Two Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning: Upright & Reversed

The Two of Wands is a card mostly about planning and decision making. A man looks out over a vast and beautiful landscape with a globe in his hand, clearly showing his plans. However, when reversed it can often be more along the lines of aimlessness and a lack of direction.

So if you want to find out more about what this card means, not just in general, but also for love, relationships, and career, then keep reading!

NumerologyRepresents the number 2, symbolizing intuition and tactfulness.
Zodiac SignAries, reflecting boldness, leadership, and initiating new paths.
Ruling PlanetMars, the planet of action and drive, aligns with the card’s theme of taking the first steps towards a goal.
ElementFire, symbolizing passion, energy, and the drive to create and express.
Yes or NoIt means yes, but wants to remind you that more planning or consideration is needed before proceeding.
CrystalsRed Jasper and Pyrite are often associated with the Two of Wands, aiding in focus, determination, and the realization of goals.

Symbolism Of The Two Of Wands

  1. The Wands: The two wands in the card symbolize options, choices, and potential paths. They represent the initial realization of goals or ideas, standing at the brink of progress, as well as personal power and determination.
  2. The Man Holding One Wand: The figure is holding one wand, showing that they have chosen a path but are still contemplating their next move. They’re also looking outwards symbolizing forward thinking, planning, and the anticipation of what’s to come.
  3. The Globe or Map: They’re also holding a globe in their hand, representing plans, future ambitions, and the wider world. It’s about the broadening of horizons and considering options that extend beyond current circumstances.
  4. The Battlements or Wall: He’s also stood on a battlement representing the safety and comfort of what is known and already achieved. However it’s also a boundary, whether self-imposed or external, that needs to be overcome.
  5. The Second Wand Attached to the Wall: The second wand, attached to the wall, shows that the initial idea or ambition has been set in motion, but further action is required. It symbolizes foundations that have been laid and the need to build upon them.
  6. The Colors: The colors of the card often include reds and oranges, indicative of the wands’ fiery nature. These colors symbolize passion, energy, and the potential for action.
Two Of Wands Symbolism

The Two Of Wands Upright Meaning

The Two of Wands upright is about future planning, progress, decision-making, and stepping beyond your comfort zone. It shows you’re at a significant turning point, poised to take decisive steps towards long-term goals.

At its core, the Two of Wands is about being in the stage of planning and the preparation that follows the initial burst of inspiration from the Ace of Wands. You need to take this raw, creative energy and shape it into a structured plan for the future. Now you are not just dreaming or contemplating; you are actively making decisions that will set the course for your next steps.

It’s also about the spirit of discovery and exploration. It often appears when you’re ready to expand your horizons, whether that’s through travel, learning, or personal growth. When you look at the card you can see the man is at the edge of the sea, looking out at the horizon and it’s endless possibilities.

Two Of Wands Upright Meaning

Taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone are the other messages that come from the Two of Wands. Remember progress often requires a leap of faith – stepping into unknown territory and embracing the unfamiliar. It’s about trusting in your vision and being bold enough to take the first steps, even if the path ahead isn’t fully clear.

Sometimes it’s a sign that you’re already in the early stages of a project or venture where you’re beginning to put your plans into action. It reminds us that while planning is crucial, so is the ability to take decisive action. So balance your vision for the future with practical steps to make it a reality.

As you can see, the upright Two of Wands symbolizes the transition from idea to action. It represents future planning, taking first steps, making decisions, and embracing discovery and risk. It’s a powerful reminder of the importance of forward-thinking and the courage to step out of your comfort zone to realize your dreams.

Love and Relationships

For love and relationships, the Two of Wands shows us now is a good time to try new things, and explore. If you’re single, it might mean you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone in dating, and to consider dating people who are different from your usual type.

If you’re in a relationship, you should look for new ways to grow together, maybe planning a future together or trying new activities. It’s all about taking your love life to uncharted waters and seeing where the adventure leads.

Careers and Finance

In your career, the Two of Wands is asking you to be ambitious with your planning and take bold steps. Maybe you’re thinking about starting a business, changing careers, or taking on a challenging project, now is the time!

Financially, it could be about planning for long-term investments or saving for something big. It’s a sign to start mapping out your career and financial path with a clear vision of where you want to go.


Spiritually, the Two of Wands encourages you to expand your understanding of your spirituality. It might be time to explore new beliefs, practices, or philosophies. There’s vast ocean of knowledge and wisdom just waiting for you to dive into it.

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, the Two of Wands is generally a ‘yes’, especially if it’s about pursuing new ventures or stepping into unfamiliar territory. It’s a green light for plans that involve expansion, exploration, and stepping out of your comfort zone. This card encourages you to trust in your vision and move forward with confidence.

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The Two Of Wands Reversed Meaning

When reversed the Two of Wands brings to the surface issues like poor planning, overanalysis, hesitation, and a reluctance to step out of your comfort zone. There is a disconnect right now between aspiration and action, as well as a potential fear of the unknown.

