’s part of the minor arcana, the Two of Swords isn’t a card to be taken lightly. If you want to know what it means for you, then keep reading to find out everything there is to know!

NumerologyRepresents the number 2, symbolising balance/imbalance, intuition, sensitivity
Zodiac SignOften associated with Libra, reflecting balance, indecision, and the need to weigh options carefully.
Ruling PlanetVenus, the ruling planet of Libra, emphasizing themes of harmony, relationships, and the need for balance in decision-making.
ElementAir, symbolizing the mental or intellectual process of decision-making and the balancing of ideas.
Yes or NoOften considered a “Maybe,” suggesting indecision or the need for more information before proceeding.
CrystalsAmethyst and Black Tourmaline, promoting peace of mind, protection, and help in making decisions.

Symbolism Of The Two Of Swords

  1. The Blindfolded Figure: A lady sites with a blindfold over her eyes, symbolizing the inability to see the situation clearly or a refusal to look at the truth. The blindfold itself represents indecision, denial, and sometimes the need for impartiality.
  2. The Crossed Swords: She holds two swords crossed over her chest, representing a stalemate or a balanced but tense situation. The crossed swords show us there’s a need for a decision in the face of conflicting ideas or interests.
  3. The Sea Behind: The background shows a huge body of water, which is slightly chopping which stands for the emotions and subconscious mind. The water represents the undercurrents of feeling that influence the stalemate or indecision.
  4. The Moon: There’s also a crescent moon, which represents intuition, the subconscious, and change. Its presence suggests that using intuition rather than logic may help resolve the situation.
  5. The Seated Position: Being sat down shows a moment of pause and contemplation, indicating that this is a time for reflection rather than action. It shows you may need to know all the facts or have complete clarity before making a decision.
  6. The Color Of The Clothes: Often white or light-colored, the clothes and blindfold show both purity and objectivity, suggesting that the decision needs to be made without bias or emotional influence.
Two Of Swords Symbolism

The Two Of Swords Upright Meaning

When the Two of Swords appears in your reading, you’re being faced with a challenging decision, one that requires careful consideration and balance. You may be feeling an uneasy equilibrium, being caught between two options, each demanding your attention and weighing heavily on your mind. It’s a symbol of the crossroads you’re at, highlighting the need for a decision despite a natural tendency to avoid making one.

The blindfold shows that you may be avoiding the truth of a situation or ignoring the need to choose. This avoidance can lead to a stalemate, where progress is halted because you’re reluctant to face the decision head-on. The card gently nudges you to remove the blindfold, to confront the issue with openness, and to recognize that avoidance only prolongs the uncertainty.

Two Of Swords Upright Meaning

There are also messages of denial and hidden information in the Two of Swords. Perhaps you’re not seeing the full picture or you’re choosing to ignore parts of it that are crucial to making a well-informed choice. You need to learn as much about the situation as possible, to ask the hard questions, and to be willing to look at what you’ve been avoiding. It’s only by acknowledging all aspects of the situation that you can make a choice that truly aligns with your best interests.

And of course, the overarching theme of the Two of Swords is that difficult decisions are necessary for growth. While it may feel easier to remain in the safety of indecision, you’re encouraged to weigh your options carefully, to consider the consequences of each path, and to trust in your ability to choose wisely. It’s an invitation to find your balance, to use both intuition and logic in your decision-making process, and to move forward with courage and clarity.

So, if the Two of Swords has appeared in your reading, it’s a call to action amidst indecision. It asks you to confront what you’ve been avoiding, to gather all the necessary information, and to make the difficult decisions that have been holding you back. Remember, the path to clarity and progress often lies on the other side of these challenging choices. Trust in your inner wisdom to guide you through this time, knowing that every decision is a step towards your growth and understanding.

Love and Relationships

The Two of Swords signals a moment of hesitation in your love life. Whether you’re contemplating the future of a relationship or considering opening your heart to someone new, it always highlights the need for a clear choice. It’s as if you’re blindfolded, afraid to admit what your heart truly wants. Now is the time to remove the blindfold, face your fears, and decide what you really need from love. Embrace honesty in your feelings and communications, recognizing that true connection comes from facing these decisions with courage.