Right now your plans for the future are either not fully formed or misaligned with your true desires or capabilities. You have the map but you’re not sure of the destination. Your planning process may be flawed and lacking in clear direction, or maybe you haven’t thoroughly checked it, which can lead to confusion or uncertainty about how to proceed.

Overanalysing is another key theme of the Two of Wands reversed. You might find yourself caught in a loop of analysis, unable to move from planning to action. This can be due to a fear of making the wrong decision or a desire for perfection that paralyzes progress. Try to find a balance between careful planning and the ability to take decisive steps, even when not all variables are known.

Two Of Wands Reversed Meaning

A lack of action and playing it too safe are also reflected in this card’s reversed position. Right now there is a hesitancy to take risks or step outside of familiar territory, most likely due to fear of failure or the unknown. You need to reassess your approach, and consider whether caution is preventing you from seizing opportunities for growth and advancement.

Furthermore, there could be a feeling of misalignment with your goals or the path you’re on. It might be a sign that the plans you’ve made aren’t truly in sync with your deeper aspirations or values. Reevaluate your direction and realign your plans with your authentic self.

So as you can see, the reversed Two of Wands symbolizes challenges related to planning, decision-making, and taking action. It highlights the need to overcome overanalysis, fear of risk, and hesitation. This card urges a reassessment of your current path and encourages you to find the courage to make necessary changes, ensuring your plans align with your true aspirations.

Love and Relationships

When it comes to love, the reversed Two of Wands shows signs of hesitation in taking the next steps or uncertainty about where the relationship is headed. If you’re single, you might be overthinking about dating or too hesitant to put yourself out there. And if you’re in a relationship you may be finding it hard to discuss future plans or to venture into new phases together. Remember what you truly want in your love life and to find the courage to act on it.

Careers and Finance

Career-wise, the reversed Two of Wands points to a lack of direction or an inability to commit to a clear path. You might feel stuck in your current job or unsure about which career move to make next. Financially, it shows hesitation in making important decisions about investments or savings, possibly due to overthinking or fear of making the wrong choice.


Spiritually, you may be struggling to find your path or to integrate your spiritual beliefs into your daily life. There could be a sense of disconnection from your spiritual goals or uncertainty about how to pursue them. Take time to explore what truly resonates with your spirit and to take steps towards a more aligned spiritual practice.

Yes or No

For yes or no questions, the reversed Two of Wands typically suggests a ‘no’ or a ‘not yet’, indicating that hesitation or a lack of clear direction is influencing the situation. It advises rethinking your approach and seeking clarity before making decisions or moving forward.

Book Recommendation – The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art will help you overcome the resistance you’re facing in your new endeavours. It’s especially good if you’ve been struggling with your own creativity, I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough!

Journaling Prompts For The Two Of Wands

Journaling based on the Two Of Wands is going to give you more motivation and desire to take action. So with this in mind, here are some great questions you should consider asking yourself.

  1. Think about your long-term goals and dreams. How do you plan to achieve them, and what steps have you already taken?
  2. What big decisions are your facing right now? What are the possible paths and which will align best with your future plans?
  3. Think of a situation where you’re hesitating to make a decision. What factors are influencing your indecision?
  4. Think of a time when stepping out of your comfort zone brought you growth or joy. What did you learn?
  5. Imagine your ideal future. What does it look like in terms of career, relationships, personal growth, and lifestyle?

Final Message Of The Two Of Wands

Do not falter, and do not drown in the ocean of possibility. Remember, the choice is yours, and yours alone. Let go of the weight of others’ expectations, cast off the shackles of doubt. Feel the fire in your belly, the potent hum of ambition that whispers, “Choose.”

The paths ahead of you are ripe with ambition and exploration. They are filled with peaks painted with the gold of triumph, and uncharted territories of the unknown. It invites you to raise your wands high, to carve your name in the annals of achievement, and stay curious.

In the end, the choice is not between ambition and exploration, but between balance and intention. Wield your twin wands with purpose, let ambition be the fuel that propels you, and let exploration be the compass that guides you. Trust your inner fire, listen to the whispers of your soul, and walk the path that resonates with your deepest desires.

Go forth, my friend, with head held high and wands ablaze. Remember, the journey is long, and the choices will be many. But within you lies the power to navigate any storm, to carve your own legend in the vast expanse of possibility.


In summary, The Two of Wands Upright shows that you’re about to enter a turning point where you are poised to make decisive steps towards long-term goals, transitioning yourself from an original idea to action. It encourages taking risks and stepping into the unknown, but making sure you balance vision with practical action.

Reversed, The Two of Wands indicates challenges in planning, decision-making, and hesitation to step out of comfort zones. It suggests plans that are not fully formed, misaligned, or hindered by overanalysis and fear of the unknown. The card highlights a need to overcome analysis paralysis and fear of risks, urging reassessment and realignment with true aspirations. It points to potential misalignment with goals and the need for courage to make necessary changes.

Overall, The Two of Wands, whether upright or reversed, of planning and making decisions. It highlights the importance of preparation, and the making sure you have the courage to embrace new experiences, while also acknowledging the challenges and uncertainties that come with venturing into uncharted territories.

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