Career and Finances

For your career and finances, the Two of Swords points to a deadlock. You might be torn between two job offers, career paths, or financial decisions, each with its own set of risks and rewards. But it shows you’re avoiding a necessary choice, possibly due to fear of making the wrong decision. It’s a reminder that indecision is a decision in itself, one that can lead to missed opportunities. Gather as much information as you can, consult your inner wisdom, and make the choice that feels most aligned with your long-term goals.


Spiritually, the Two of Swords indicates a period of inner conflict or a challenging ethical decision. You may be struggling to reconcile different aspects of your belief system or facing a moral dilemma that requires introspection. It asks you to remember that sometimes the toughest choices lead to the most significant spiritual growth.

Yes or No

For a yes or no question, the Two of Swords is a ‘maybe,’ reflecting your current state of indecision. It indicates that now may not be the right time for a definitive answer, instead it urges you to seek more information and clarity before making a decision. Trust that with time and careful consideration, the path will become clear, allowing you to choose with confidence.

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The Two Of Swords Reversed Meaning

When the Two of Swords appears reversed in your reading, it’s highlighting a period where indecision and anxiety might be dominating your thoughts. This card, when flipped, suggests that you’re facing a situation where too much information, or perhaps conflicting information, is making it difficult for you to make a clear choice. It’s as if you’re standing at a crossroads, but every direction seems fraught with uncertainty. The reversed Two of Swords speaks directly to this sense of being overwhelmed, reminding you that while the path forward may not be clear, avoidance will not resolve the stalemate you’re experiencing.

The anxiety that comes with indecision is palpable with this card. You might feel as if you’re in a constant battle between your head and your heart, unable to find peace or resolution. This card is nudging you to confront this anxiety head-on, to acknowledge it and to seek ways to manage it. Remember, it’s okay to feel unsure; it’s a natural part of the human experience, especially when faced with significant decisions. Seeking support, whether through conversation with trusted friends or professional guidance, can provide a different perspective and help ease the burden of choice.

Two Of Swords Reversed Meaning

The notion of too much information leading to paralysis is particularly relevant with the Two of Swords reversed. You might find yourself bombarded with advice, data, and opinions, to the point where it becomes impossible to discern your own thoughts and feelings. This card encourages you to filter out the noise, to focus on what truly matters to you, and to trust in your own judgment. It’s about finding your inner voice amid the cacophony and allowing it to guide you.

The concept of “no right choice” is a challenging aspect of this card. It reflects a situation where all options seem equally fraught or unappealing, leading to a stalemate where no action feels like the right action. Here, the Two of Swords reversed is suggesting that while there may not be a perfect solution, movement is better than stagnation. It’s a call to make the best decision you can with the information available, to accept the imperfection of choice, and to be flexible and open to adjusting your path as new information or opportunities arise.

Lastly, the reversed Two of Swords can also signal that the stalemate you’re experiencing is largely internal, stemming from your reluctance to confront the issue at hand. It might be an invitation to look deeper into why you’re avoiding making a decision. Is there fear, a lack of confidence, or perhaps a hidden layer of the situation you haven’t acknowledged? This card urges you to delve deeper into your feelings and thoughts, to uncover any underlying reasons for your indecision, and to face them with courage and clarity.

In short, the Two of Swords reversed is a call to action amidst uncertainty. It asks you to acknowledge your indecision and anxiety, to sift through the overload of information, and to make a decision even when no option seems ideal. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the act of choosing and moving forward, however imperfectly, is the path to growth and resolution.

Love and Relationships

The reversed Two of Swords shows a period of confusion and indecision that might be clouding your emotional well-being. Perhaps you’re torn between two potential partners, or you might be unsure about the future of your current relationship. The Two of Swords doesn’t have answers, but it does urge you to listen to your inner voice and to seek clarity about what you truly desire from love.

Career and Finances

When it comes to your career and financial life, the reversed Two of Swords is a sign that an overload of options or advice is making it hard to see the best course of action. You might be hesitating to make a career move or a financial decision due to conflicting information or fear of making the wrong choice. You need to spend some time prioritizing your goals and consulting your own judgment, to take steps that align with your long-term aspirations.


Spiritually, the reversed Two of Swords points to inner turmoil and the struggle to make peace with your decisions. You may be questioning your path or facing moral dilemmas that leave you feeling stuck. Take some time to think and explore these belief. And if possible try to find solace in meditation or spiritual guidance. Trust that your inner wisdom will guide you through this phase of uncertainty.

Yes or No

For a yes or no question, the reversed Two of Swords is a ‘no’. Now isn’t the right time for decisive action because of the confusion you’re feeling. Instead you need to seek understanding and to resolve any underlying issues before making significant decisions. Remember, patience and introspection can lead to clearer choices and more confident steps forward.

Book Recommendation – Decisive: How To Make Better Choices In Life And Work by Chip Heath And Dan Heath

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Journaling Prompts For The Two Of Swords

Here are some journaling prompts you should consider writing about if you’ve drawn the Two of Swords in your reading!

  1. Reflect on a recent situation where you felt paralyzed by indecision. What were the competing choices or factors, and how did you ultimately make a decision?
  2. Write about areas in your life where you’re seeking clarity now. What steps can you take to uncover the truth or understand the situation better?
  3. Reflect on how intuition plays a role in your decision-making process. Can you think of a time when your intuition guided you through a stalemate?
  4. Think about a situation you might be avoiding because it requires a tough decision. What fears are holding you back?
  5. Write about the consequences of avoidance. How can facing your fears now lead to better outcomes in the long run?
  6. Consider a leap of faith you might need to take. What can you do to prepare yourself emotionally and mentally for this step?

Final Message Of The Two Of Swords

Embrace the pause before the choice. Don’t rush into a decision while blinded by confusion. Step back, observe the landscape with a calm mind, and acknowledge the internal conflict that arises. Give yourself permission to feel the unease, the fear of the unknown, and the weight of potential consequences.

Seek clarity, not certainty. Absolute clarity may remain elusive, but you can illuminate your path through introspection and exploration. Gather information, consider different perspectives, and don’t shy away from uncomfortable truths. Remember, sometimes the most important information lies not in external answers, but in the depths of your own intuition.

Balance logic and emotion. Don’t be ruled solely by the head or the heart. Strike a delicate balance, where reason informs your choices and emotions guide your values. Weigh the pros and cons carefully, but don’t discount the whispers of your gut feeling.

Remember, there’s no “right” or “wrong” path. Every choice carries its own set of challenges and rewards. You may not have a perfect answer, but you should choose with intention, accepting the inherent risks and embracing the potential for growth on any path you take.

Release the grip of fear. Paralyzing fear often stems from the unknown. Acknowledge your anxieties, but don’t let them dictate your actions. Step forward with courage, trusting that even if the path seems unclear, you have the inner strength to navigate it.

And finally, trust your inner compass. Though the fog may obscure the way, a deeper knowing resides within you. Listen to the quiet voice of intuition, the subtle nudges that resonate with your truest self. Remember, sometimes the most fulfilling choices are not the easiest, but the ones that align with your core values and deepest desires.


So, to summarise The Two of Swords is about being at a crossroads in life, where you can’t figure out which options are best for you. It reminds us of the necessity of facing decisions head-on, overcoming denial, and acknowledging all areas of a situation to make the best choice going forward. It asks you to trust your ability to make wise decisions.

Reversed, the Two of Swords takes the idea of not being able to decide even further, moving towards overwhelming indecision and anxiety, often due to conflicting or too much information. It highlights the importance of confronting this anxiety, seeking clarity amidst confusion, and recognizing that while no choice may seem perfect, action is preferable to stagnation. It asks you to look inward to understand the roots of your indecision and to move forward with courage, emphasizing that progress often requires navigating through uncertain choices.

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